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Submitting this character means you agree to our rules and understand:

-That any information about your character used in Mystic Worlds will belong to the game and may be used at its discretion unless otherwise agreed upon.

-That you will not submit other's copyrighted material (images or character information) and that fan-characters (anime, movie, game or otherwise) will be altered enough to be original and not identical to the original creation in name, appearance, history or abilities.

-That if your character is inactive without notice for 3 months, we reserve the right to remove it without warning if deemed necessary. To use a deleted character again, you will have to start over with a new sheet. You might not get back any items, gold, exp or stats you had.

-That if you have an emergency and know you will be inactive for 3 months or longer, you will email the staff and let them know. Your sheet will then be held inactive and frozen.

-That this is a game, and not to be taken seriously outside of the game atmosphere. Harassment or other issues will be handled in a private manner, whether in PM, or email.

-Not complying with the above can result in the loss of your character, ban, or if severe (such as harassment) it will be reported to Talkcity officials and no longer be the game's responsibility.

-Lastly, that Mystic Worlds can and will have changes to its structure without notice, and Mystic Worlds has the final say in what happens to the game. This includes Staff Changes, Character Deletion, or Structure Changes without warning or reason. Though we will try to give you notice of changes, we do deserve the right to the priorly stated.

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