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Dragon Talon Tavern

Tandora Businesses

Updated Often
Thornless Rose Inn

NPC Run Businesses
Most considered to be the IC locale for the purchases on the site:

On Main Road:

Clinic (Considered to be the location where you buy the items from the site's market.)
Pass-by Food Stalls (Meats, fruits, vegetables, breads, nuts, spices, and more; primarily only human foods available.)
Weapon & Armor Smiths (Where the general, not custom, weapons are purchased from the site's market.)
Travel Goods Stalls (Jewelry, non-fitted clothing like hats, tents, candles, flint, flasks, tobacco, etc.)
Cobbler (Shoes and belts)
Tailor (Fitted clothing, and fittings for cloth armor before being given to an armor smith.)
Potions ("Remedies" for all kinds of ailments whether they work or not, ink for writing, salves, oil for lamps, ingredients for common potions.)
Large Stable (All your horse's needs, such as shoeing or saddle fitting, or purchases toward riding.)

Off the Main Road:

Farms (Livestock and crops)
Black Market, exact location is not public knowledge. (Most things non-Human or forbidden by nature)
Store fronts/small stores (Art studios, dance halls, sit-in food stalls, specialty shops for non-humans clothes, Latrines (Filthy, with a few servants standing nearby to offer straw for cleaning and wet towels for hands)
Public Bath House (A bath house separated down the middle to separate the men from the women, typically crowded and rarely private.)