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The amazons are people of a tribal nature. Everything about them is secrative to the outside world. Only those selected to be within the tribe are privvy to knowledge of their ways. Secrets don't get revealed, because any who have been unlucky enough to betray the tribe are silenced before they get the chance to give away the precious secrets they hold. These secrets vary depending on the tribe. Sometimes it is the location of where they reside, sometimes it is the particular skill or weapon they require training of in each of their people, and sometimes it is just that they desire their culture to be private. What IS known by those who have crossed an Amazon, is that they have unique ways of handling things, and are very skilled in their trades.

Why be an Amazon?

Amazon women's characters are those that like to be independent of the standard 'position' of women in most cultures. They like to be powerful and to back it up. Some move on to over-see their own tribe of women in order to help build them into strong leaders of society, while others remain content to be rogue or loyal to their current tribe. If you are looking for a powerful female, this class is perfect.

How do they fair in battle?

An Amazon's specialty is battle since they are constantly having to prove themselves in the world against others who deem them savage, barbaric, or worst of all... weak! No Amazon will take being considered weak, and will often have much battle ability to back up their words.

How do they fair in quests?

The Amazons are not to be taken lightly. They do well in battle, and as long as their ego doesn't get in the way, they can also provide a few perks to being within the party of a quest too.

What race and alignment are most typical for this class?

The Elf and Namuh are the most common to follow the path of an Amazon. Namuh always feel like they have something to prove, and the elves that break off from their kind to be an Amazon is not one to be underestimated. Elven women are strikingly beautiful (a major perk for an Amazon), while the Namuh women while often deemed frightening can also be exotic to some.

A 'Pure' Amazon is one that takes her position seriously, passionately, and wont let anyone get in her way. Her goal in life is to give everything she has to prove that she is the strongest warrior alive. The reason they are most often 'Pure' is because they wont let anyone or anything get in their way, taking drastic measures to ensure they get what they want. Few are as devoted to something as much as Amazon women are. Amazon men on the other hand often end up being the opposite ('Void') alignment, losing the will to care much about anything in their new position of slavery and belittlement. Some will even turn evil from the hatred and anger of their position.


Minimum of: 7 Vigor, 8 Agility, 60 HP

Armor Limit: None

Weapon Limit: None

Females Only: Males can take this as their second class if Dual Classing, and with the permission of the matriarch, entering an existing tribe. Males can only rule a tribe if they defeat the matriarch, it cannot be passed on to him. Females can only rule a tribe if they defeat the current matriarch, or create their own tribe as Master Class.

Race Limit: Humanoid.
Human, Namuh, Elf, Giant Fae, ShapeShifters, Halflings, Fera, Dire Wolf. Mythicals must request a review via email prior to registration to be approved.
Weapons to Unlock: Anything bladed.
(Instead of unlocking a weapon through 10 duels, you can unlock the above by using a CP; allowing for faster and easier access to a weapon if you do not wish to duel.)

Automatically Known Skills

(Invest CP to make them stronger)

Enslavement: 10%

Type/Cost: Mastery; 10% per 1 CP invested, maxing at 60% unless M/C which is allowed to go up to 90%.
As an 'Automatically' known skill, it will already be known and unlocked at 10% (meaning you need to roll 10 or below to succeed unless you invest more CP in it.)

Roll to enslave: d100; must roll lower than invested percentage in skill. Rolls against men have a penalty of -10% as they are much less willing to enter an Amazon tribe and are usually treated worse.
For escape: A roll each day may be made to attempt escape by the slave; d100 must be rolled in which the result must be lower than the original enslavement result (found in the forum.)

Requirements: Minimum stats of 5 VIG, 5 INF, 5 AGL, 5 APT. Allowed twice a month.

Description: Enslave someone into serving your tribe. While enslaved by you, anything they earn during their time as slave gets cut in half and given to the tribe leader. If the tribe goes to battle, their slaves are forced to fight alongside them.

Willing Enslavement: Any player that chooses to willingly become a slave to an Amazon must follow the same rules stated above, but have the option to leave/escape the enslavement at the time they desire (minimum of 3 days before leaving must be served.) No roll is required for willing enslavement, and it doesn't count against the monthly limit of 2.

Unwilling Enslavement: Players who are unwillingly enslaved must follow the rules of enslavement listed above, and will be enslaved officially for one week. After that week is done (or escape rolled), the slave is able to find a way to escape without rolling. During enslavement, even if unwilling, anything earned in that week is split (value wise) between the tribe and the slave.

Note: See official game 'rules' regarding slavery which MUST be followed. Any breaking of these rules that result in complaints will result in according punishment. Players do not have to go along with things that are permanently damaging to their character while enslaved.

Once the week is over, the slave has the choice to:

Escape (without rolling) unharmed and successfully;

Willingly stay as a slave (if male) with the agreement of the tribe leader, earning the right of 'some' protection from the tribe due to loyalty;

Willingly stay to begin the trial of that tribe to join them (females only) if permission is given by the Matriarch.
The character wouldn't become an 'Amazon' class but they would be part of the tribe with any perks that come with it.

Unlock-able Skills

(Use CP to unlock these additional skills)

Group Empowerment

Type/Cost: One Time Unlock; 5 CP

Roll: None. Bonus damage only applies to female PC allies, not enemies. Can be used in duels when fighting as more than 1 vs 1.

Requirements: None

Description: For each woman in a group at the time of the attack (such as on a quest), the Amazon will gain +1 damage to her attack. If there are 5 women other than the Amazon, then she'll have +5 damage against her enemy. Since Amazon women focus on self-empowerment and the protection of their own, they feel the need and courage to be an example for other women around them. This applies to male Amazons (with Dual Class) as well, but they are empowered by the women in the group as well, not the men.


Type/Cost: Mastery; Rolled

Roll: d100

Requirements: 10 INF


Weapon Specialization

Type/Cost: Automatic; Unlock

Roll: None

Requirements: Weapon must already be known.


More to Come

Structure Investments

(Meet the requirement and unlock the ability to purchase the structure.)

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