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The Chat Channels
(Where we play! To play, you'll need to register a free nickname with Talkcity, and have Java *Java is free, but if you prefer to use mIRC it will require a paid account with Talkcity* to load the chat rooms.)

This is the information site for a chat/forum role play game, based out of the chat server Talkcity. Our game is a mix of a structured system, with many flexible free-form options for story-line play. The setting is based loosely off of the European medieval era, but with its own twists and style. For more information about how to play and what the game is about, please click on the links above. Thank you and be sure to bookmark us. To play in this game, you'll need the resources and information provided on the pages in this site.

If you haven't found what you are looking for, make sure you checked "Play Guides" where most 'misc' information has been placed, including mini-game rules, 'how to' guides, and more.

Before creating a character make sure you have taken note of requirements on Race and Class choices. Sheets that have incorrect information such as attributes will take longer to process while we try to work the issue out. If we cannot get ahold of you, we will automatically 'fix' it for you, so be extra careful when registering if you want your character to be exactly as you wanted!

How to Join

To join our game, just be sure to familiarize yourself with the system on this web site, then you can register a character. Once you have done that, visit our forum and chat room to get a feel for the other characters and prepare to integrate your own into the world.

The best way to start is first to just watch others play. After you feel comfortable watching them, your next step should be to introduce your character with a history or bio in the forum.

Soon after, you should consider joining a group (such as a clan/guild), or if you don't feel comfortable with that you can sign up for our "Big Brother & Sister" program where one of our staff will use one of their characters to introduce themselves to your character in the game, establishing one of your first connections. They will guide you to your independence as a character and player, giving you the chance to branch out on your own later if you choose to.

Join in some Low-Level quests, and have a friendly spar or two to help get yourself familiar with our structured system. By now you'll probably have gone up a few levels and perhaps have gotten some items; this is when you'll want to start experimenting with your character's preferred weapon and armor types.

After being in the game for a little while, you should then start looking into things like the 'Status System' or Land Ownership, maybe even creating a group of your own. It's easy, and if you have any trouble, there are staff waiting and happy to guide you along the way!

Welcome to Mystic Worlds RPG!

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