1. What is this site about?

    This site is an extention of a creative project that started out on a chat server (http://www.talkcity.com/). It has all the information needed to participate in the project, which we call Role Play.

  2. What is Role Play about, and is it different online from things like D&D?

    Role play online as I've described to many of my friends is a combination of acting and creative writing. Our game like many others is based off the original dice-style game of D&D, but we have our own unique systems created by the owner to work with. Essentially, you create a "character" based off the information provided on this site (Setting, Race, Class, Abilities, etc.) and write about what that character does in either our live setting (the chat rooms) or in stationary style (our forum).

  3. How does a character progress?

    The system is set up in what we call a "structured format" which provides information for the players to follow for their characters. By participating in various aspects of the game, their character will gain many things to help them progress and grow. Some free form play is also allowed and the system was made to allow for as much creative control to the player as can be possible in a structured format.

  4. What are the systems that let a character grow?

    We have many things to help a character grow. The primary source is what we call "Experience" (or XP). This lets a character gain "Levels", and with each new Level, a character will gain points to spend on many different things to become stronger. We also have a fantasy money system in place for the characters to buy things in the fantasy shops. The game itself is free and no real currency is required or needed to play.

  5. I've seen Experience, Levels and Stats before. What are these other point systems about in the game?

    In order to get access to new weapons, a character needs to have duels. Each duel will earn them battle points, which are then spent to unlock a Weapon Tier. In this way, the character "learned" how to use these weapons well enough to move on to a new type. A character is only allowed to use a weapon from a tier they have access to.
    This also applies to Magic Tiers, but since magic takes more than battle experience to learn, they will also have to invest some "skill" to get them.
    Alignment systems are also in place, and if characters do the actions listed in the alignment chart, they will increase their alignment bar. Once they reach certain points on these bars, they will unlock special alignment-only skills for their character.
    Status is another side-system a player can take advantage of if they are looking to have more control and influence over other players. If a character wants to own land, declare themselves a ruler (or even a God), be in control of strong NPC's, and more, they will need to invest in increasing their Status. There are multiple ways to do this, so you'll just need to discover them through the site or as you play.

  6. What is the difference between Skills, Abilities, Strengths, and Techniques?

    Skills are things your character can do that can be bought with Skill Points (SP), which they'll earn each time they level. These points can be saved up or used right away, but once used they cannot be taken back.
    Abilities *Through Races* are things your character can learn through their race as they level. They are natural and will be open to use once that level is reached. They are race specific (with the exception of Mythicals and Hybrids.)
    Strengths and Weaknesses *Through Races* are things a race can do naturally from birth/creation.
    Techniques *Through Classes* are things your character will be able to do once they've unlocked them within their Class. Each Class has it's own unique things to unlock and use to become more efficient and powerful with that Class.

  7. More to come.
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