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The shadows that seem to move at night, the unexpected illness or injury you don't remember getting, the person with knowledge of things that most wouldn't normally be privy to... a deadly silent killer; this is an Assassin. They typically keep to themselves, or create a fake existence to 'blend in' to their surroundings so that no one can suspect them of their secret lifestyle. One thing is for sure... EVERY assassin is dangerous, and you should rarely if ever trust their word. Most are simply looking for a quick payout, and then move on, caring little to nothing about the consequences of what they have just done.

Why be an assassin?

Playing an assassin characters comes with a lot of risk. If you enjoy danger and causing death then this might be the right type character for you. Assassins are hired to obtain information, cause fear/threats, and take lives. They are experts at stealth and the use of poisons, catching people off guard or from behind in their attacks. There is little honor amongst assassins, and they often follow their own strict codes. If an assassin is caught however, they can end up in Vezeni (jail) or be put to death, so play this class at your own risk!

How do they fair in battle?

How they fair in battle depends on how much they enjoy facing their opponent fairly. They have a lot of dirty tricks up their sleeves and prefer to have poison on their weapons. They can dish out a lot of damage in certain situations, but if they have focused all their strength into stealth type attacks, then there is a chance they can actually be fairly weak in open combat. It comes down to the individual.

How do they fair in quests?

As long as they aren't choosing to stab you in the back on a quest, they can come in handy: for a price. Most wont do any kind of work for free or just to be helpful. In fact, many times when facing battle on a quest an assassin will simply slip into the shadows and mind their own business. If they do help though, their skill set can come in handy for gaining information, setting traps, or aiding to take down a tough enemy.

What race and alignment are most typical for this class?

Most assassins are actually a 'Void' alignment. They care little for anything other than their own gain, and never focus on what is good or bad. They simple act, and don't worry about the repercussions because they don't have to deal with them. Some assassins may be other alignments if they got into the profession for a specific reason (revenge, joy of the kill, etc) but most are 'Void' or 'Neutral' since a job is harder to do when emotions are involved.

Assassins actually don't have a wide race specific base. Every race tends to find their own kind has an assassin or two around. Since the job of an assassin is usually by hire and not for an over-all purpose or passion, any race can usually fall into it. The races least likely to do it are the Fae (due to their size), and the Angels (even the Fallen) because they tend to be more docile.


10 AGL

Main Class Skills

(Starts unlocked at 90 DL. Invest CP to make stronger.)

Skill Name


Weapons Allowed:

Armor Allowed:

Magic Allowed (1 CP per type):



It takes 1 CP to use any of the following, and each CP invested will increase it.

Camping Knowledge
(Heal 5 LP per CP, each shift slept.)
You are a well-prepared camper and understand eating, hydrating, hygiene and proper bedding are important for being well rested.

If you sleep all 3 and get half your LP back, you also get the LP added from this skill. If the LP is more than your max, you keep that until next attacked or the quest/event ends.

(+1 toward non-attack rolls per CP.)
When it comes to accomplishing things, you tend to have an edge on other people. Maybe the Gods favor you, or maybe it is just lady luck blowing you a kiss.

Hidden Paths
(APT is rolled to locate a hidden path. This gives +1 toward DL roll. If discovered, it is up to you if you share the information with everyone or investigate on your own.)
You have keen perception of things most do not notice. Due to this, you are able to find doorways and paths that are practically invisible.

If everyone in the party is riding, they will cut 1 day off their travel. This means one less chance of an unexpected battle while camping.
If you are riding when you get attacked by an enemy, you get +1 DMG and +1 INIT (per CP invested) for your first attack if your party attacks first. If the enemy attacks on the first turn instead, you will get +2 (per CP invested) toward your roll if you dodge. This skill requires owning a ride-able animal, such as a horse, or being on a travelling vessel.