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Aphotic Bay

There are rumors of an ocean at the far reaches of the world that swallows anything it touches... even the light. The waters are treacherous, and so dark you can't even see the bottom in the shallow areas. Surviving pirates claim that they would never again chance sailing within the seas of Aphotic Bay.

Whether life exists in the depths of these waters is a mystery, because anyone who has ever researched this ocean claims that it is a black void, lifeless and deep. Not even the dual sun's rays can penetrate the surface of these black waters...

A story lingers within many libraries of one creature that did emerge from Aphotic Bay. This creature was unlike anything others had witnessed before, with pure black eyes, murky pale skin and claws that seemed to literally glow and spark with lightning. Witnesses claim that it washed up on the shore and remained there for two days, looking to be dead before it finally moved. The creature proceeded towards Obsidian Falls, and was never seen again but people were sure of what they had seen, and passed along the tale.

Credit to: StoryTellerGM for description.