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The Blessed Only

Flight (Born Ability, 0 SP): Due to their soft movements both on land and in the sky, they have little trouble flying. Only their size slows them, and even then their brittle bones aid them in speed. (Flight Speed 2)

Light Immunity (1 SP): Immune to damage by light, and light's effects/durations are halved.

Purification (1 SP): An angel's blood is said to be a diluted version of the God they follow. Poison and disease have no effect on an Angel, purified once it has entered their body through wound or ingestion. (Poison/Disease Immunity)

Far Sight (1 SP): Angels have great eyesight and can see even small details from far away (usually from the air). (+3 to rolls involving locating something or someone at a distance)

Bless (1 SP): An angel can place a blessing on one person, or a group. This blessing has random effects, not chosen by the angel but instead destined by the Gods. (No roll required to perform it.)
Roll d5 for effect, allowed once a quest/duel.

1 = Full LP Recovery.
2 = Doubled Stats (excluding LP/MP) for 2 turns.
3 = +1 to ALL rolls the duration of the quest/duel)
4 = +2 to all Damage Rolls the duration of the quest/duel)
5 = Shielding. No damage will be taken for 2 turns.
The Fallen Only

Flight (Born Ability, 0 SP): Due to their soft movements both on land and in the sky, they have little trouble flying. Only their size slows them, and even then their brittle bones aid them in speed. (Flight Speed 2)

Dark Immunity (1 SP): Immune to damage by darkness, and dark effects' durations are halved.

Night Vision (1 SP): No penalty for being in darkness, as the Fallen can see perfectly in the dark.

Anti-Bless (1 SP): A fallen angel has so much spite and jealousy of the Blessed, that they have grown the ability to undo or block any Bless to others. (Blocks or removes 'Bless' benefits/effects. Once a quest/duel. No roll required to achieve it.)

Curse (1 SP): Darkness begins to come natural to the Fallen, giving them the ability to curse others around them. Unfortunately their control on the curse is limited, and anyone around them could also be cursed. (To Curse: Roll INF+Magic Base+Applicable Skills/Items to place Curse. Defense: ANYONE currently near the caster will have to defend themselves from the curse, rolling APT+Magic Base+Applicable Skills/Items. If cursed, all stats are cut in half until the curse is removed. Once a quest/battle.)

Blue Blood Vampires



Venom Blood (Instant Result, 1 SP): A demon's blood is said to be venomous or acidic. Poison and disease have no effect on a demon, mixing into their own poisonous bloodstream once it has entered their body through wound or ingestion. (Poison/Disease Immunity)

Night Vision (Instant Result, 1 SP): Since they are from the underworld, where some plains can be pitch black, they have evolved to have excellent night vision. (No penalty for blindness from darkness.)

Cursing (Mastery Skill, 1 SP): Even the "good" demons are tempted by evil and can fall to its grasp at times. When someone crosses a demon or gets on their bad side, the demon can inflict a curse on the person. Attack roll involves INF on d100. Defense against this would be APT. For each point invested, there is a higher chance to succeed. See Skill Chart.

Heat Endurance (Instant Result, 3 SP): Immune to getting burned. Heat attacks (sun, fire, energy) will do half damage, and the demon is not able to get lasting burn-effects. (Not available if demon already has Cold Endurance)

Cold Endurance (Instant Result, 3 SP): Immune to freeze. Cold attacks (ice, water, cold wind) will do half damage, and the demon is not able to get lasting cold-effects. (Not available if the demon already has Heat Endurance)

Portal Travel (Instant Result, 3 SP): Demons must be able to travel to and from the Endless Plains for various reasons (overlords, regeneration, power, minions, information and more), so they have honed the power to create portals. These portals can transport 1 person for every 3 levels the Demon is. NOTE: Portals can only travel to places the demon has physically been to and seen before (can be noted to a GM to be put on sheet). Portals use 20MP each casting, one direction.

Lesser Demons: Demons can call forth "lesser" demons for their dirty work. These minions will completely obey their master until death. 1 NPC Minion can be summoned per 5 levels of the Demon, maxing at 6. (Starter NPC stats, evil alignment, Demon natural weapons at caster's level.)

WARNING: If a summoned minion dies, the demon will lose one permanent INF point for getting a reputation of not looking after their underlings better (meaning others wont want to work for you.) Zero INF points means no more demon summons.


Flight (Born Ability, 0 SP): Large wings that sometimes block out the light of the sun as a dragon flies overhead are able to take a dragon to the highest points in the world. It takes a lot of energy to fly with their massive bulk however, causing them to be far slower than other winged races. (Flight Speed 3)

Natural Weapons (Born Ability, 0 SP): Dragons have many natural weapons (mostly because it is their only source of attack) when in their natural form and are as follows.

Tail Whip, Bite, and Claws for Melee Attacks.
Winged Wind Gust for Ranged Attacks.
These do d1 damage per level. E.g.: d3 at level 3, d10 at level 10 and on...
Natural weapons and armor cannot be used in a humanoid form; just as items cannot be used in dragon form.

Humanoid Form (1 SP): One humanoid form, chosen at the time of unlocking this ability, is allowed for the dragon to shift into. This lets them interact with the other races more easily, and utilize items better which they cannot use in their dragon form. The form allowed to be chosen can be: Human, Elf, Dwarf, or Wingless Demon. This form doesn't allow for the same abilities as those races, and only effects the physical form. Once in a humanoid form however, the dragon can wear armor, use a non-natural weapon, and other actions reserved only for humanoid races.

Breath Weapon (Born Ability, 0 SP):
Minimum of 10 APT to use.
Magic: 2 x Current Level to determine damage. E.g.: Level 8 would have d16 DMG.
Uses 1 MP per 1 DMG (if you do 23 DMG, it'll use 23 MP)
Allowed Twice a Quest/Duel.

Choose type/effect at registration:
Acid (Hot) - Dissolves Clothing or Armor w/ Aimed Shot that reduces item's DP by the d30 damage rolled and must be repaired after the battle to be used again. Causes d5 corrosive damage to LP for d3 rounds.
Fire (Hot) - Melts Clothing or Armor w/ Aimed Shot. d5 fire damage each round until put out (takes 1 round to put out fire.) Thaws freezes.
Ice (Cold) - Freezes and Shatters a Limb w/ Aimed Shot. Freezes target for d3 turns causing them to not attack or defend until they thaw. +5 DMG to d30 roll for frost bite.
Water (Cold) - Lung damage w/ Aimed Shot, causing fatigue and halving all damage by opponent until they are healed internally. Knocks opponent down from the force of water for d3 turns. Extinguishes fire.
Thorns or Bone Fragments (Neutral) - Shattered bones or disabled limb w/ Aimed Shot. Makes opponent lose one turn due to entrapment.
Energy/Sound Waves (Neutral) - Paralyzes opponent(s) for d3 turns and makes them deaf, haulting verbal communication and spells until the period is over. Also causes temporary nerve damage, halving the opponent's Vigor for the duration of the battle.
Darkness/Disease (Cold) - Blinds opponent(s) for d3 turns, causing them to be unable to attack, and halves their defense rolls during their blindness. Roll to resist disease must also be made or opponent because diseased and has to be cured during or after the battle or the disease will remain. If still diseased after the battle, Influence and Vigor will be halved until healed.
Light/Psionic (Hot) - Blinds opponent(s) for d3 turns, causing them to be unable to attack, and halves their defense rolls during their blindness. Aptitude of opponent is halved the duration of the battle due to mental trauma from the psychic blast.
Other (Neutral) - +2 to damage roll.

Element Immunity (1 SP): Dragon's come in all different types, from all different regions since they are so ancient. As such, each has adapted to come immune to the harsh element of the place they live. This immunity comes with a drawback too however... because with one harsh element in abundance, comes the lack of another essential one, causing a weakness to the opposite element. Immunity means no damage will be taken by actions that involve that element. Weakness means double damage & effect will be done by actions that involve that element.
Pick from the following (Strength/Weakness):


Night Vision (1 SP): Working underground all the time, they've adapted to the darkness well enough to generally be able to see in it. (1/2 the penalty of dark/night blindness)

Weapon Experts (1 SP): If the Dwarf uses a melee weapon, it will usually be expertly taken care of. (+2 DMG with Melee weapons)

Armor Experts (1 SP): If the Dwarf is using metallic armor, it will usually be expertly taken care of. (+5 Absorb Points with Metallic armor)

Drinking Pastime (1 SP): Since a Dwarf is nearly ALWAYS drunk when not working, they have grown a tolerance to most alcohol, as well as the ability to function better under it's influence. (1/2 penalty on drinking games or for drunkness, and when drunk they get +15 LP *for an hour or one duel or one quest*)

Keen Eye (1 SP): During any chance of finding and obtaining precious metals or gems, the dwarf has extra advantage. (+2 to a roll, or 1/2 the penalty stated by the GM)



Night Vision


Sword Dancer (1 SP): Fire elves find swords to be the most enjoyable weapon to hold and use. They learned to do fancy maneuvers and tricks with the swords to impress others. (+1 INF, +1 DMG when using a sword)

Theatric (1 SP): Fire elves make the perfect bards due to their personality. All their antics make enjoyable stories and performances for people around them. (+3 INF when performing for others)

Fire Walker (1 SP): Being in the harsh, hot areas of Varlonan has made Fire elves adapt in certain situations, crossing areas where lava has flowed or fires have been ablaze to gather food or water. They have grown a tolerance to weaker bits of fire, such as hot embers on the ground they must walk across. (1/2 damage from fire)

Dragon Hunter (1 SP): When fighting or hunting dragons, they are knowledgeable of their habits and locations, making it easier to capture or steal from the dragon. (+1 to thievery rolls against Dragons, +2 DMG toward dragons)


Historical Knowledge.They are one of the oldest races, and know much of the world. No roll required when needing to recall historical events.


Nimble Step
Elves make no sound when on their feet (walking, running, etc.) and will not alert others to their approach.

Sixth Sense
Elves can sense when something is off. Whether something is hidden, out of place, or hindering the senses, an elf will become alert that something is "wrong."

Bow Expert
At registration, an elf will automatically gain access to the arrow tier (meaning you should select a different weapon tier for your starter weapon), and get +2 to hit when using a bow (applies only to string bows.)


Magically Bound (1 SP): All elves are in tune with nature and can tap into the magic of Varlonan fairly easy. Ice Elves however seem to embrace magic and use it naturally. (+10 MP)

Specialization (1 SP): If an Ice Elf pursues a magical class, they will excel at it easier than most other races. (+1 to Magic Base)

Cold Tolerance (Born Ability, 0 SP): They are unaffected by extreme cold. (No cold penalties in these situations.)

Trident Wielder (1 SP): The primary weapon of the underwater community is the trident. They are experts when using them and know the secrets of their best uses. (+5 towards disarming other melee weapons, +3 DMG)

Swimming (Born Ability, 0 SP): Obviously they are unmatched swimmers except perhaps for the mermaids who have the advantage of a tail instead of webbed feet. (No swimming or diving penalty)

Water Treasures (1 SP): Any time that they are on a quest that involves crossing or venturing into water, they have the chance to dive down and obtain a rare treasure. (GM discretion, d100 roll against APT+AGL and must get lower than combined stat to succeed.)


Well Versed (1 SP): They are able to learn new languages easier than most races since they are immersed in other cultures often. (Select 2 Additional Languages)

Nature's Healer (1 SP): Since they are tied so strongly to nature, the larger animals, as well as the trees, actually cause the Wood elf pain when they are damaged or injured in the area. Wood elves always carry salves to repair any creatures they come across that heals it enough to relieve the elf. (GM Discretion for distance. Ceases the elf's penalty by healing the creature.)

Woodsman (1 SP): They are natural guides when in a forest or thicket, and can follow tracks or signs that lead to civilization or well-traveled paths. (GM Discretion, can guide a party in the right direction towards their destination when in a wooded area.)


Flight (Born Ability *only with wings*, 0 SP): Fae are the fastest creatures in the skies, unmatched by any other race. Their small size and blur-fast wings make them seem like a colorful streak or glow instead of a physical being when moving.

  • Flight

  • The fastest flying race, Fae use their high energy to use rapid motion of their wings like hummingbirds. (Flight Speed 1)

  • Wilderness Friends

  • (Auto-hit attack, once a quest/duel).
    With a concentrated humming from the Fae, they can summon a pack of creatures from the surrounding wilderness. What type comes to their aid is GM Discretion.
    Level 1 = Plant Swarm, d5 DMG.
    Level 5 = Insect Swarm, 5d2 DMG.
    Level 10 = Bird Swarm, 5d3 DMG.
    Level 15 = Rodent Swarm, 5d4 DMG.
    Level 20 = Animal Stampede, 5d6 DMG.

  • Fae Dust

  • Since they expend large amounts of energy, a magical "dust" builds and is removed from their body with a bit of shaking or tapping. The dust that falls from them loses it's magical charge almost immediately, but if used quick enough can give a boost of luck. (+1 to LCK, once a quest/duel to 1 recipient once tasted for quest/duel duration.)

  • Trickery Magic

  • A unique magic found only with the Fae, this magic uses 2 MP a spell, and is used by Fae usually just to annoy people, be playful, or distract someone in order to escape. When used to cause a distraction to escape (only), the Fae will get +2 AGL.

    Giant Fae

    Flight (Born Ability, 0 SP): Fae are the fastest creatures in the skies, though Giant Fae genetically swapped their speed for a bit more strength and endurance. They are still quick in the air, but not nearly as quick as their smaller cousins.


    Linguistics (Automatic, 1 SP): Humans live all over Varlonan, and though many don't like it, they have to interact with other races in order to keep peace or obtain goods they otherwise couldn't get for themselves. This means they have to learn the local language so they can negotiate. (1 Extra Language, +1 INF during negotiations *Quests/Events Only*)




    Exoskeleton (non-flyers only) (Born Ability, Mastery, 5 SP): Strong natural body armor through their very hard exoskeletal skin. (Armor: 20 AR per SP invested after initial 5 SP unlock. When destroyed, healing magic can be used to repair it to full strength.)

    Natural Weapons (Born Ability, Mastery, 5 SP, MAX investment is 25 SP): Strong natural weapons from their own body; claws, teeth, stingers, tails, spikes, etc. (Weapon: d5 DMG, per 5 SP invested. Can be disabled but not destroyed. If 25 SP is reached, the weapon will start to do d50 (double) damage.)


    Immunity (Born Ability, 0 SP): Namuh are immune to poison and disease, as their body has mutated and adapted so much that they have incredible immune systems.

    Read Auras (1 SP): Creatures give off colorful auras. Those that are connected strongly to nature (like animals) have vibrant green auras; highly magicl creatures (like Elves and Fae) give off bright blue auras; non-magical creatures (like Humans and Dwarves) give off clear watery like auras; and Namuh give off grey steam like auras. They can also read alignments through auras: Evil ranges create red sparks, Neutral ranges create gold sparks, Good ranges create silver sparks. (GM Discretion)



    Shape Shift (Born Ability, 0 SP):
    Shape Shifters are born into their humanoid form (Human, Elven, or Dwarven) and gain the ability to control their shape shifting at the age of maturity. Before maturity, their shifting is fairly sporadic and unpredictable. Each ten levels (1, 10, 20, 30) the shifter gains another form. Let us know what animal you want at registration, then post or email us for additional forms. Shifting in battle is an action and takes one turn to do.

    Natural Weapons (Mastery, 1 SP):
    To gain the chance to use an animal's natural weapons (claws, biting, kicks, etc.) you'll need to have this ability. For every 2 SP invested, you'll gain 1 DMG toward your animal forms natural attacks.

    Natural Armor (Mastery, 1 SP):
    To gain the chance to use an animal's natural defenses such as armor-like exterior (elephant skin, thick fur, tough scales, etc.) you'll need to have this ability. For every 2 SP invested, you'll gain 3 armor points (AP) toward your animal forms natural defense.

    Natural Animal Abilities (Mastery, 1 SP):
    For this ability, you will need to select a specific ability you want to utilize in your animal form (flying in bird forms for example) and email us. If approved, we will take away 1 SP and grant you access to that specific ability which will be listed on your sheet. In play, you can always claim to have the natural abilities of your animal form, but if it is something you desire using in battle or quests (something official) you'll need to have it on your sheet through this ability.
    Some examples: Swimming, carrying others, climbing, tracking, flying, under-water breathing, night vision, sonar, burrowing. Staff might not approve some requests, but will be willing to aid you in adjusting or choosing.


    Dire Wolf

    Pack Mentality (Instant Result, 0 SP): For every other Dire Wolf (non-enemy) that is nearby, the attributes of all the Dire Wolves will increase by 1.
    E.g.: If there are 5 Dire Wolves involved in a battle against a common enemy, each Dire Wolf's stats will have increased by 5.

    Healing Saliva: (Mastery, 1 SP): Similar to the Vampires, Dire Wolves are able to seal open wounds with the saliva from their tongue. The Dire Wolf will get poisoned if licking the wound of someone poisoned. For each point invested, 5 LP will be healed. It only takes 1 point to seal a small wound to keep it from bleeding. Only stops bleed damage and life points, and the tongue MUST be used to deliver the saliva to heal.

    Wolf Spirit: (Mastery, 5 SP): Since the Dire Wolves are a creation of both man and wolf, they are able to call upon wild wolves to come to their aid. One wolf for every 5 points invested will come to the Dire Wolf's aid. See 'beastiary' for the wild wolves' stats. When a wolf is killed while under the Wolf Spirit call, the Dire Wolf will lose a permanent INF point.


    Natural Weapons (Born Ability, 0 SP): Hoof attacks, both at the same time (Inflicts d2 damage per level. Level 5 would roll d10 for their duo hoof attack. If only using one roof, cut the roll in half. Mastery Class can use a "Stomp" attack which doubles their damage, once a battle/quest)

    Transport (Automatic Result, 3 SP, Requires Min. of 10 VIG): Can transport 1 person (or 250lbs) on the back for every 10 VIG the Centaur has, up to 3 (or 750lbs) people max.

    Star Reading (Mastery Skill, 1 SP): The Centaur have grown accustomed to nature and using it to their advantage. One particular skill they seem to do better than most is reading the stars. This helps them learn approx. where they are at all times, even if they do not know the name of the land. It also informs them of weather patterns, giving them advanced warning of any major storms coming their way. If there is a disruption in the flow of magic in the world, you guessed it, they will know. This skill is open for other related abilities at GM Discretion, so keep your mind open. (Mastery Ability, roll d100 and consult the Skill Chart for your point investment)

    Nature Blending (Mastery Skill, 1 SP): Despite their large and bulky size, the Centaur are skilled at travel in natural environments. When natural formations (hills, trees, tall grass) offer an ability to hide, the Centaur can blend in perfectly and become invisible.


    Energy Drain

    In order to stay strong, a vampire must 'drain' someone of their life force. This can be through two distinct ways, though some have been able to adapt their ability to drain in other methods (often being refered to as Succubi or Incubi instead of vampire); through blood, or through energy. d4 LP a round while feeding, (or 5 LP every minute if in SL,) is drained from the victim and returned in LP to the vampire. They MUST do this once a day at least either in front of a GM (from an NPC or PC,) or posted on the forum in SL format of how they do it. If their Drain is not recorded, and they enter into a duel or quest that day, they will have their base stats cut in half the entire duel/quest until done.

    Natural Armor
    Vampires have skin that has hardened due to the virus in their bloodstream. Their heart doesn't beat any longer, so the muscles in their body are always moving. The small twitching of their muscles (unfelt from the outside) allows for the pumping of blood through their veins after feedings to regenerate them and calm the virus (which zaps them of strength when not calmed with blood or energy). This has hardened their muscles to the point of making an almost unpenatrable natural armor. They get 1 AB for each point of their ENR, maxing at 20.

    Healing Saliva
    The way the virus reacts in a vampire, causes many things in their body to be hyper-active. You've already learned of their natural armor due to muscle tissue, but did you know they heal quick also? The virus was able to latch onto healing properties in the body and make them work overtime, much like the body's muscles. A vampire will heal three times faster than humans, with flesh wounds almost healing right in front of your eyes after it was inflicted. This property also applies to their body fluids, which is why you see bite wounds heal after a vampire 'licks' the wound. (+5 LP recovery if injured, every round or ten minutes. Can be applied to another if a round is taken to lick the *open* wound, healing the person for 5 LP. Can be used to stop 'Bleed' damage too.)