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A hunter is a very unique and odd class. They will actually go out of their way, sometimes risking their own life in order to do so, to hunt down and find whatever it is they have dedicated themselves to finding. Sometimes this is treasure, exotic locations or goods, rare discoveries, or even races. Some hunters will take what they find as a trophy, and pride themselves in being the best. Most often a hunter's choice of hunt is an actual race, choosing either to attempt exterminating this race, or simply capturing them as slaves and then using them as soldiers or selling them to another for profit.

Why be a hunter?

If you intend to have a character that has a very specific agenda (for example a vampire hunter) then a hunter is just right for you. Their skills and strengths build around a specific goal in the game, giving them great bonuses toward this while accepting the penalty of neglecting other things. Similar to assassins, a hunter can end up being very hated in the world of Varlonan and become lonely at times. Just remember that having enemies can be just as fun as having friends, so never be afraid to stir up some trouble!

How do they fair in battle?

They do very well in battle if they have built up to be strong against the foe they are facing. Otherwise they are average in a fight and can dabble in a little of everything in order to be well rounded and take on situations as they arise. A wise hunter will leave themselves able to adapt to whatever comes along, but a strong hunter will improve themselves to be extremely effective at hunting their prey of choice.

How do they fair in quests?

They can be very useful in quests because they have such a wide variety of skill both in and out of battle. Hunters will often be experts at one thing in particular, and then intermediate at everything else.

What race and alignment are most typical for this class?

Shapeshifters and Vampires are very typical for the role of a hunter. Shapeshifters because their animal form lends them extended ability to locate whatever it is they are searching for. Vampires because they hunt for a living just to stay alive, and so many choose to take it up as a class to have an easier time of capturing a higher quality prey and possibly even making a profit off of it. Humans can sometimes become hunters too in their arrogance and hatred toward other races, feeling as if they need to rid the world of one race or another for whatever reason they justify in their mind.

The outside world looks at a hunter typically as evil, until it benefits them directly (such as ridding a village of a dragon) or is in their favor. Though most hunters tend to actually be of a more extreme alignment, such as the Void type (who feel nothing for the prey they hunt and capture) or the Pure type (who are passionate and fiery about their cause.)



Main Class Skills

(Starts unlocked at 90 DL. Invest CP to make stronger.)

Skill Name


Weapons Allowed:

Armor Allowed:

Magic Allowed (1 CP per type):



It takes 1 CP to use any of the following, and each CP invested will increase it.

Camping Knowledge
(Heal 5 LP per CP, each shift slept.)
You are a well-prepared camper and understand eating, hydrating, hygiene and proper bedding are important for being well rested.

If you sleep all 3 and get half your LP back, you also get the LP added from this skill. If the LP is more than your max, you keep that until next attacked or the quest/event ends.

(+1 toward non-attack rolls per CP.)
When it comes to accomplishing things, you tend to have an edge on other people. Maybe the Gods favor you, or maybe it is just lady luck blowing you a kiss.

Hidden Paths
(APT is rolled to locate a hidden path. This gives +1 toward DL roll. If discovered, it is up to you if you share the information with everyone or investigate on your own.)
You have keen perception of things most do not notice. Due to this, you are able to find doorways and paths that are practically invisible.

If everyone in the party is riding, they will cut 1 day off their travel. This means one less chance of an unexpected battle while camping.
If you are riding when you get attacked by an enemy, you get +1 DMG and +1 INIT (per CP invested) for your first attack if your party attacks first. If the enemy attacks on the first turn instead, you will get +2 (per CP invested) toward your roll if you dodge. This skill requires owning a ride-able animal, such as a horse, or being on a travelling vessel.