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The following describes the characteristics for this race. See “Structured Information” below for info regarding stats, points, and other required items to play this race. See “Culture & History” at the end of the page for a brief depiction of what this race in an NPC form is like (so you can compare) and how it affects the game world.

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Description      Structured Info      Skills      Culture & History


Myrmidons are a unique bug-based race unique to Mystic Worlds (created by GMinotaur.)
They are mysterious and misunderstood; recollections of their culture by Sages and Bards is often misconstrued and false, leading to fear and disgust from other races. Their culture is different, but not barbaric like others claim, and as a race with an often repulsive appearance to others and methods that seem savage... it's no wonder they typically keep to their own kind.

Average Appearance

(Not Required. This describes the average appearance of the NPC population of this race in the game, available as reference material for quests and story lines.)

Build: Slender but muscular.
Height: 4'6"
Weight: Medium
Eye Tone: Black, beady
Hair Tone: Body fuzz.
Skin Tone: Black or brown; earthy.

Structured Section

This section provides the rules, stats, and general requirements for playing this race.
Everything in this section IS required for your character when you register.

Unique Quirks

Build: Exoskeleton is hard like a diamond for ground Myrmidon. The build is light for sky Myrmidon, which can fly.

Appearance: They look like a bipedal (upward spine) bug. It can be any bug that has a shell-like skin (ants, beetles, cockroaches, etc.); or any bug that can fly (bees, moths, crickets, etc.) No bugs allowed that have soft/gel like bodies (worms, slugs, snails.)

Limited Humanoid Features: The only thing humanoid about the Myrmidon is that they are bipedal. All other features should be bug-like for continuity. We have the right to refuse any submissions that don't properly fit this race, and will help aid you in correctly adjusting it.

Mouth: The mouth will be bug-like, not humanoid. They often have mandibles, double-jointed jaws, fangs, etc.


Myrmidon, Human

Age Ratio

(HY indicates physical appearance, AY is how long they have lived.)

1 HY : 1 AY
Lifespan: About 80-120 AY. It is hard to tell their age by looking at them however.


To Procreate, Partner Must Be:
Humanoid or Myrmidon. Age of maturity is considered 18 AY.

Eggs are carried for 1 month (considered the 'pregnancy period'), then laid in the Myrmidon's nest and tended for 1 more month, before they hatch. Due to the harshness of life on this race, pregnancy is only allowed once per IC year. 

On a d100 roll (pregnancy):
100 One Egg
90-99 Two Eggs
70-89 Three Eggs
40-69 Four Eggs
10-39 Five Eggs
2-9 Six Eggs
1 is Twelve Eggs

Gender (d2 roll):
1 = Female
2 = Male

Child’s race:
If parents are same race, the child will be that race.

If parents are each a different (but full blooded) race, the child will be half of each race.

If one or both parents are a half-race, the GM will have each parent roll d2 to determine which half from each parent they’ll be.


Death/Battle: Mortal in battle, normal death applies.



Specialty: Vigor or Agility (Player's Choice)
(Doubled stat at registration.)

Specialty: LP
(+30 at registration.)

Weakness: Influence or Aptitude (Player's Choice)
(Halved stat at registration.)

Weakness: MP
(-30 at registration.)

Physical Qualities

(Required. SP can be invested to improve the qualities similar to stats: 3 SP will increase a Quality by 1. For more idea of what each Quality does, see this Chart.)

0=Disabled, 1=Below Average, 2=Average
3=Above Average, 4=Exceptional, 5=Godly


Running: 5

Flying: 0/4

Swimming: 2


Smell: 3

Hearing: 4

Sight: 2


Intimidation: 4

Charisma: 0

Timidity: 4

Race Skills

As you level, you will gain skill points (sp) to spend on various things, including skills.
Invest your SP accordingly below if you desire to raise or acquire something listed.

Improve a Quality

To improve one of the qualities above, spend 3 SP, and increase the chosen quality by 1.

Improve an Attribute

To improve one of the attributes below, spend 5 SP, and increase the chosen stat by 1.



Additional Senses

Costs 1 SP to unlock an extra sense and requires a minimum of 4 points in a Physical Quality above to unlock any the following:

Disability (0 in Sight, Smell, Hearing, Speech, or Mobility):
If one of your vital senses is disabled, you can improve another by 1 point.

Jumping (Running): You can land from high places on your feet without taking damage, and can leap double the distance the average person can.

Blind Fighting (Sight or Hearing): No penalty for fighting blind.

General Skills


Reference Material

The following information is NOT required for your character.
It is here for a guide on ideas of how to play your race and how NPC characters generally act.

Cultural Preferences

Around Varlonan, these are the typical aspects of this race's lifestyle preferences.

Weapons: Typically natural. Though they can hold and wield most humanoid-made weapons, their own natural weapons tend to be more deadly.

Armor: Natural. They have little need for external armor since their own bodies are usually hard as diamond. There are some exceptions, but they are rare.

Currency: They don't really use currency in their own cities. Workers require only food and shelter in order to help others and ask for nothing in return. Over time they have learned that currency is required in the world outside their own, so some have taught themselves how it works even though it's not natural to them.

Diet: Flesh, foliage, nuts, berries, blood... these are just a few things that consist of the diet of a Myrmidon. It comes down to the type of Myrmidon they are, and what their environment is like.

Attire: Unnecessary. Their 'private' anatomy is often hidden by their own body and thus leads most Myrmidon to not require wearing external attire. If they do adorn something, it is for statement purposes: guilds, family crests, status and more.

Environment: Underground, sandstone caves, or trees.

Homeland: Razor Hills


Partners: Love is the most important part of the Myrmidon's relationships. Though their typical "pairing" system isn't quite the normal way other races convey love. In this society, it is not strange at all to find a house with four females together, or two males and five females. Of course they can pair with just two, but in a vast population like theirs, why not spread the love around?

Friends: Cities by Myrmidon are often swarmed with a wide variety of "bug" types in their race. Since they are not always welcomed outside of their own, strong bonds of friendship and comradery form with their own kind. Underground, surface and air Myrmidon alike will do their best to treat each other as equals and friends. 

Foe: Several. Due to their customs that come off as strange to other races, they are not easily welcomed into popular societies. This leads to seclusion and a stronger bond amongst their own kind. One custom that they feel honors the dead is eating the carcass so that it does not go to waste. Since other races often find this barbaric and a defilement of the dead, it casts a dark shadow on the race. 

Children: Eggs are hatched by females once they are pregnant, and stored in a hatchery until birth. Once they hatch, workers in the society will bring them up to have them adopted out. With such close bonds between Myrmidon, they often raise each others hatchlings without even thinking about it. They all see them simply as children that need looked after and raised... it matters not who the parents were. Since each female can have upwards to a dozen eggs, it would be near impossible to keep them all and raise them properly. 

Territory: Depending on the type of Myrmidon, they can live practically anywhere. Most often you will find them in underground tunneled cities. The cities they do build rival that of even the elves in their magnificence however. When getting together to build structures, they can defy gravity and logic in the way their buildings are manipulated. Most materials used are quite natural as well, but the Myrmidon have strong natural binding agents they can use to hold the materials together (such as a silky web like substance, or a sticky saliva.)


A collection of insect races, which have banded together for protection from the outside world, Myrmidons are fierce but reluctant warriors. Myrmidons have become feared and hated by other races due to their tendency to eat the carcass of any race they come across in a way to honor the dead, instead of allowing the carcass to go to waste. The Myrmidon diet ranges; including flesh, pollen, honey, vegetation and nearly anything else that is organic, making them highly resistant to poison. Myrmidon culture is strongly based on cooperation, leading to vast monuments instead of statues, sprawling underground cities and tall spires instead of single housing units, and large works of art. Due to their underground cities, you could travel over them for miles without ever knowing you have.

Myrmidons have a heavy emphasis on family, but there is no average family; four males with or without children, mixed gender groupings with or without children, the only emphasis is on love. Myrmidon females lay eggs, and the eggs are put into large underground nurseries. The eggs are tended to until they hatch. Once hatched, hatchlings are adopted out to any family that wants children, which will usually be on the birthing day. This practice helps to strengthen the bonds, which hold the entire community together as you will never know who brought your adopted children into the world, and you could never know who is raising yours. Myrmidons are typically not religious and communicate by scent and telepathy in the same way other races do with spoken language and gestures. 
(By: Race by GMinotaur)