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The following describes the characteristics for this race. See “Structured Information” below for info regarding stats, points, and other required items to play this race. See “Culture & History” at the end of the page for a brief depiction of what this race in an NPC form is like (so you can compare) and how it affects the game world.

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The Fera Felidae, called 'Fera' for short by most, are a beast/humanoid hybrid originating from the ancient desert lands. It is said that they possess the spirits of large felines which grants them their abilities and appearance, given to them long ago by a forgotten Deity. They have three forms: humanoid, half-shift, and beast. They utilize these in different ways as they face society and try to blend in.

Average Appearance

(Not Required. This describes the average appearance of the NPC population of this race in the game, available as reference material for quests and story lines.)

Build: Slender
Height: 6'0"
Weight: Medium
Eye Tone: Black
Hair Tone: Matches fur tone.
Skin Tone: Based off humanoid-form chosen.

Structured Section

This section provides the rules, stats, and general requirements for playing this race.
Everything in this section IS required for your character when you register.

Unique Quirks

Shifting: They have the pre-shift humanoid form (human or elf); the half-shift form (mostly beast including head, but bipedal like humans, with human functioning hands); and finally their true-shift form (full beast, larger than normal 'animals' in nature.)

Eyes: If examined closely, people would see that the Fera retain a cat-like appearance to their eyes in all forms, whether it be their pupil, their eye shape, or the coloring.


Fera, Human

Age Ratio

(HY indicates physical appearance, AY is how long they have lived.)

1 HY : 2 AY
Lifespan: About 180 AY.


To Procreate, Partner Must Be:
Humanoid or Beast. Age of maturity is considered 36 AY.

On a d100 roll (pregnancy):
80-100 Unsuccessful
30-79 One Child
1-29 Twins

Gender (d2 roll):
1 = Female
2 = Male

Child’s race:
If parents are same race, the child will be that race.

If parents are each a different (but full blooded) race, the child will be half of each race.

If one or both parents are a half-race, the GM will have each parent roll d2 to determine which half from each parent they’ll be.


Death/Battle: Mortal in battle, normal death applies.



Specialty: Aptitude
(Doubled stat at registration.)

Weakness: LP
(-30 at registration.)

Physical Qualities

(Required. SP can be invested to improve the qualities similar to stats: 3 SP will increase a Quality by 1. For more idea of what each Quality does, see this Chart.)

0=Disabled, 1=Below Average, 2=Average
3=Above Average, 4=Exceptional, 5=Godly


Running: 5

Flying: 0

Swimming: 3


Smell: 5

Hearing: 4

Sight: 2


Intimidation: 2

Charisma: 3

Timidity: 3

Race Skills

As you level, you will gain skill points (sp) to spend on various things, including skills.
Invest your SP accordingly below if you desire to raise or acquire something listed.

Improve a Quality

To improve one of the qualities above, spend 3 SP, and increase the chosen quality by 1.

Improve an Attribute

To improve one of the attributes below, spend 5 SP, and increase the chosen stat by 1.



Additional Senses

Costs 1 SP to unlock an extra sense and requires a minimum of 4 points in a Physical Quality above to unlock any the following:

Night Vision (Sight): No penalty for seeing in natural darkness.

Disability (0 in Sight, Smell, Hearing, Speech, or Mobility):
If one of your vital senses is disabled, you can improve another by 1 point.

Detect Poison (Scent): You can taste it on your tongue just by smelling it.

Jumping (Running): You can land from high places on your feet without taking damage, and can leap double the distance the average person can.

General Skills


Reference Material

The following information is NOT required for your character.
It is here for a guide on ideas of how to play your race and how NPC characters generally act.

Cultural Preferences

Around Varlonan, these are the typical aspects of this race's lifestyle preferences.

Weapons: Natural, typically their claws. They are very able and willing to use other weapons, but find that their claws are often the most handy.

Armor: They don't usually like full bodied armor, but will wear pieces here and there.

Currency: Gold and trade.

Diet: Omnivore, though they do typically prefer meat over anything else.

Attire: Little to nothing. They will adhere to other customs for attire, but when among their own kind, there is simply little need for attire that isn't for just statement purposes.

Environment: Plains, forests, mountains.

Homeland: Goldpaw Marsh


Partners: The Fera actually range from partnering for life, to never settling down. It often depends on what sect of Fera they derive from, but you will find that the majority of them are out for fun more than a lifelong commitment.

Friends: There isn't much issue in their community regarding jealousy or pride. They make friends and enemies at just about the same rate. When friends with someone, they'll typically do their best to push their own culture on them in an attempt to make that person more fun or effective to their surroundings.

Foe: The only time the Fera will usually make enemies is when they get too pushy on their beliefs. They are strong, quick, and intelligent so at times they feel that their own culture might be a step above other's cultures... but they don't feel overly strong about this; they merely want to 'aid' others in seeing how they do.

Children: The children of Fera are looked after by all Fera usually when the immediate parent isn't available. They'll bond with the young Fera and protect them against any threats that may come along. The young usually stick close to their parents most of the time. Many males however are aggressive toward other males of a pride because they want to put themselves as the most available bachelor for the pride females. It's rumored that a male will go as far as to kill the young of a female that mated with a different male!

Territory: Their territory usually is built up to hold several Fera within it, and they'll work out a plan for each person to properly benefit or guard the territory equally.


Perhaps one of the few races to have a very simple history, the Fera simply evolved from their primal feline anscestors. They grew stronger, smarter, and eventually became bipedal in the need for better hunting options. Soon, they acquired the capabilities for speech, and then the magic for shifting. They live life simple and mostly by instinct, though there are many groups over the years that built massive prides and cities for their people in a hope to have dominance over any that opposed their ways. Fera come in various forms, some are lone wanderers, and others stick close to a pride they were born into or won dominance for. They don't typically wander far from their homeland since it provides the most protection and hunting grounds for them. You'll only see a pride move away from its territory when it has lost a turf war with another pride, or resources become too limited to sustain their people.