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The following describes the characteristics for this race. See “Structured Information” below for info regarding stats, points, and other required items to play this race. See “Culture & History” at the end of the page for a brief depiction of what this race in an NPC form is like (so you can compare) and how it affects the game world.

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Fae come in many forms including: Fairy, Pixie, Sprite, Gnome, Brownie, and more. It is up to you how you choose to portray your own Fae. We call this race "Fae" to keep it general and open. In general the Fae are small creatures (the smallest race) that inhabit the world, either aiding in its progression (such as nature), or spending their time as tricksters. They adapt to the big world around them by utilizing items most other races take for granted. They look like tiny elves with dragonfly or butterfly wings typically, but other variations are known to exist as well.

Average Appearance

(Not Required. This describes the average appearance of the NPC population of this race in the game, available as reference material for quests and story lines.)

Build: Frail; Tiny
Height: 6"
Weight: Very Light
Eye Tone: Any color.
Hair Tone: Usually colorful; mixed or bright.
Skin Tone: Vibrant colors typically.

Structured Section

This section provides the rules, stats, and general requirements for playing this race.
Everything in this section IS required for your character when you register.

Unique Quirks

If Wings (not required to have them): Bat, Dragonfly or Butterfly style wings. Sometimes they do not have wings, and would not have flight.

Height: They are never bigger than 10 inches tall, and no adults smaller than 3 inches.


Fae, Giant Fae, Human

Age Ratio

(HY indicates physical appearance, AY is how long they have lived.)

1 HY : 1 AY
Immortal: HY ceases between 18 to 30.


To Procreate, Partner Must Be:
Fae Only. Age of maturity is considered 18 AY.

On a d100 roll (pregnancy):
Always Successful for Fae
80-100 One Child
40-79 Twins
1-39 Triplets

Gender (d2 roll):
1 = Female
2 = Male

Child’s race:
Always Fae, due to their size limitations. If the parents are two different Fae types, it will be up to the player "parents" to decide on appearance/type of child.


Death/Battle: In battle, Fae will bleed out 'MP' instead of 'LP' until the MP runs out, at which point they will finally begin to bleed blood instead of magic and die, since they suffer without their magic. They can also still cast magic after the MP is gone, using up LP to cast instead. Once LP runs out though, they die like other beings.



Specialty: Agility
(Doubled stat at registration.)

Specialty: MP
(+50 MP at registration.)

Weakness: Vigor
(Maxes at 10)

Weakness: LP
(-30 LP at registration.)

Physical Qualities

(Required. SP can be invested to improve the qualities similar to stats: 3 SP will increase a Quality by 1. For more idea of what each Quality does, see this Chart.)

0=Disabled, 1=Below Average, 2=Average
3=Above Average, 4=Exceptional, 5=Godly


Running: 1

Flying: 5

Swimming: 1


Smell: 3

Hearing: 2

Sight: 2


Intimidation: 0

Charisma: 4

Timidity: 5

Race Skills

As you level, you will gain skill points (sp) to spend on various things, including skills.
Invest your SP accordingly below if you desire to raise or acquire something listed.

Improve a Quality

To improve one of the qualities above, spend 3 SP, and increase the chosen quality by 1.

Improve an Attribute

To improve one of the attributes below, spend 5 SP, and increase the chosen stat by 1.



Additional Senses

Costs 1 SP to unlock an extra sense and requires a minimum of 4 points in a Physical Quality above to unlock any the following:

Eagle Vision (Sight): Double the distance seen when flying if nothing obstructs view.

Disability (0 in Sight, Smell, Hearing, Speech, or Mobility):
If one of your vital senses is disabled, you can improve another by 1 point.

Detect Poison (Scent): You can taste it on your tongue just by smelling it.

General Skills


Reference Material

The following information is NOT required for your character.
It is here for a guide on ideas of how to play your race and how NPC characters generally act.

Cultural Preferences

Around Varlonan, these are the typical aspects of this race's lifestyle preferences.

Weapons: Anything small enough for them to use. They tend to stick to magic though since physical damage is difficult with their tiny size.

Armor: Anything small enough to fit them. It's been said that they'll manipulate thimbles to become armor.

Currency: Sugar. Okay, they honestly know how to use Gold and swipe a coin every once in a while from an unsuspecting coin purse, but if you really want to win the Fae over... offer them something sweet, like sugar cubes.

Diet: Sugar. No really, their diet consists of almost nothing but sugary items. It's said that they have more sugar in their veins than blood, and for good reason. The speed at which they beat their wings uses immense amounts of energy that constantly needs replenishing. If they don't have something sugary often, they'll get slow and sluggish.

Attire: Anything that fits, usually made by their own hands to be able to fit. Random pieces of cloth, candle snuffers for hats, sewn flower petals for shoes... they'll wear nearly anything. Color is important to them, and they really like objects that shine or sparkle because it amuses them.

Environment: Flower fields, trees, other people's homes, 'tween' (between) places.

Homeland: Blue Orb Forest


Partners: When they are single, they are very flirtatious and promiscuous. When attempting to woe a desired mate however, they can be very romantic little creatures. They'll search far and wide for the perfect gift to offer to the one they want to settle down with. If accepted, they'll stay together forever and settle down in a bed of flowers or tree to raise several young.

Friends: There is little need for friends to a Fae, since they find enjoyment and entertainment on their own. Occasionally groups of Fae will band together for common purposes and consider each other friends, but the friendship isn't very solid. The only strong bonds of friendship that are seen with the Fae, is when one bonds with a 'big person' and essentially becomes a pet and companion to them.

Foe: Fae have more enemies than friends, part due to their naughty natures that lead them to playing tricks on larger races. The other reason that is not of their doing is that they are a sought commodity by others. As a food, they are deemed sweet and crunchy. When ground down, they make for a potent magical powder and healing remedy. They are also captured and forced to fight in cages as a game.

Children: Fae children are so tiny, they are hard to see by larger races. Often they are smaller than a single inch in height. The Fae will have many children in their lifetime, since survival of their race is difficult with their small stature and they have to ensure they'll continue on. The life of these children are extremely dangerous when it comes to simply surviving, but despite the hardships, they still manage to be little more than bundles of energy and joy, leaving the worries to their parents.

Territory: It is hard for the Fae to keep a territory of their own. Due to their size, other races often find them insignificant, and care little about destroying or taking over a place the Fae are currently residing in. Elves often take pity on them and relocate them to a safer place, but it's always temporary. Fae will constantly have to find various places to make a home in, because permanent homes are a luxury, not guaranteed.


Fae seem to be direct creations of the Gods. Their very existence and physical being is magical. How old their race is will possibly never be known, because it's difficult for a historian to keep a Fae serious for more than a few moments. Elves report that Fae have been around for most of the elves' existence as far as they can recall, but evidence of the fact doesn't exist.

Some believe that Fae were the original messengers of the Gods instead of the Angels. Their tiny form, quickness, and magical ties would make for perfect spies or guides to others. They also don't seem humanoid even though they appear so, due to the fact their anatomy is so drastically different from other races. Sadistic reports such as these however come from reports of torturous tests and gruesome experiments in the past on the Fae, long since banned in most lands of Varlonan due to the cruelty of such sweet beings.

To those lucky enough to catch sight of them before they crumble and have to relocate, Fae palaces are said to be exotic and beautiful. One recount of a palace was that it's shimmer made your eyes hurt, and that it was as tall as a barstool. Of course, these places are still too small for anyone but the Fae to see inside of, and they get demolished or stolen nearly every time they are discovered, so what it looks like on the inside cannot be described. Is it a portal to the Gods? Does entering it take you to another plain, like the underworld or the sky paradise? We can only use our imaginations to guess at what the Fae get to see, because it's doubtful they'll ever reveal their most sought after secrets!