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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions that are frequently asked in RPG's, or in our game itself. Please look them over and see if anything here can answer your questions!

Q: What is "RPG"?

A: RPG, or Role Playing Game, means a game that you interact in through visual aids, writings, or sometimes digital art. You play in a setting that is predefined by a Game Master and adventure through the world as different races, classes (jobs), and alignments. You can dive into the experience and forget the world around you, just like reading a book, only this time you are actually adding stories of your own into the "book". Consider it like you are in a play, and the outcome depends on yours and others' actions.

Q: What is the difference between "Structured", and "Free-form" games?

A: These two items describe what the rules and basic set-up of the game will be like.
Free-form games give a setting for you to play in, and certain guidelines of how to play your characters, but for the most part you are free to play any race, class, or way you desire. Most free-form games have very little structure, allowing freedom of expression in play, but also do not have strong "reward" systems for long-term play.
Structured games set up an entire world for the players, including what races, classes, alignments and lands are in it. You are set up with certain "attributes" or "statistics" after you pick from a pre-chosen list of races and classes. While in game play you are still free to generally play your character the way you want, in Quests, you are guided towards a specific task or goal and afterwards, receive rewards. These rewards after time make your character stronger, giving players a goal to work towards in the long run.

Q: What is EXP, and how does it affect my character?

A: EXP, or Experience is something you earn from doing various things. It is kept track of on your character sheet and when you earn enough of these points, you character "Levels up". Levels determine how strong your character is and each time you go up in level, more opportunities open up for you like higher stats, rarer items, and epic battles. Getting EXP isn't required by Mystic Worlds, but highly recommended for the best gaming experience.

Q: What ways can I earn EXP?

A: There are many ways, and the most rewarding is to participate in Quests. Quests award the most EXP and Gold in the game because they are usually about an hour or longer to participate in. Think of it like a job, you get paid by the hour and it's generally the same with a Quest. Other ways to earn EXP are posting; you get EXP based on each post and it is tallied by a GM weekly, then added to the sheets. Dueling also gets you a large chunk of EXP because of the risk to your character. Submitting ideas to the game can get you EXP & Gold, if the idea is used. Staff members are also paid with EXP monthly, depending on if they are active and doing their job appropriately.

Q: How do I earn more Gold for my character?

A: As stated above, Quests will usually get you a good amount of Gold. What you -do- in a Quest can also effect how much you get. For example: If you come across some caves and mine the walls, you have a chance of finding gold or gems. Special trades or jobs can also get you gold, like selling a painting your character did to another character, or being hired for protection. Duels and posts can sometimes earn you gold as well.

Q: I have special items that distinguish my character, can I use them?

A: You can claim to have whatever you like for your character to enrich story lines or give more character. However, unless the item is on your Character Sheet and recognized by the game, it will not be able to be used in Duels or Quests. This item can be located on your sheet under "Unrecognized" items.

Q: Why do I have to roll for my character to be pregnant??

A: For a more realistic setting, we felt that pregnancy should be by chance, just like in the real world. You don't always expect to get pregnant, but it happens. And just the opposite, sometimes you can try and not be able to the first time. You also do not know if you will have one baby, or twins, etc. and so we have factored this in as well. See "How To: Dice" for more information.

Q: How long do I have to stay pregnant and how does it affect my game play?

A: Pregnancy will last for 1 month minimum (you are welcome, and encouraged, to extend your term) and in that time you will not be allowed to Duel, or enter anything higher than Low-Risk Quests. Low-risk Quests are allowed, as well as posting for EXP, but anything that puts the mother at high risk for getting hurt will be discouraged or dis-allowed.

Q: What is the aging time for children?

A: Children will be NPC's until they reach the age of thirteen, at which time you are welcome and encouraged to make the character playable, whether by yourself or another player. For each real time month, they will age 1 year as an NPC (consider it the magic in the air). When they reach 13, growth will slow (whether they are an NPC or a PC) to aging 1 year, for every real time year, just like all other adult characters. In the world of Varlonan, a child is considered to have reached adulthood at 13.

Q: What are the stipulations and guidelines for getting married?

A: Characters must be sixteen years of age or older to be legally married, and both partners (players, not necessarily characters) must agree to the marriage. Once marriage is announced, the engagement must be intact two weeks before the marriage can take place. There will be two types of marriage: Material Marriage, and Bind Marriage.

The first time characters get married, it will be a "Material Marriage". This means that they will be recognized as a married couple and have the right to speak for each other (in the game) and if one partner passes away, the other will receive all wealth and possessions of that partner, unless otherwise specified in a Will.

Married couples get the chance after 4 months of being together to have a "Bind Marriage". This means that the Mother Goddess, Tandora, recognizes their love and will grant them each a blessing. The blessing binds their souls together, and if something happens that they part (whether willingly or by death) neither will be able to marry another again because of the inner turmoil it will cause them. Once they are bound, they will each receive a special ring from Tandora that grants them +20 hit points when they are in a Duel (one partner can just be witnessing/present) or Quest together. The ring will not work for anyone else, and will not work with just the one person.

Q: Is death permanent in Mystic Worlds?

A: Death depends on the situation and circumstances. Death -CAN- be permanent, and there is always the risk you will lose your character. However, there are situations where another character may have a skill to bring them back to life. If you die in a quest and another character doesn't resurrect you, you have the chance to be resurrected at the end, but it will be difficult. (See "How To: Duel or Dice" for more information on resurrections)

Permanent Death can be caused by: Players choice such as suicide, (suicide is considered a permanent death with no exceptions of coming back even if the player changes their mind) or Storyline Death (being killed by another character or force). Death Duels will result in permanent death if the match is completed with a death blow. See "How To: Duel" for more details on duels. High Risk quests will sometimes result in permanent death of your character, but the GM will always state this before the quest and leave the chance for you to decide (See "How to: Quest").

Q: What are Skills and how are they used?

A: As a character levels, they gain "Skill Points". These points can then be used like gold in the fact that you purchase skills for your character. In character, you should come up with training, history, or a way your character learned this skill. Once you have a skill, it will explain how it works and where. Sometimes skills are "passive" and don't require rolls, but otherwise you'll usually have to roll a dice and get the required result for the skill to work. There are a variety of skills for multiple purposes, so check them out!

Q: So you have experience, skills, attributes, etc. Then what is this "Status" thing?

A: Mystic Worlds wanted to give players different options for growing their characters, since every player enjoys something different. Some enjoy gaining power and being elite in battle. Others enjoy being resourceful in quests or events. We wanted to offer the more "story oriented" player an opportunity to build for something as well. As you level, buy certain items, quest, get married, have children and other life oriented goals you will gain "Status Points". You use these points similar to skills, only the things you buy are more cosmetic and meant to gain respect or envy from others. You buy things from extravagant homes, impressive attire, rare mounts or pets, to special "titles" that will gain you official recognition by the game as what you claim to be (such as a God or King). Status Points are required to be used, but it's another thing to advance your character and unique to Mystic Worlds RPG.

Q: My question wasn't answered here!

A: You can still check the rest of the website if your question wasn't answered here, and if you still can't find an answer, you can always ask the Host or GM's, who would be more than happy to help you.

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