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Some of the greatest inventors in the world of Varlonan are alchemists. They tinker with things until they come up with something new and useful, applying it to other things in the world that lead to grand new discoveries and inventions. As long as alchemists follow the "Laws of Alchemy" they are great assets to the world. Though some are known for treading on the 'taboo' by breaking the laws. Some of the well-known laws are:
Do not create wealth, as it throws off the balance of an economy.
Do not bring people back from the dead, it throws off the balance of life and death in the world.
Do not manipulate life's physical forms to create a race of your own, as the races exist and co-exist the way nature intended.
Disturbing the balances in the world can cause mass devastation, and alchemists are raised to know this and use their powers wisely. They also know that breaking the taboo comes with punishment; the shortening of one's own life (halved permanent LP.) Who deals out this punishment has never been proven for sure, but it will always happen, regardless of where it comes from.

Why be an alchemist?

Players who enjoy having a character that learns new things and applies them in game may enjoy having an alchemist. This is a class that takes a little extra work to master, and can sometimes be more frustrating than enjoyable to play... but if you stick it out, often times it can be very rewarding both in story ideas and items. Other classes often come to alchemists to enhance and improve their own skills and quests since the alchemist have the unique ability of combining what already exists to create something new.

How do they fair in battle?

This is a "middle of the road" type class when it comes to anything. They are not weak with battle, but they are not quite as skilled as dedicated warrior classes. Their own abilities lean more toward crafts and less toward battle skill, but they have a few tricks that can lend support or deal out some damage if they work toward it.

How do they fair in quests?

Similar to battle, they are neither greatly useful, or useless when it comes to questing. They can lend support in some ways, but the majority of their skills are more useful outside of events with creating items that they can then give or sell to others for use. Sometimes an alchemist will have a better ability to understand things than most classes, which can come in handy with some events.

What race and alignment are most typical for this class?

Since alchemists are always striving to better themselves and learn from everything around them, they can come off as evil but are generally just neutral. Some alchemist's morals outdo their scientific curiosity, but it's a rarity since most would be willing to even cut open a child if it meant they could get their hands on something new.

The Namuh are a result of humans who dabbled too much in magic, resulting in the poisoning of their very existence. Since the Namuh from birth are considered cursed and outcast, they typically find themselves following alchemy. The blend of magic and science suits them perfectly in their quest to find their place in the world or at least to eventually be seen as valuable in the eyes of others.



Main Class Skills

(Starts unlocked at 90 DL. Invest CP to make stronger.)

Skill Name


Weapons Allowed:

Armor Allowed:

Magic Allowed (1 CP per type):



It takes 1 CP to use any of the following, and each CP invested will increase it.

Camping Knowledge
(Heal 5 LP per CP, each shift slept.)
You are a well-prepared camper and understand eating, hydrating, hygiene and proper bedding are important for being well rested.

If you sleep all 3 and get half your LP back, you also get the LP added from this skill. If the LP is more than your max, you keep that until next attacked or the quest/event ends.

(+1 toward non-attack rolls per CP.)
When it comes to accomplishing things, you tend to have an edge on other people. Maybe the Gods favor you, or maybe it is just lady luck blowing you a kiss.

Hidden Paths
(APT is rolled to locate a hidden path. This gives +1 toward DL roll. If discovered, it is up to you if you share the information with everyone or investigate on your own.)
You have keen perception of things most do not notice. Due to this, you are able to find doorways and paths that are practically invisible.

If everyone in the party is riding, they will cut 1 day off their travel. This means one less chance of an unexpected battle while camping.
If you are riding when you get attacked by an enemy, you get +1 DMG and +1 INIT (per CP invested) for your first attack if your party attacks first. If the enemy attacks on the first turn instead, you will get +2 (per CP invested) toward your roll if you dodge. This skill requires owning a ride-able animal, such as a horse, or being on a travelling vessel.