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There are those that don't even belong in the blackened, soul stained Obsidian Falls. For those criminals a prison was carved into the rock island of Vezeni. Vezeni was a barren wasteland of fire colored rock. Nothing grew there, nothing could. Not even the most vivacious of weeds could press their way through such hard substance.

Such a place made the perfect setting for a prison. It took ten years to carve out such a creation from the brick. Men bled and died, creatures with them, and when magic came involved even the spells ran into one challenge after another. But when it was completed there was no doubt it would hold any manner of race.

It rose up 5 stories above the water, five levels of cells varying in size, some meant for solitary others meant to hold groups. It didn't stop there. Below the level of the water, beneath the island's surface was five more levels. The two lowest were the first memories anyone residing there would know. It was there that prisoners received the only clothes they'd ever again wear. Once someone entered into Vezeni it was only by way of cremation did one leave Vezeni. The stench of burning flesh greeted new prisoners as they lined up to receive their brand. The letter "V" within a circle was branded into the left palm so should they ever escape they would forever be known as a prisoner of Vezeni and the world would know they could no longer be trusted.

There was only one way in to Vezeni and that was by ship. The ship had to be captained by a water elf, crewed by those of the same race as well. They were the only ones that could calm the creatures set to guard Vezeni and keep any from going in or out. Two ships transported the criminals to the prison. The Judge and The Arbitrate. Ice elves guarded Vezeni from the skies and kept out any attempt from the flying races as well as magical attacks.

Escape was futile... though it had happened... once... maybe twice. And given the right circumstances could happen again.

Credit to: GMineyCricket for description.