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"Yo ho and a bottle of rum!" is one of many drunken songs belted out pitch poorly by a pirate waiting for a ship to set sail. They exist for the pure pleasure of life, from exploring the vast uncharted seas, to drunken song and dance with no care about other's perceptions of them. They are the most frequent customers of taverns and "service" buildings and throw their (often stolen) gold around as they please. They keep few if any possessions since they don't settle down, so using their wealth on spur of the moment pleasures is easy. They also thoroughly enjoy battle because it is one of the many passions of existence... the thrill and risk of losing the most precious thing to everyone: life.
Why be a pirate?

If you are the type that likes to play out adventures, have your character be rowdy or cause trouble, have easier access to other lands in the game or discover whole new lands, or plunder and pillage to your heart's content, then this class might suit you. They range from being VERY difficult to play, to being VERY easy to play... all due to exactly HOW you wish play your pirate.

How do they fair in battle?

Pirates have the most advantage in wars or battles of the sea where they can attack at range from their ship. However they can be versatile in the fact that they can use ranged weapons (guns) or melee weapons (daggers or swords typically) because they have to be ready to fight on land or sea.

How do they fair in quests?

Though pirates aren't exactly the "lets get along" type, they will typically take up tasks that could acquire them treasure or weapons. They can also be good assets in battle since they are rough and not the weak of heart... they rarely shy away from a good fight. Their skill set can often come in handy as well since they need to be ready for anything when on a ship.

What race and alignment are most typical for this class?

Pirates come in all variety of alignments, though the least typical would be a 'pure' type pirate since most eventually stray into thievery and heists. Those that are deemed 'good' pirates tend to be thwarting other pirates that cause people harm, and 'neutral' pirates are generally just sailing the seas to discover land or enjoy the adventure.

The most typical race for a pirate is a human, who will take on other races into their crew for dangerous or difficult tasks (elves for climbing, ogres for hoisting anchors, etc).



Main Class Skills

(Starts unlocked at 90 DL. Invest CP to make stronger.)

Skill Name


Weapons Allowed:

Armor Allowed:

Magic Allowed (1 CP per type):



It takes 1 CP to use any of the following, and each CP invested will increase it.

Camping Knowledge
(Heal 5 LP per CP, each shift slept.)
You are a well-prepared camper and understand eating, hydrating, hygiene and proper bedding are important for being well rested.

If you sleep all 3 and get half your LP back, you also get the LP added from this skill. If the LP is more than your max, you keep that until next attacked or the quest/event ends.

(+1 toward non-attack rolls per CP.)
When it comes to accomplishing things, you tend to have an edge on other people. Maybe the Gods favor you, or maybe it is just lady luck blowing you a kiss.

Hidden Paths
(APT is rolled to locate a hidden path. This gives +1 toward DL roll. If discovered, it is up to you if you share the information with everyone or investigate on your own.)
You have keen perception of things most do not notice. Due to this, you are able to find doorways and paths that are practically invisible.

If everyone in the party is riding, they will cut 1 day off their travel. This means one less chance of an unexpected battle while camping.
If you are riding when you get attacked by an enemy, you get +1 DMG and +1 INIT (per CP invested) for your first attack if your party attacks first. If the enemy attacks on the first turn instead, you will get +2 (per CP invested) toward your roll if you dodge. This skill requires owning a ride-able animal, such as a horse, or being on a travelling vessel.