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White Magic

Black Magic

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Elemental Magic

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Druid Magic

Magic done in Mystic Worlds is a little different than other structured games. The reason for this is that the player has creative control over how the magic is used, instead of picking specific spells. Anything you can come up with utilizing the type of magic you've selected can be done. The limit is your imagination (and a bit of restrictive realism if we feel something has gone too far of course.) This way character's can use their magic on a more personal basis. For example, one person might use Elemental Water magic to make it rain and extinguish flames, while another person might use the same Elemental Water magic to attempt drowning a person's lungs with their own body-water content.

If you've picked a magic class, you'll get the chance to use certain magics depending on that class. Though you have creative control of how it's used... it's effects are not quite so free. We -do- have some limits on magic use in how it effects others damage wise. Unlike a warrior, it takes a lot of training and dedication to be a magic user, and thus a bit harder to master. It is worth it in the end however, as magic can be very powerful!

How to acquire and use magic:

  • Attacking: Using magic, as explained in the battle system, is done by using your APT or INF stat to attack. If the spell is going to cause damage, you'd use APT (Aptitude); if the spell is not causing damage, but using an effect instead, you will use INF (Influence). Aptitude is a character's mental prowess and ability to react/think quickly. Influence is a character's ability to use their mental strength against another; trickery, charming, intimidation, etc. so this is why we use influence. See the battle system for how to attack with magic.

  • 2 Types: Each magic user will get a max of 2 styles of magic to use. Master Class Sorcerers are the exception, as they'll unlock the ability to use all magic except healing.

  • Damage: The damage (LP) your magic does will be determined by your character's level, and if desired, can also be improved using Skill Points. Your damage will be 2 times your current level. (Level 5 would have spell damage of 5x2=d10) The catch here, is that if you specialize in 2 types of magic instead of 1, your magic damage is split between the two, so that same Level 5, would only do d5 damage instead, but for both magic types. Having more than one type magic can have it's perks though, especially during special circumstances, such as an enemy with a magic-type weakness. Pick carefully.

  • Effects: Spell effects can be unlocked if you specialized in that magic. For example, if you picked Elemental Fire, you can unlock effects such as "Burn" which will cause fire damage each turn until the flame is put out. These effects are unlocked using SP.

  • Specializing: The first type of magic you pick will be determined as your "magic specialty" and can never be changed. If you pick a second type though, you CAN change it later on, but will have to re-assign your SP accordingly if you invested any in the second type.

  • Example:
    Say you specialized in Black Magic, and you are Level 3 with 2 SP to spend.
    You can now use this Black Magic in any way you see fit description wise, but any damage or effects you'd use must be bought first. You want to raise skeletons from the dead to attack people with, so you buy the ability "Necromancy" with 1 SP. This ability lets you summon the dead and use them to attack, get information, or use them as body guards to take hits for you.