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Time Era

The "time" of this fantasy game is fictional, but if it had to be related to the real world, it would be late medieval or early renaissance times (14th or 15th Centuries.)

In this fantasy world, sometimes time goes quicker than normal and sometimes it is the opposite. It really depends on the story being told, but one thing that is clear to everyone is that you cannot jump into or refer to the future. Your mentions of time cannot go past the real world 15th Century, and could be refused or adjusted by the game staff if it is destructive enough.

Since we make up the time and setting here, you'll sometimes find one or two things that seem "out of place" by the game creator. These things will be explained on how they exist and why. As the game progresses, inventions by the players may even be accepted as long as it isn't anything too advanced (like a lightbulb, motors, self-run vehicles, etc.) and will be up to the game staff to approve or disapprove.

If you are ever unsure, you can either ask, or you can simply assume that if it wasn't available in medieval times, then it probably wont be allowed in Varlonan.

The physical structures, cultures, and "way of life" will differ depending on your race, what city or area you are in, your class, your status and more. A human city may have tall buildings made of brick or clay, while an elven city may be entirely made from trees. Reading up on the different sources of information through the site, asking questions, or watching others play are the best ways to learn how the game works. Almost anything is possible, as long as it sticks to a non-modern fantasy setting.

A Little History

The Beginning

It is the artists and scholars that piece together the history of our planet. Using their talents through paintings and scrolls, they do their best to preserve the world known as Varlonan. While no one can, for certain, confirm how the world came to be, the proof left by those talented men and women has been accepted by the general public... though more than one argument has surfaced as a result of the varied pieces.

The pieces put together by Varlonan’s poetic and artistic talents says the world came into existence through one of two methods. The first and easiest to explain is the Gods. The second is simply a natural progression of atoms and elements, difficult to explain to the simple minded. Evidence in both can easily be found thus making the settlement of disputes difficult at best.

The Gods

The Gods derive from certain aspects or elements: Luna or Artemis (The Moon), Apollo (The Sun), Dionysus (Wine/Revelry), Ares (War), Poseidon (Ocean), Tandora (Mothers/Birth). As recounted, these Gods looked after their own elements and tended to the world's progression and development. Those that worship certain entities, worship in hopes of gaining favor in the afterlife, as well as profitable fruits in the here and now. However, there is no evidence of what truly happens once one dies. It is a mystery yet solved.

Whether existing or not, there are those who claim Godliness, and have the power and ability to back up their claim. Using discretion is urged when crossing paths with these beings.


Those not recognizing the existence of Gods, say that Varlonan came to be by natural progression. Evolution, as they call it, is the reason the world grows stronger and changes on a whim over the years. Races come into the world and fade out of existence with little reason other than evolving into something new, or being wiped out by survival of the fittest and natural occurance.

Through the documentation left by Sages, evidence leans more toward Evolution than the existence of Gods. Some scholars press these teachings onto each generation in hopes that people will not grow ignorant (as those people state it) and overly dependent on "higher powers." If people did not grow and learn, they would never discover anything new and would feel no need to work hard. However, those that believe in the gods believe that faith is stronger than evidence. And in that belief will grow strong.

End of the Human Age

Regardless of how the world came to be, it is here now. Though it has gone through some drastic changes over time and some of that is about to be explained. Not long ago, the world was over-run by the Human Race, spanning across the entire globe. They called the planet "Earth" in their time, and knew nothing of magic or the races that lurked in the shadows all around them. Advancements were slow since humans are greedy and care little for the environment itself. This eventually lead to their downfall however, and what is now called the "End of the Human Age" by other races. In their haste to have power and dominance over each other, as well as the earth, they started to lose focus on taking care of each other. Living in much of their own filth, hygeine was non-existant and soon lead to an epidemic of disease. This was recorded as being called the "Black Plague" by the human's history records. Most of the human race perished, and nearly went extinct. With their population diminished, other races slowly gained the courage to take back more land for themselves. The surviving humans tried to war against some of these races but lost nearly every battle. As their numbers began to climb again, they were able to hold their ground in certain places such as the Capital, Tandora.

It became inevitable that the humans would have to learn to live with the other races now that they were in the open, regardless of if they liked it. The new age brought with it magic and new technologies that shape the world anew (now called "Varlonan" as agreed upon by a gathered counsil of race leaders) and offer grand opportunities. War still occurs, but it is less often. Each race is attempting to keep its place and grow, not always working well with each other. Though Tandora is primarily a human city, it is considered "neutral" ground for races to come together for information and trade. Most stop in at the tavern and inn for food and rest, using these establishments for meetings or learning about the area. Many quests into places outside the Capital start here, as well as the occasional fight that ventures over to Bellerophon Arena. Some even choose to settle down in the Capital, though not always wise due to the vast population and lack of guarentee for safety. No matter who you are though, your adventures will usually start here, and you are ready to start your own story.