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"Reich der Heilen"
The Realm of Healing

Those that believe this world was made by a greater being, one with a vast intelligence, an unbelievable imagination, and an insight for what his or her creation would become also believe he or she (most tend to lean toward a he in this matter) rested when it was complete and in that rest still remains in pleasant slumber waiting for one to come and unlock the mysteries of life.

This place of rest is called Reich der Heilens or the Realm of Healing. Upon reaching the Reich der Heilens one can easily ascertain the notion that this is the resting spot of a god. The area stretches and rolls, dips and curves to that the shape of a being is seen, one laying down with his - and because of the foliage around what might be understood as a mouth giving the illusion of a beard it is assumed that it is a he and not a she - his head upon a pillow of green. His arms stretch wide and then curve back in at what could be called his elbows but is hills and a damn. It gives the illusion that this man is holding a basin. The basin is filled with water, water like there is none other in the entire realm. It is out of the mouth of this man that flows a waterfall.

Those people whom believe he is the creator believe that it is because the water flows from his mouth that it has healing properties. Other will say it is simply because the water comes directly from the melting snows of the highest peaks. It is because of the journey, the natural filtering of such water as it moved through earth, stone, and fire to get to this basin that gives it the healing abilities it is known for. No matter what the people believe it can not be disputed that the water's healing abilities are worth the risk to get to the place.

The caverns set evenly spaced above the mouth have a glow to them. Those that believe it the creator believe that when they glow red the water is poison and should be used to kill. When they glow ice blue the water can be used to heal. The others will say it is nothing more than a trick of sunlight on the glass like obsidian cavern walls that makes the glow.

It is quite a trek to get to Reich der Heilens and more than one quest has ended before reaching even the halfway point. The traveler must make a path around the battle grounds. Then make a choice to either climb the narrow mountain path, a path that can hinder the stealthy mountain goat or to slip through the dark and winding caves. Either is wrought with danger. After leaving the desolation of the battle fields, the emptiness of the caves, or the desperation of the mountain path the path spreads out over the 'being'. The face looking right at the traveler, behind him the mountains loom, white caps glittering even in the hottest days of summer.

The quest does not end here, despite what the weary might desire. An immortal guardian meets the traveler and the traveler is asked to make a choice. Riddle or battle? Should the traveler seek to answer the riddle he must answer in a timely fashion. Should battle be opted for, the traveler must fight the guardian for the right to drink from the basin.

Credit to: GMineyCricket for description.