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Racial Characteristics


Teeth: Non-retractable fangs, slightly thicker and shorter than Elders.

Blood: They are completely tied to the Elder that sired them, and must obey them completely until the Elder dies.

Sire's Mark: A physical trait will be passed along to you from the one who sired you. What the trait is will be up to you, even if it is mixed with your own. Some for example will take eye color, hair color, a scar, or a skin mark.

Race Origin: You have the choice to transition into a human-like appearance similar to the Elder's appearance, OR, you can keep your original race's appearance. Races that priorly had wings however will no longer have the blood-flow capability to keep them functioning, and they will literally rot and fall off.


Trade, Vampiric, Telepathy w/ Sire

Average Appearance

(Not Required)

Build: Toned
Height: Varies
Weight: Medium
Eye Tone: Varies.
Hair Tone: Varies.

Age Ratio

(HY indicates physical appearance, AY is how long they have lived.)

HY Stops at Transition; Immortal


Prior non-stat strengths & weaknesses are negated on transition.

Specialty: Stats Improve on Transition
(All stats increase by 5 at transition.)

Weakness: Solar Sensitivity
(Halved stats when in the sun, and -10 LP
every round during battle if in the sun.)

Specialty/Weakness: Death
A vampire can only be killed in a very specific way. First their LP must be brought to zero, then an Aimed Shot must be attempted to remove their head or set them on fire and let them burn down to ash. If the Aimed Shot fails, the vampire will turn to mist and disappear, only to reform in a safe location where they will heal. A vampire brought to zero LP but not killed in a Death Match will be unavailable for play and remain unconscious for 24 hours. This means no events are allowed to be joined or new SL posts made (existing ones can be played) until the 24 hours is done.

Pregnancy/Child Birth

Unable to have children. They can still do the 'deed' but nothing will result from it.

Race Abilities

To be listed.

Reference Material

The following information is NOT required for your character, and is here for a guide on ideas of how to play your race and how NPC characters generally act.

Cultural Preferences

Weapons: Varies, sometimes they'll hold onto old customs, but most will adapt to their bodies being their own weapon.
Armor: Varies.
Currency: Depends on where they came from and where they are now.
Diet: Blood. They have an uncontrollable thirst for blood and will have to attempt to control themselves (APT roll) when around spilled blood to not simply attack someone.
Environment: Varies, but typically where their Sire resides, or where the 'food' is.
Attire: Depends on their prior culture preference.


Partners: Relationships are strained once they are turned, because they can potentially kill their prior friends and family from the blood lust. When a Blue Blood attempts to create a relationship, it is usually just to lure someone in to kill them; however occasional blossoms have been known to occur. Vampire/Vampire relationships, whether it be Elder/Blue or Blue/Blue, will often seem violent and cruel to outsiders who watch them. Rough 'play' is encouraged between vampires to hone their skills and become more powerful, so this also enters the bedroom and partners tend to have very bloody 'fun'.

Friends: If a vampire is trying to be your friend, most times it is because they want to stay close enough to kill you. They are not completely mindless beasts though as some would assume, and have been seen to create large groups of friends to have options and power when they need it. Vampires deemed 'weak' by the rest of their kind are often looked down on though and attempts to rid the weak from the race happen all the time.

Foe: Humans, as they are the main food source for all vampires.

Children: They are unable to have children due to the trauma on their bodies from the transition.

Homeland: Depends on prior race.

Territory: Depends on prior race.