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Quick Battle System Summary

Attributes (Stats)

Vigor (Strength/Power)
Agility (Nimbleness/Speed)
Influence (Manipulation/Effect)
Aptitude (Mental Ability/Magic Attack)

Life Points
("LP" - How long you stay alive.)

Magic Points
("MP" - Magic Power for spell usage.)

To Attack:

Roll based on type of attack. This will be “Vigor for Melee attacks” (example) and any bonuses you have. The higher the attack, the more likely it’ll succeed.

Melee: Roll VIG
Ranged: Roll AGL
Magic (Damaging): Roll APT
Magic (Effects): Roll APT+INF
Init (Who Goes First): Roll AGL+INF

Roll Weapon Damage: Add stat + weapon

Roll Magic Damage/Healing: Level + APT

To Defend:

There are 4 ways to defend, so you’ll have to roll according to how you defend. It comes down to personal judgment. Do you want to try to move out of the way of an attack? Do you want to block the attack to reduce damage? Do you want to take the hit and let your armor absorb the damage? Or do you want to take the full hit for a chance to counter-attack? According to your answer of those questions will tell you how to roll, described in detail below.

Option #1 (Dodge): Roll AGL to dodge the full attack if successful. Damage is rolled if you don't successfully dodge.

Option #2 (Block): Roll VIG to block and reduce damage taken (subtract block roll from opponents damage roll). Shields might cause the attacker damage too (see the shield description for details.)

Max Dodge/Block Roll: If your stat is 8 or higher, and you max your roll, Dodge is automatic (even if it was lower than the attack) and gets a double attack roll the next attack (for the person who dodged); block takes no damage and gets to counter attack.

Option #3 (Absorb): Attacker will roll damage after you declare you are Absorbing. The damage will be subtracted from your armors DP instead of your character’s LP. If the damage eventually becomes more than the armor can absorb, you’ll take the remaining damage to your LP and your armor becomes useless.

Option #4 (Counter): Attacker will roll damage after you declare you are Counter Attacking. You’ll take the full LP damage, and then get to counter-attack in the same format (melee/range/magic) for half damage.

In the case of a tie between an attack and defense roll, each will roll their APT to see who gets the 'last second edge' over their parry. If tied again, roll APT again.