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Sources & Thanks


Some images created and given by GMadness (Moon Cycle Calender for example)

Literary Works

All literary works were created by and belong to Jessimi unless otherwise noted below or under said work. Any submitted works become the property of Jessimi and the game, but credit will be given to the original creator.

By GMineyCricket:
Castle Adhiambo
Castle Aduor
Reich der Heilen
Helt Felte
Obsidian Falls
The Forgotten

By GMinotaur:
Myrmidon Race
War of Elves/Humans/Direwolf/Centaur

Inspired by GMagic:
Giant Fae Race


All the game's systems were created by Jessimi unless otherwise noted here or underneath the system. If you find conflict with them, contact me privately to discuss it. All works were uniquely created, not copied.

Additional Input and Inspiration also by GMorgue & GMonkey


Special Thanks to:

Dawnstar, the late Karen Gibbs (Financial Donation, and Retired Bot)

GMeritorious (Financial Donation)

GMinotaur (Financial Donation)

All GM's who dedicated volunteered time to manage the game, both while waiting for it to open and after.
GMuna, GMadness, GMordicant, GMinister, GMinotaur, GMineyCricket, GMeritorious, GMonkey, GMagic, GMorgue, GMonicker, GMischief

Talkcity & Angelfire for hosting the platforms for the game.