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Racial Characteristics


Conversion: They are a decaying version of their prior race. Method of death remains seen in new body, exposing whatever areas the battle damage caused.

Eyes: The eyes will become white, red, or black.


Languages already priorly known.

Average Appearance

(Not Required)

Build: Depends on prior race.
Height: Depends on prior race.
Weight: Light, since inside organs begin to fade and fat melts away.
Eye Tone: White.
Hair Tone: Depends on prior race.
Skin Tone: Depends on prior race, rotting away.

Age Ratio

(HY indicates physical appearance, AY is how long they have lived.)

Immortal: Aging ceases at conversion to Mitochon.



Specialty: Influence "Fear"
(Increases by 20 at conversion.)

Weakness: Agility
(Halved stat at conversion.)

Spreading Infection

The anatomy of the Mitochon changes drastically after conversion, causing them to no longer be able to produce children through birth. The disease that turns them into a Mitochon however IS able to be spread. A GM must always be present during an attack for it to count.

Attacker: On a d100, you must first roll Agility and win that roll according to the Skill Chart to catch up to your prey. You then must roll d100 again, this time for Vigor, and win that roll according to the same chart to capture and/or hold your prey long enough to bite them. The victim must have an exposed area (no clothes or armor) in order to bite, but once you have, they will become infected. The victim will have d5 days (rolled by the witnessing GM) from the bite to get a hold of a cure (various ones are acquirable, but you might have to search it out.) If time runs out without a cure, they will begin the transformation into a Mitochon which cannot be reversed.

Defender: As the Mitochon rolls their stats, you will roll the same stat after theirs.
On the Agility Roll: If they fail and you succeed, you get away. If you both succeed, they get close to catching you but you manage to barely dodge. Since they are close enough, you'll both roll one more time and if it is the same result, you escape.
On the Vigor Roll: If they fail and you succeed, you escape their grasp and get away. If you both succeed, you get to roll Influence to try convincing the Mitochon to let you go before they bite you. If successful, you escape. If not, you're caught and ready to be bitten.

Rolls go in order of: The chase (AGL vs AGL), the capture (VIG vs VIG, vs INF if caught), the bite; as explained above.

Race Abilities

All prior race abilities will be lost except ONE of your choice. Total SP invested in those abilities lost will be cut in half and returned to your character as available SP to spend again.

Reference Material

The following information is NOT required for your character, and is here for a guide on ideas of how to play your race and how NPC characters generally act.

Cultural Preferences

Cultural preferences often remain the same after conversion, with the exception of the following.

Diet: Mitochon no longer have the anatomy to process normal foods, but the disease works as an acid break down much like the prior stomach acids. Mitochon can only eat fresh flesh, and organs (especially the brain) to sustain themselves.

Environment: Though they may still prefer the same places they did priorly, often times the presence of a Mitochon makes others frightened, and they can get excommunicated.

Attire: Attire becomes important for Mitochon because they are often disgusted with themselves as much as others are of them. Being able to hide the exposed areas of their body aids in reducing that fear and discrimination.


Partners: Partners become useless for Mitochon for anything other than the bonding. Since they cannot produce children any longer, it is difficult to hold onto a partner. Private moments often are too awkward to be worth pursuing.

Friends: Any friends a Mitochon may have had, they often lose. The immense fear of having the disease transmitted to others keeps people at a distance, believing that the Mitochon would try to bite them.

Foe: Nearly everyone. Few races are hated as much as Mitochon. No one desires having their lives ruined by having the disease transmitted to them. Often times Hunters will come after the Mitochon and try to eliminate them to reduce the threat.

Children: Unless they had children prior to conversion, they'll not have children. Priorly created children tend to be quickly taken away from Mitochon for their own safety as several Mitochon have eaten their own offspring in the first few days after changing and being unable to control their hunger.

Homeland: Same as prior race.

Territory: See 'Environment' above.


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