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A Sage's days are often spent in a dungeon with mountains of books and scrolls around them. They are the ones who write the histories, pass along the legends, and record daily events. Bards often use a Sage's work for their own creative expressions. Few in the world are wiser than a Sage, and if you are smart you would not pass up on hearing one's tale. When traveling, they tend to be useful when strange discoveries are made. Their aptitude for deciphering ancient artifacts and writings is unmatched. Unfortunately they get underestimated for their usefulness and often are the first to fall in battle because people do not go out of their way to guard them. Sage's dabble a bit in some magics, because their hours of reading and research leave them with weak vigor; they have to defend themselves somehow.

Why be a sage?

If you enjoy making the first discovery, having your character understand things others don't, or being a walking library of knowledge, then this might be the best class for your character. They will be able to understand languages much easier, and thus understand others when they're talking. They are the only ones able to read ancient texts and markings, translating them to a current language. Over-all they are more a solo style class, but can come in handy when instances present themselves requiring that extra bit of knowledge.

How do they fair in battle?

Very poor. They are one of the weakest classes when it comes to battle. They are restricted similarly to healers and clerics, but do not dabble in much magic and cannot wield many weapons. It's highly recommended to place them in the back of a party that goes to battle.

How do they fair in quests?

They can either be completely useless during a quest, or the ONLY one able to take part in certain actions. Their expertise is mostly used outside of events, but can occasionally be useful!

What race and alignment are most typical for this class?

Dragons are the most likely to be a sage since they are one of the wisest of the races. They tell stories and reveal secrets about the world almost no one else is privy to. Since the dragon is so large in size and feared by other races, they do not often get the opportunity to utilize other classes to their full potential like a sage could.

A sage can be any alignment. The knowledge they gather for themselves can warp their view of the world and lead them on a path of extremism, of they could use it to attempt to keep a balance in the world to protect knowledges that could disappear amidst war and carelessness.


Minimum of: 9 APT, 4 INF

Maximum of: 6 VIG (you can have less, but not more.)

Armor Limit: None.

Weapon Limit: None.

Race Limit: None
Weapons to Unlock: Staff, Dagger

(Instead of unlocking a weapon through 10 duels, you can unlock the above by using a CP; allowing for faster and easier access to a weapon if you do not wish to duel.)

Automatically Known Skills

(Invest CP to make them stronger)

Ancient Magic

Type/Cost: Unique

Roll: d100; no bonuses allowed to be added to this roll.

Requirements: None

Description: The Sages are known for their worship of anything old; and this includes Gods. Fallen Gods of the ancient ages of the world are said to still be able to contact and communicate with Sages who found texts that allowed them to connect to these Gods. It is a safely guarded secret of the Sages, passed down through families and trusted apprentices to keep it safe. The Sage is able to call upon the power of an ancient God to accomplish a task. This can be nearly any task at all (GM Discretion) but is dangerous to do. If the God is an a foul mood (which is common among fallen Gods) and the Sage fails, there will be serious consequences.

If successful, the task is accomplished. To succeed, the Sage must roll 60 or higher on the d100 roll.

If unsuccessful, the task will have the OPPOSITE effect of what the Sage was attempting.

If critically unsuccessful (rolling a 1), the Sage will be struck down by the angered God and killed instantly.

Unlock-able Skills

(Use CP to unlock these additional skills)

Read Runes

Type/Cost: Mastery; 1 CP per 15%. Master class roll d100 to infuse a single-use spell onto an item/surface.

Roll: d100

Requirements: Visual of runes.

Description: The Sages are able to research old texts that teach the long forgotten art of reading runes (magical writings) and understand them. They can speak them out loud and translate them into common. Master Class can write their own runes, infusing spells into items that vanish after a single use.

Language Mastery

Type/Cost: Automatic; 5 CP

Roll: None

Requirements: Hearing/Reading Language.

Description: A Sage can understand any language they hear or read. They cannot speak or write these languages however unless they Master Class in which case they can speak/read/write/understand all languages.


Type/Cost: Mastery; 1 CP per 15%

Roll: d100; allowed to be done once per CP point invested, per battle/quest/event.

Requirements: Visual of spell/skill.

Description: Through watching something be done/performed, a Sage can mimic it at half ability/power but full cost. If it's a spell, it will take full MP just like other magic users but only be cast at half power. If the Sage wants to fly, they simply have to see someone do it and they'll be able to fly until they land/cease flying and it'll cost as 1 mimic, meaning if they want to fly again they will have to use another mimic cost. GM Discretion.
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Structure Investments

(Meet the requirement and unlock the ability to purchase the structure.)

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