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How to play darts:

Players will start out with 6 darts each. The object of the game is to earn the higher score after all darts have been thrown.

You can play one of two ways:

Quick Version: You will each roll 6#d20 and add up your rolls. The higher score wins.

Long Version: You will take turns throwing one dart at a time with a roll of d20.


20 is a bullseye and gives you 20 points.

18-19 is the small ring around the bullseye, worth 18 points.

15-17 is the inner small ring, worth 15 points.

12-15 is the outer small ring, worth 12 points.

7-11 is the inner large ring, worth 7 points.

4-6 is the outer large ring, worth 4 points.

2-3 is a miss, hitting the wall near the board.

1 is a miss and most likely goes flying in the wrong direction!

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