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Even the mightiest warriors fear Sorcerers, because their magical power is beyond any other. Ranging from necromancers, to elemental wizards, to white mages. They come with many names and titles, but their strengths are the same: incredible power. There is a drawback to harnessing all that magic however, which is less physical movement. Their muscles do not get to grow the same as most people's because long hours of careful precision, meditating, and staying perfectly still makes their bodies lean and agile to benefit the casting of their spells. In large battles, they must rely on others to guard them while they charge up their magic. Once those spells start firing off however, you better hope the Sorcerer isn't aiming at you. Strong users have been known to bring a dragon down with a single spell, or incinerate an army of Ogres, leaving behind a sea of ash.

Why be a sorcerer?

If you want a class that has a lot of magical strength and power, then this is the best one for you to use. They have the strongest magical ability amidst the classes, but can be weak in physical battles. They get the most access to spells and their skill set is based around increasing their own magic power. They can be very useful both on quests and