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Virgin eyes blink fervently toward the sky, taking the wonders of Varlonan's world for the first time. The sky is painted with a river of colors as the twin suns begin to set. This night the three moons will appear to greet onlookers and announce to the night that darkness has arrived again but the moon's rays will light up a travellers way if beckoned. The breeze carries with it the aroma's wafting from the capital's vast stretch of market; things ranging from exotic roasting meats, to the sweetest fragrant flowers. The ground is still warm to the touch, and people in droves are exiting their establishments to light torches to show you the way.

Far away, if you try hard enough, you can pick up the faint sound of cheering and clinking metal as a battle rages on in Bellerophon arena. When you turn that direction to look, you catch glimpse of a giant dragon breathing fire down upon the arena only to hear more cheers before it dives back down out of view again. Its obvious that this is no ordinary world, and that possibilities for adventure are just at your fingertips.

Welcome to Varlonan

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Capital City, Tandora (Far View)

Steel Glades, Tandora Border & Land Guard