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What is Mystic Worlds?
This is a text based, multi-player, online role play game based on the Delphi site. Our role play is done in chat and forums. This site is here to provide information about the game and its system. The actual play takes place on Delphi here. To learn more about the game itself, click the banner above.

What is a role play game (RPG)?
Role playing is a form of entertainment where people act out being a ‘character’ within a world created for them by a Game Master. There are many forms of role play, but ours is based in text. We commonly explain it as ‘acting’ and ‘writing’ at the same, co-existing and interacting with others doing the same. Our game is structured, which means there is a format to follow for certain scenarios like battle or questing. General play is free-form however, and players are welcome to create the stories they prefer as long as they stick to our setting.

What is your setting?
Mystic Worlds is based loosely off the European Renaissance Era. We have our own history and time frame, as well as a ‘fantasy’ element; meaning magic, mythical creatures, and ethereal settings. The game will have primitive modern technology just starting to be introduced (such as guns, cannons, and early mechanics) but overall won’t have anything past what you would expect to be from the medieval times.

What is the difference between structured and free form?
A structured game is like DnD… the questing and battle systems have certain criteria you have to meet such as rolling dice or using stats on your character sheet. We’ve made sure not to have too advanced of a system that newer players would have a hard time learning, so don’t be intimidated just because we’re structured. You can easily play in our game without ever registering and still have fun; but you miss out o