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Castle Aduor

In the great stretch of plains to the east of the Capital lies the Castle of Aduor. It is the land of the rising sun and such came the name Aduor which translates into 'Born at Dawn'. Dawn is revered here; every day is a new beginning. So the creating of the castle simply had to represent that reverence.

The courtyard is filled with foliage that looks best when the sun first graces them with its rays. With two suns there is of course two sunrises so the flowers are blessed with their beauty until well after midday. Morning glory vines of the purest green stretch over the castle walls, climbing as high as they can, stopping only when fall's first frost hinders their plight for the sun itself. The blossoms that scatter themselves across the green wall coverings vary in color but not to the degree that one color clashes with another. Great care went into the seeding of such vines and as a result the color scheme, when in full bloom, forms the shape of the castle insignia: A castle with the rising sun behind it.

The secrets of Castle Aduor are best revealed in the very instant that the sun rises, the first rays illuminate, yes, but the real magic is when the first concave curve of the golden ball shows itself. The second sunrise is powerful yes, but the magic in discovery comes only with the first sun rising.

The council meets at this time, matters of highest importance can not be decided until sunrise no matter the weight of their worth.

Credit to: GMineyCricket for description.