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Skills & Ability Chart

To improve the following, you'll use SP. Some things will have additional requirements to obtain.
Each skill point (SP) increases the task's chance of success by 5% (maxed at 90%) rolled on a d100 (91-100 always fail) and you must roll lower than your percent (rolling a 1 would mean it was done perfectly.) Each race will start at a different default amount, then its up to the player to decide if they want to improve them.

Race Skills are based off the difficulty chart. Each point makes it 10% easier to do the task (lowering DL by 10%) you are attempting related to that ability.


Flying: -
Requires Wings

Quest Only Skills

Running: -

Swimming: -
If you have wings, it'll cost 10% per point.

Jumping: -
Requires having at least 3 AGL per additional point

Riding: -
Requires having at least 3 AGL per point

Teleporting: -
Requires having at least 3 APT per point
Can only teleport as far as you can see. Each point doubles distance. At five, you can teleport anywhere you've visited once before.

Portals: -
Requires Maxed Teleporting, having at least 5 INF per point, or Angel/Demon race.
One plain per point.

Extra Sensory
Dominant Personality