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The following describes the characteristics for this race. See “Structured Information” below for info regarding stats, points, and other required items to play this race. See “Culture & History” at the end of the page for a brief depiction of what this race in an NPC form is like (so you can compare) and how it affects the game world.

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Dwarves are the ultimate working race. They love a hard days work and will often brag about their strength and perseverance, as they should. Their small stature can be deceiving, because they are very thick and often very strong. Some people joke about how short they are, or how they walk, or the big nose prominent on their face. A Dwarf will usually let it roll off their massive shoulders and throw move clever insults back their way, while downing a tankard of ale. Gruff, often times even mean, they take each day as it comes. You'll also usually find them covered in ash, dirt, or other elements that they were working in during the day.

Average Appearance

(Not Required. This describes the average appearance of the NPC population of this race in the game, available as reference material for quests and story lines.)

Build: Bulky/Husky
Height: 4'0"
Weight: Above Average
Eye Tone: Human Range
Hair Tone: Human Range; typically w/ red tones.
Skin Tone: Human Range

Structured Section

This section provides the rules, stats, and general requirements for playing this race.
Everything in this section IS required for your character when you register.

Unique Quirks

Height: No taller than 4'5".

Build: They are always bulky or fat. As hard workers, muscle is often prominent and visible.

Body Hair: Both males and females have body hair, whether it be on their face, chest, or legs. They are supposed to be rough and rugged... not dainty. Males especially will always have a beard or mustache and would feel uncomfortable or naked without them.


Dwarven, Human

Age Ratio

(HY indicates physical appearance, AY is how long they have lived.)

1 HY : 1/2 AY
Lifespan: They typically live to about 40 or 50 AY, with grey hair around 25 AY, which is actually 50 HY for them.


To Procreate, Partner Must Be:
Humanoid. Age of maturity is considered 18 AY.

On a d100 roll (pregnancy):
95-100 Unsuccessful
70-94 One Child
20-69 Twins
6-19 Triplets
1-5 Quadruplets

Gender (d2 roll):
1 = Female
2 = Male

Child’s race:
If parents are same race, the child will be that race.

If parents are each a different (but full blooded) race, the child will be half of each race.

If one or both parents are a half-race, the GM will have each parent roll d2 to determine which half from each parent they’ll be.


Death/Battle: Mortal, normal death applies.
Creatures that bite are unable to sink their teeth into a Dwarf due to all their hair and thick skin.



Specialty: Vigor
(Doubled stat at registration.)

Weakness: Influence
(Halved stat at registration.)

Physical Qualities

(Required. SP can be invested to improve the qualities similar to stats: 3 SP will increase a Quality by 1. For more idea of what each Quality does, see this Chart.)

0=Disabled, 1=Below Average, 2=Average
3=Above Average, 4=Exceptional, 5=Godly


Running: 1

Flying: 0

Swimming: 1


Smell: 4

Hearing: 2

Sight: 3


Intimidation: 2

Charisma: 1

Timidity: 2

Race Skills

As you level, you will gain skill points (sp) to spend on various things, including skills.
Invest your SP accordingly below if you desire to raise or acquire something listed.

Improve a Quality

To improve one of the qualities above, spend 3 SP, and increase the chosen quality by 1.

Improve an Attribute

To improve one of the attributes below, spend 5 SP, and increase the chosen stat by 1.



Additional Senses

Costs 1 SP to unlock an extra sense and requires a minimum of 4 points in a Physical Quality above to unlock any the following:

Night Vision (Sight): No penalty for seeing in natural darkness.

Disability (0 in Sight, Smell, Hearing, Speech, or Mobility):
If one of your vital senses is disabled, you can improve another by 1 point.

Detect Poison (Scent): You can taste it on your tongue just by smelling it.

Jumping (Running): You can land from high places on your feet without taking damage, and can leap double the distance the average person can.

Blind Fighting (Sight or Hearing): No penalty for fighting blind.

Find Gems (Sight): Success chance doubles when locating gems in natural environments, such as in cave walls, mountains, or water.

General Skills


Reference Material

The following information is NOT required for your character.
It is here for a guide on ideas of how to play your race and how NPC characters generally act.

Cultural Preferences

Around Varlonan, these are the typical aspects of this race's lifestyle preferences.

Weapons: Anything melee, from hammers, to axes, to large swords. Often times a weapon will completely outsize the dwarf, but their strength lets them easily work such weapons. Since they are good at crafting, some Dwarves' weapons are made by their own hands and customized to their liking.

Armor: Same as weapons in quality. They adorn themselves with large, thick breast-plates and decorative helmets that often resemble their family crests or clans. Shields aren't very favored amongst Dwarves, because they like to head into battle ready for blood, and hiding behind a shield seems cowardly to them.

Currency: Gems. Living mostly underground, when they aren't fighting the Drow, the Dwarves usually have first pick of the finest and largest gems. These are used as regular currency underground, with precious metals being reserved for building armor and weapons instead.

Diet: Omnivore. They have their pick of creatures underground to feast on, from pigs to bats to fish. However they also have an abundance of fungus, such as mushrooms, that they can eat.

Attire: Armor. You rarely see a Dwarf without his or her armor, but when you do, it seems they choose to simply wear their work clothes. Ripped, dirty, and comfortable.

Environment: Underground, Caves, Mountains

Homeland: Infra


Partners: Watching a Dwarven couple, you would think they are extremely unhappy. Lots of arguing, physical abuse, cussing, flirting with others. However... this is just how they are. When flirting, they are attracted to their own kind because other races seem to 'high maintenance' to them, with all their grooming and manners and rules. Once a Dwarf finds a mate, typically with another of their own kind, they will quickly get married and settle down. There isn't much courting between them, except for a bit of playful flirting to show interest. They are so secure with the fact their spouse wont leave them, they simply don't hold back their nature urges; such as fighting. No matter how badly they seem to treat each other, it is just them being honest with each other and expressive. They'll generally always go back home at the end of the night and lay lovingly in each other's arms.

Friends: Dwarves are amazing friends to have. They are hilariously funny, great drinking partners, love games, and are over-all extremely laid back. Loyalty is something very natural to them as well, and when their friends need support, they wont even need to ask... the Dwarf will be there, ready to bash someone's head in.

Foe: It's difficult to keep a Dwarf as an enemy; primarily because they could really care less to spend so much effort on disliking you. Dwarves usually settle their differences with a battle, and then move on after, with bragging rights going to the winner. Only when you mess with a friend or family member will you have to face the wrath of the under-estimated Dwarf.

Children: Similar to Human parenting, both the mother and father of Dwarven children stay in the home to raise the young. One parent, or sometimes a switching back and forth of each, will go out to work and earn a living as the other stays back to tend the children. Dwarves typically have many children too. Life in the underground world can be harsh and cruel, with only 1 out of 3 children typically surviving. So having many children ensures that the race will thrive. The home is loving and the children often get away with more than most... handling weapons at an earlier age, working at an earlier age, rarely getting in trouble for their actions; it can be a good life for a dwarf child if they survive.

Territory: Underground. They prefer to stay underground because it is the natural way their race has always survived. Mining, building weapons, and selling the precious metals and gems to the surface world is their lively-hood. They do not mind the work, because they work hard, as well as play hard. It's rare to find a dwarf that is sober when they aren't working! Though they often have to fend off their territories against the Drow, whom also reside underground, they typically stick higher. The inside of mountains, instead of underground caverns, is usually the best location for the Dwarves because they can still benefit from occasional areas of sunshine in caves, assuring the Drow aren't nearby.


Dwarves are thought to have come from Humans (one rumor being that Humans and Ogres mated), but there is really no way to be certain. The race claims that they came from the Gods, "Why else would we be so damn beautiful?" they declare, and most don't have bravery to argue, even if they don't buy it. Regardless of how they came to be, it's certain that they are here to stay. Tending the mountains, providing precious currency to the masses who's greed for it is endless, and telling entertaining tales of drunk dragons or Ogres dressed in women's undergarments. Their personalities are care-free, and their drive for work unmatched. Though they may seem like Humans, once you have met one... you'll know immediately they're not.

Things weren't always so easy for the Dwarves as history recounts. The Drow, having been pushed underground by the other elves, turned their anger and frustration on the hard-working creatures they'd stumbled upon in the mountains. At first, Drow had the advantage of knowledge and tactics, stealing the weapons and precious materials that the Dwarves worked hard to get. Not knowing quite how to deal with other races yet, the Dwarves were stuck being slaves practically to these elves. It looked soon like it would always remain this way, until one Dwarf decided enough was enough. This Dwarf, told in many historic tales, tricked the unsuspecting Drow into thinking nothing had changed as they stole everything from the Dwarves. However, things HAD changed.

After several raids, the Drow suddenly figured out they had been tricked. The gold they obtained was fools gold, and the gems were worthless glass. The weapons were easily rusted or broken, and the armor could be penetrated by the swing of a child! By this time, the Dwarves had stashed away the real materials in a place of hiding, building back up their reserve. When the Drow returned to strike down the little men and women who made them fools, they were gone. The same Dwarf that had thwarted them, also relocated his race to a safer location where the mountains were penetrated by large patches of sunlight... a perfect hiding place. Left behind were a bundle of explosives, rigged to go off as soon as someone disturbed the stale air of the underground cavern. The mountain collapsed, trapping most of the Drow underground until they would be able to dig new tunnels to safety.

The Dwarves have since thrived and learned quickly how to deal with any new invaders to their underground world. Relaxed once more, they laugh, drink, mate, and live their short lives to the fullest.