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Description: What is this class?

The primary focus of this class in any situation is to lend aid to others in all types of situations. Healing wounds is the biggest asset of a Healer, so they train hard to focus and improve their ability to do so in various ways.


Good range: Those who choose to aid others for the sake of good will often put their own lives on the line to ensure that others get tended to. They rarely discriminate about whom they will aid, and often will be stubborn about even healing those who do not wish it. Usually these healers tend people from their own clinics, but many times will offer their service free.

Neutral range: More often a healer is neutral than any other alignment, because you never know what kind of situation will arise that requires your skill as a healer to take place. These healers have no issue healing anyone regardless of who they are or what they have done. Often times these healers are found on the battlefields of war.

Evil range: There is definitely such thing as an evil healer, because good would have won long ago if evil hadn't learned to work together enough to heal their own. Typically these healers pick and choose who they want to heal, rather than aid anyone that requires it. Also, who wouldn't trust a healer? This theory often gets healers in close to those they desire to harm. They're considered more 'rogue' healers for hire, charging steep prices for their skill.


Minimum Stats: 8 Aptitude, 60 MP.
Stat Maximums: No higher than 8 Vigor.
Armor Restriction: Cloth only.
Weapon Restriction: One-Handed only, no dual wield.

Benefits Adventures With:

Magical Defense

Class Abilities

Use your class points (CP) to invest into these abilities, NOT the skill points (SP) used to invest in other things in the game.

Terms Used Below:

"Sequence unlock" - Means 1 CP must be spent for each item in order to be able to unlock the next. Once it is unlocked, it can have additional CP added to it for Mastery. "Mastery" - As seen with the chart here means for each point invested, it will decrease the dice difficulty. You must roll higher than your difficulty percent on a d100 to succeed.
"Automatic" - Means that no roll is required to perform that ability and you get an automatic response.



Class Specific

Staff Expert

Pressure Points (Mastery, Sequence Unlock)

Melee Attack that strikes out at the pressure points of the intended target to inflict damage or effects on them.
  1. Pain: (Half chance to hit, for 3 turns)
  2. Numbness: (Drops held items, loses next attack turn to recovery them.)
  3. Paralyze: (Causes opponent to lose two turns.)
  4. Sleep: (Opponent falls asleep, no chance to attack or defend next turn.)
  5. (Master Class Only) Block Blood Flow: (d20 dmg each turn, instant death with a critical)

Internal Chaos - Turn person's own body against them and create toxicity.
Shield Magic: Body (Mastery)

  • Guards from magical attacks toward the body, absorbing damage.
    Cost: Blocks 1 DMG for every 1 MP spent.

    Shield Magic: Mind (Mastery)

  • Guards from magical attacks toward the mind, negating effects.
    Cost: 15 MP per cast; Blocks against mind effects on successful roll for 3 turns.

Detect Magic (Mastery)

  • The healer is in tune with other living beings, and can detect magical essence as a means of tracking. When looking for the essence, they will see a glowing residue wherever the magic touched. Magic beings (Immortals, and Magic Classes included) or recent use of magic will be seen with a colorful glow to the healer's eyes. Beings will actually leave footprints on the ground, and magic strings in the air for flyers.
    Cost: 20 MP per cast.
Healing (Sequence Unlock)

  1. Tool Expert (Automatic): Doubles the medical effect of healing items.
    Cost: Requires medical equipment.
  2. Healing Magic (Automatic): Heal using your own magic. Requires a physical touch.
    Cost: 1 LP healed for every 2 MP used.
  3. Remove Toxin (Automatic): Heals normal toxins, and poison. If sucked out by mouth and not immune to poison, the healer will be poisoned but cure the injured. If done with an applied or swallowed remedy, it will take 2 turns to leave the victims system.
  4. Limb Recovery (Automatic): Replaces or regrows lost limbs.
    Cost: 40 MP per cast during a quest/duel, and 3 consecutive turns to complete it or recovery is nulled. Takes 48 hours when healed outside a quest/duel/event for the limb to recover.
  5. Resurrect (Mastery): Brings a character back to life. Not allowed during duels.
    Cost: 60 MP per cast.
  6. Meditate/Rest (Mastery): If successful, the healer will recovery 20% of their MP.
  7. Statis (Automatic): Freezes a person's body so that it cannot move. Often used to preserve a body of someone fallen until resurrection can be performed.
    -When used as a weapon, it will freeze the opponent for 3 turns or until the healer runs out of MP.

  8. *Master Class* can use Statis to stop specific areas of the body (limb or organ).

    -When used against the heart, lungs or brain, it requires an 'Aimed Shot' that will kill if successful.
    -When used against a limb, it disables the limb for as long as the healer holds the Statis. (60 MP each round it's used)
    -When used against non-lethal internal organs it will cut the opponents attack and defense rolls in half. (Cost: 80 MP, lasts 3 rounds)

Alter molecular structure
Remove Curse (Mastery)

  • Removes a curse placed upon someone.
    Cost: 80 MP per cast.

  • Remove Blessing (Mastery)

  • Removes a blessing placed upon someone.
    Cost: 80 MP per cast.


It takes 2 CP to unlock a job, you can have 2 jobs at max, jobs must be done by post or in front of an on-duty staff member who agrees to over-see the process live to perform the job.

Open a clinic: Heal customers that visit your clinic.
Requirements: Own a building, have at least 2 NPC staff, have 'Heal' ability unlocked.
NPC Pay: d100 gold for live play, or 50 gold for a daily post.
PC Pay: Decided between players.


Complete the task required in order to unlock the reward. Each achievement can only be done once, even if Dual Classing.

Achievement Name: (example)
Win 20 duels against other players.
Reward: +1 Base Ability

Help the Helpless: (example)
Heal an NPC in a quest.
Reward: +1 CP