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Registered Groups

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Sample Group (what your listing below will look like, with each slightly different from the others):

Group Name
Founded or Headquarters Located In: Tandora Bank: 0gp Vault?: Yes

Owned/Claimed Property (Usually Optional)

Building(s): E.g.: Living Quarters/Headquarters/Castle/Mansion/Market/Vendor/Temple
Land: Town Section/City/Island/Country/Continent

Joining Requirements

Status: Open/Closed

  1. Requirement
    • E.g.: Must be Elven/Female/Knight/Level #/Stat #
  2. Second Requirement
  3. Third Requirement... etc

Member List

Leader(s): Leader1 (Founder/Head of Family/Elder/King/Overlord/High Priest, etc.)
Current Members: Public (Listed below) or Private (Only noted on Character Sheet)
Member1 (position), Member2 (position), Member3, Member 4, Member 5

If family, it will be listed in a family-tree format, unchangable. All other groups will be listed in the above format.


Bestia Spiritus
Bestia Spiritus means, Spirit of the beast.

Rules: no fighting among the clan, unless for fun.

Purpose: To aid and be aided by yourself and the clan. Help your clan members and they will help you. To protect and support animal based people.

History: Nagani fears for the extinction of animal based people. As a demon his methods may be cruel but if the ends justify the means. He came up with the idea, to form a group, a clan of animal based people to help and protect there Brethren from extinction. Holding the 'Eye of the Beast' insignia upon his body, he is in the stage of recruitment. He will not Fail.
Founded or Headquarters Located In:
Southern Blue Orb Forest
Bank: 0gp (5%) Vault?: Yes

Owned/Claimed Property (Usually Optional)

Building(s): Small Building (SL HQ)
Land: None

Joining Requirements

Status: Open (Clans are open to all members)

  1. Must be blessed by an animal spirit
    • E.g.: Shape-shifter, mermaid, centaur, Fera ect. or in other words animal based.

Member List

Nagani Nagini (Title)

Current Members:
Celestia-Et, Balzoin-Et




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