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Shining armor, chivalry, power... these are just a few words that describe knights. Not all go down a path of good though, and in the distance you can see a man in full body armor, black as the night sky, staring down at you. One thing all knights have in common, regardless of their path or reason, is the passion to defend whatever it is they wish to protect. Not even death scares a knight.

Why be a knight?

If your character will be the one to throw themselves into the front line and protect others, building themselves up to be the best warrior possible... then a knight is perfect for you! They tend to be very weak when it comes to magic, but other aspects of battle they excel at and are rarely comparable to other classes. Their defense and damage are kept high and they learn as many battle skills as they are able so that no matter the enemy, they can take them down!

How do they fair in battle?

They are one of the best classes if you desire to be strong in battle. They may not take an enemy down as quickly and viscously as an assassin, or have the range of a mercenary, but who wants a quick battle when fighting can be so much fun? If you want to have numerous, glorious battles that others will talk about, then become a knight and prove the classes reputation right!

How do they fair in quests?

A knight might not have too many non-battle skills and can become useless when it comes to solving things or providing support. However when a battle comes along, a knight will usually jump to the front line and protect the rest of the party by taking the high amounts of damage that other classes cannot, giving everyone a chance to utilize their own abilities without worry of a quick death.

What race and alignment are most typical for this class?

Depending on the alignment and cause of the knight in question, they can actually be nearly any race. Each race has a reason to protect something, but more often you'll see Myrmidon, Demons, and Humans taking up the cause as they usually have more to protect or prove. Myrmidons are highly protective of their own against the outside world, and their exoskeletons provide excellent armor against enemies. Demons tend to become dark knights, causing death and destruction to each area they come across because they enjoy the chaos and misery it causes. Humans even before the age when all races came out of hiding were taking up their lances and defending their kingdoms; it is almost something they are born to be and when they choose to protect something, they will put their life on the line to do so.

A knight comes in such a wide variety of alignments that you really cannot say that one over another dominates. It all comes down to what the knight's code of honor is they are following, and then they stick to it.



Main Class Skills

(Starts unlocked at 90 DL. Invest CP to make stronger.)

Skill Name


Weapons Allowed: All melee weapons. Only Thrown for ranged weapons.

Armor Allowed: Any.

Magic Allowed (1 CP per type): None



It takes 1 CP to use any of the following, and each CP invested will increase it.

Camping Knowledge
(Heal 5 LP per CP, each shift slept.)
You are a well-prepared camper and understand eating, hydrating, hygiene and proper bedding are important for being well rested.

If you sleep all 3 and get half your LP back, you also get the LP added from this skill. If the LP is more than your max, you keep that until next attacked or the quest/event ends.

(+1 toward non-attack rolls per CP.)
When it comes to accomplishing things, you tend to have an edge on other people. Maybe the Gods favor you, or maybe it is just lady luck blowing you a kiss.

Hidden Paths
(APT is rolled to locate a hidden path. This gives +1 toward DL roll. If discovered, it is up to you if you share the information with everyone or investigate on your own.)
You have keen perception of things most do not notice. Due to this, you are able to find doorways and paths that are practically invisible.

If everyone in the party is riding, they will cut 1 day off their travel. This means one less chance of an unexpected battle while camping.
If you are riding when you get attacked by an enemy, you get +1 DMG and +1 INIT (per CP invested) for your first attack if your party attacks first. If the enemy attacks on the first turn instead, you will get +2 (per CP invested) toward your roll if you dodge. This skill requires owning a ride-able animal, such as a horse, or being on a travelling vessel.