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The following describes the characteristics for this race. See “Structured Information” below for info regarding stats, points, and other required items to play this race. See “Culture & History” at the end of the page for a brief depiction of what this race in an NPC form is like (so you can compare) and how it affects the game world.

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Description      Structured Info      Skills      Culture & History


Males -
Minotaur Form: Head and neck resemble a bull, and the body resembles that of a human. Fur on body is optional.

Satyr Form: Legs and tail of a deer, torso and head of a human. Two horns on the top/side of the head, smaller than the Minotaur form.

Females -
Same, except that the horns on both forms are smaller than their male counter-parts. Females also tend to have spots in the Satyr form.

Average Appearance

(Not Required. This describes the average appearance of the NPC population of this race in the game, available as reference material for quests and story lines.)
Satyr form/Minotaur form below.

Build: Slender/Hulked
Height: 4'5"/8'0"
Weight: Light/Heavy
Eye Tone: Varies
Hair/Fur Tone: Earthy Tones
Skin/Fur Tone: Human Range

Structured Section

This section provides the rules, stats, and general requirements for playing this race.
Everything in this section IS required for your character when you register.

Unique Quirks

Shifting: Minotyrs have two forms; that of a Satyr, and a Minotaur. Primarily Minotyrs utilize the Satyr form in order to cause less alarm in other races. While in Minotaur form, rage and adrenaline grows slowly at first sign of a threat but exponentially with time. If you see a Minotyr in Minotaur form who seems agitated, do NOT stick around to see if it will shift back. It takes 1 turn to shift.


Minotyr, Human, Common Elven

Age Ratio

(HY indicates physical appearance, AY is how long they have lived.)

1 HY : 2 AY

Lifespan: About 180 AY.


To Procreate, Partner Must Be:
Humanoid or Beast. Age of maturity is considered 36 AY.

On a d100 roll (pregnancy):
80-100 Unsuccessful
30-79 One Child
1-29 Twins

Gender (d2 roll):
1 = Female
2 = Male

Child’s race:
If parents are same race, the child will be that race.

If parents are each a different (but full blooded) race, the child will be half of each race.

If one or both parents are a half-race, the GM will have each parent roll d2 to determine which half from each parent they’ll be.


Death/Battle: Mortal in battle, normal death applies.



Specialty: Vigor OR Agility *Player's Choice*
(Doubled stat at registration.)

Specialty: Drastic Measures
(Satyr Form: 1 automatic escape or dodge per event/day.
Minotaur Form: 1 automatic hit *regular attacks only* per event/day.)

Weakness: Influence
(Halved stat at registration.)

Weakness: Distractions
(Satyr Form: -5 Vigor in battle.
Minotaur Form: -5 Aptitude in battle.

Physical Qualities

(Required. SP can be invested to improve the qualities similar to stats: 3 SP will increase a Quality by 1. For more idea of what each Quality does, see this Chart.)

0=Disabled, 1=Below Average, 2=Average
3=Above Average, 4=Exceptional, 5=Godly


Running: 5

Flying: 0

Swimming: 2/1


Smell: 3

Hearing: 4

Sight: 2


Intimidation: 5/3

Charisma: 2/4

Timidity: 0/4

Race Skills

As you level, you will gain skill points (sp) to spend on various things, including skills.
Invest your SP accordingly below if you desire to raise or acquire something listed.

Improve a Quality

To improve one of the qualities above, spend 3 SP, and increase the chosen quality by 1.

Improve an Attribute

To improve one of the attributes below, spend 5 SP, and increase the chosen stat by 1.



Additional Senses

Costs 1 SP to unlock an extra sense and requires a minimum of 4 points in a Physical Quality above to unlock any the following:

Night Vision (Sight): No penalty for seeing in natural darkness.

Disability (0 in Sight, Smell, Hearing, Speech, or Mobility): If one of your vital senses is disabled, you can improve another by 1 point.

Detect Poison (Scent): You can taste it on your tongue just by smelling it.

Jumping (Land): You can land from high places on your feet without taking damage, and can leap double the distance the average person can.

General Skills


Reference Material

The following information is NOT required for your character.
It is here for a guide on ideas of how to play your race and how NPC characters generally act.

Cultural Preferences

Around Varlonan, these are the typical aspects of this race's lifestyle preferences.

Weapons: Natural, they tend to use their hooves, teeth and horns for weapons. They are not opposed to using man made weapons too though.

Armor: Generally they don't wear armor, regardless of which form they are in, but they aren't opposed to it.

Currency: Gold and trade; they'll often entertain or do body guard work in exchange for what they want.

Diet: Carnivore/Herbivore. The minotaur half will only eat meat, and the satyr half will only eat foliage.

Attire: In minotaur form, they will generally wear human made clothing for their lower torso in compliance with local customs. In satyr form though, only females will wear upper attire while in other cultures. All attire is usually kept light so they can remain mobile.

Environment: Fields and mountains.

Homeland: Risi Vulpus


Partners: Due to their lustfulness, Minotyr males will take anywhere between 1 and 3 females, and will not hesitate to shift into their Minotaur form to protect their 'herd' if they feel the threat warrants it. Males will often have small skirmishes with other males over females, and will often sway a female from a friend in the skirmish. But, the loyalty between males is rekindled quickly, and the reveling begins again.

Friends: As long as you are fun loving and enjoy relaxing and don't mind a somewhat hedonistic lifestyle, a Minotyr will be quick to accept you and count you amongst their friends. The second you make substantial ripples in a Minotyr community, expect to be escorted out. Do not attempt to fight it if you value your life.

Foe: Any individual that threatens the safety of any part of the society, whether it be one member or a group of wives, will find itself on the wrong side of 2,000+ lbs of muscle and razor sharp horns. Specifically, werewolves tend to pick off Minotyrs when they are in Satyr form, whether that be for food or out of jealousy of the peaceful and mirthful lives lead by Minotyrs remains to be seen. Due to the targeted killings, Minotyrs typically will not stay in a calm fashion for long if they sense a Werewolf nearby, and will become a berserking rage machine.

Children: The only thing a Minotyr loves more than good wine, good women and good times, is their children. Minotyrs may become monsters when protecting the herd, but when protecting their children they become something on a completely higher level: PURE animals beyond reason.

Territory: Minotyrs thrive in areas that combine prairies for grazing and to fill the need to stretch their muscles in Minotaur form, and wooded ares that they can live out their mirthful existence with their ladies, and wine, of choice and still have the trees in cover to buy them added time to shift into Minotaur if the situation turns dire.


Minotyrs are as natural to the world as a human and has no discernible origin point as a species, they just 'are.'

While other races have developed their own unique brands of alcohol, Minotyrs were the first race to discover the wonder of a great libation. While inebriated in Satyr form, the alcohol simply serves as catalyst to mirth and merrymaking, and an inebriated Satyr is likely to stay calm in stressful situations better than one who is sober. But, if a Minotyr is in Minotaur form while drunk, keep a wide berth. They may seem jovial and friendly enough, but it will not take long for it to turn into an argument, which leads to bad things with Minotyrs in Minotaur form.

The shared love of drinking and revelry has bonded Dwarves and Minotys over the ages, but where Dwarves are notoriously hard workers, Minotyrs are not, which will keep them at arm's length if there is a job to be done. The very first Taverns in Varlonan were established by Minotyrs who wished to leave their simple lives behind and mingle with other races and live a more interesting life. Due to their ability to brew and mix nearly any concoction, and their ability to throw out unruly customers, they were a natural fit.