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Racial Characteristics


Ethereal Glow: The external areas of their body glow with a soft light (any color) which can be dimmed by material, but exposed areas will still glow.

Intangible: The Quietus have no physical substance to their being any longer, and thus cannot be touched by those of the "physical" plain.

Interaction: Quietus exist on a separate plain apart from the "physical" plain that all other creatures live on. This plain is an ethereal replica of the "real" world, allowing the Quietus to still exist mostly the same as they had lived priorly.
Example: When sitting on a couch, they aren't actually sitting on the physical plain's couch, but instead a duplicated replica within the ethereal plain.
Living creatures are grounded to the physical world, so they are not duplicated into the ethereal plain; which is why Quietus cannot feel or touch a living being. The living also cannot touch, feel, or interact with anything on the ethereal plain other than the Quietus themselves.



Average Appearance

(Not Required)

Build: Visually Varies

Height: Visually Varies

Weight: Non-Existent

Eye Tone: Varies.

Hair Tone: Varies.

Skin Tone: Translucent.

Age Ratio

(HY indicates physical appearance, AY is how long they have lived.)

Immortal: HY ceased at death.



Specialty: Aptitude
(Half of existing VIG (before it drops to 0) transfers to APT at conversion*.)

Specialty: Magic Points
(Doubled at conversion*.)

Specialty: Invisibility
(Quietus can turn invisible, making them unable to be seen. In battle, this move will cut the opponent's attack rolls in half as they try to listen for and/or locate the Quietus.)

Weakness: VIG
(VIG drops to 0 at conversion*. It cannot be transfered to a new stat, it's simply lost.)

Weakness: Intangible
(Can no longer hold or use physical items. Magic attacks/defends only. Physical attacks become nulled, but magic attacks will still cause damage to the Quietus. The following elements can strike the Quietus as well: Fire, Air, and Lightning because they disturb the particles between the plains which harms the Quietus.)

*Conversion means when your character dies in the game and you'd rather take on one of the undead races instead of the penalty of death; so your character "transitions" into the undead race from their prior living one.

Transitioning Adjustments


1. The Quietus will be allowed to keep all their items, but will not be able to use them. It is up to the player to decide if they wish to give away or sell such items. Currency can still be used (it can be assumed that a "physical plain helper" is handling the transaction for the Quietus) and there are special ways in the game (you'll have to find them) to make it possible for the Quietus to use the physical plain's items, but it's costly and complicated. It's not impossible to play this race, but it'll take patience and dedication, so good luck!

2. The Quietus cannot have children, because they do not have a physical anatomy any longer.

3. As seen above, Quietus no longer have VIG. This is because they do not have the capability for physical strength and thus invalidates Vigor; "Life" Points still exist since magic can hurt the Quietus.

4. To kill a Quietus, you first must drop their "Life" Points to 0, and then you must possess and use special items that absorb the essence of their existance, killing or capturing them. If captured, they can be released but must do the bidding (see the 'slavery' rule) of the captor.

5. At death before the conversion, they leave behind their physical body and take on an ethereal form that mimics their prior body. They can also morph themselves to have no details other than the body-shape of their prior race (no face or 'flesh' tones/patterns) which is often used when they do not desire being recognized. Due to the connection to their prior physical body however, they WILL resemble that form and it's details. If the prior race was a morphing one, they'll still have the capability to 'morph' into the the forms they did when alive.

Race Abilities

Name (Born Ability or Master, 0 SP): Description (What it does or roll)

Reference Material

The following information is NOT required for your character, and is here for a guide on ideas of how to play your race and how NPC characters