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The Dragon Talon Tavern

This is the default location of your character upon entering the chat room unless you state otherwise upon your first post.

The Dragon Talon is located on the main cobble stone road through the capital. The new tavern was made to withstand dragon attacks, because the original was burnt to the ground during an attack on the city. This also lead to its name, since inside the rubble a worker found a large dragon's claw as the only evidence of what had occurred. Remade with stone and fireproof wood beams, the new tavern has remained since.

Two signs can be seen from the front of the building which faces out towards the road. One sign indicates the service entrance, where merchants come to sell their goods to the owner. It leads to the locked cellar which holds all the food and liquor for the establishment. The second sign is what draws the customers into the tavern. It hangs with the aid of black chains, and two bones crafted by local artists to look like dragon talons. The lettering had its edges painted black in order to look like blood and symbolize its history.

Tavern Features

This is NOT a safe haven, so damage will be taken at first strike (after the first strike, the fight is taken to the arena), and assassinations might occur.

Entrance Area: The double doors upon entrance are eight feet tall and wooden, creaking loudly as they move. After first entering your view will be able to take in the bar area to the left, the table area in the center, a floor stage in the back, and a fireplace in the back left corner next to the stairs. A small area in the middle of all the tables is a circular hole in the floor filled with water. This is an access point connected to the lake which allows merfolk and water elves to visit the tavern like the bipedal races. A large kitchen behind the bar allows for the prepping of their basic plate of food, and mostly is storage for all the barrels of ale they have.

Bar Area: The bar area is loud, crowded, and wreaks of vomit and ale. Bartenders do their best to keep the counters and back area clean, but there is little they can do about the puke stains on the floor.

Window View: The windows look out onto the main road, with windows on the entrance wall and along the right wall.

Furniture: Square wooden tables, matching chairs, one couch at the fireplace, wooden stools at the bar, a dirty and ragged animal pelt between the fireplace and couch, and a designated floor space in the back of the tavern for entertainers (most often exotic dancers.)

Comforts: Large fireplace fairly well maintained, though not very clean; lit candles on walls, mantles and each table.

Rafters: The rafters are fairly low because the tavern has three stories to it. They do not offer a whole lot of privacy to rafter crawlers, but there are several areas that are deeply shadowed.

Tables: The bar is usually very crowded, so in busy hours other customers will typically take up a table. They are square, wooden, and have wooden chairs that often time squeak or tip slightly.

Free Rooms

Upstairs is a massive display of rooms with various halls leading to each. The room numbers are wooden and painted red, nailed to the doors (most tilted or missing.) The halls are dark at night with no torches to light the way until you get to the stairs, so residents have to carry candles with them when arriving after dark. There is just enough sunlight that reaches the halls in the daytime to keep candles from being needed.

Once you get over the condition of the halls, you have to get enough courage to face the room you'll be staying in. The stench of upstairs already wreaks of sweat and other unknown odors, but luckily once you get inside a room things seem to improve. Incense sticks are ready and available for burning, set up on a wooden desk that holds a movable candle and writing material. Inside the desk drawer is needle and thread to patch up clothes, and a map of the layout of the capital. The bed is a single, with an extra brought in upon request, with decent enough pillows and clean sheets. The wooden floor is bare and uncomfortable for bare feet. A nightstand holds another candle, while a massively heavy (and often nailed down) chest at the foot of the bed offers storage for a traveler's items. Rooms come both with windows and without, stationed every other room with half facing the main road and the other half looking out on the back of the tavern. Select rooms also have fireplaces for residents that desire to have extended stays. The rooms aren't exactly luxurious, but they aren't uncomfortable.

A third floor holds a few extra rooms, bigger than the second floor ones. These rooms are used as offices for those needing a place to concentrate or have a private meeting with others. They hold a table and a few wooden chairs, with wall mounted torches available for extra light.

Back of Tavern

Behind the tavern is open and accessible from all directions, though the tavern's backdoor itself is gated with a body guard to watch over it incase thieves think to try to make off with tavern goods. There is nothing too impressive about the recreation area, but it has a patio area with a bench for rest & shade, and it's mere feet from the lake that connects to the Blue Orb forest at the east end of town. This lake has an underground access that leads directly into the tavern where a partially barricaded opening in the floor welcomes the merfolk and water elves.

Paths lead in varied directions behind the tavern, some leading back to the main road, while others wind into other establishment's properties. One path walks along the lake edge and cuts through the city straight to the forest. This is a popular path with many because it avoids the frantic traffic of the market. The path is not well lit however, with only a lantern every several feet... so use it at your own risk. Some drunks have been known to walk this path, fall into the lake, and drown in the shallows.

Tavern Staff

Mr Stubtoes
Owners of the Dragon Talon.

Description: Dwarf of around 50 HY, long beard and dark eyes, 4'0", bulky. Adopted father of Ava Silverbow.
Personality: This is one gruff Dwarf. If he actually finds the need to talk to you, it is probably to insult you or tell you to get your sorry ass out of his tavern. He doesn't put up with disrespect, and lets most of the customers carry about their own business expecting the same in return. His staff are capable of handling the place without his constant supervision, and so he often sticks to his office upstairs until needed.
Level: NPC, Elite

Ava Silverbow
Bartender and co-owner of tavern; hired to run the bar and rent out rooms.

Description: Adopted daughter of the owner, Ava Silverbow is a half elf girl that aids the owner in running the tavern. Being half elf, she is quick with the order and doesn't tire easily, giving an advantage to keeping up with the crowds on busy nights. At age 20 HY she is youthful and attractive, yet dresses fairly odd... almost pirate like some would say.
Personality: She is sweet and easily draws in others desires to look out for her as she tends the bar, so she doesn't get into much trouble. If there is an incident, she is very capable of handling herself, though rarely needed with everyone else looking out for her. The Owner doesn't find much need to fret over her well being, but would defend his adopted daughter with his own life if it became necessary.
Level: NPC, Elite

Tends the customers orders at tables.

Description: Hired to be attractive and please the eye of the customer more than a capable ability to run the massive list of tasks to do. Both guys and girls tend the customers, taking and bringing orders.
Personality: Most staff do not stick around long. The job is dangerous and often leads to them mysteriously disappearing or suddenly getting stabbed by angry customers.
Level: NPC, Weak (Harm to the staff comes with consequence in accordance to local law.)

Other Bartenders
Creates the tavern's plate of food, rents rooms and tends the bar.

Description: Many can be skilled as a bartender if they have the charisma and patience to do so.
Personality: A bartender needs to be able to greet customers, carry on a conversation, fill orders at a quick and accurate pace, and always be ready for something to happen and adapt to it.
Level: Player or NPC - Average (Harm to the staff comes with consequence in accordance to local law.)

Tend to guest's rooms with keeping things stocked, clean, and relaying orders downstairs.

Description: When a guest has left a room, they will enter to clean it up and restock it as needed.
Personality: Not applicable since they do not usually meet the customers.
Level: NPC, Weak (Harm to the staff comes with consequence in accordance to local law.)

Tavern Dining

Not mighty impressive compared to other places, the dining at the tavern is more for the guests that rent out rooms than those that come for a drink. Once in a while a traveler might order a plate of food, which consists of a mix of things (see image) to nourish the traveler, but not impress him. More come for the alcohol than anything else, and it is noticed by the stench of ale in the air. Drinks cost 2 silver each, and a plate of food costs half a gold piece or 5 silver (SL purpose only, not actually charged to characters.)


  • Tea: All types available, brewed to perfection. Honey, milk, lemon, and sugar available for additives.

  • Coffee: Specially blended coffee in varied strengths offered. Milk and sugar available for additives.

  • Milk: Room temperature, or heated both offered. Honey, chocolate, mint and fresh strawberries available for additive.

  • Fruit Juice: Fruits of season crushed for fresh juice, orange juice given free with breakfast orders.

  • Water (Free): Water available for free to all customers, not always fresh.


  • Ale/Beer: Varied brews.

  • Dwarven Ale: A special herb brew from the Dwarves. Stronger flavor and effect than other ales.

  • Wine: White, Pink, Red all from the local areas.

  • Elven Wine: Wine made from Elven berries. Smoother and sweeter than other wines.

  • Hard Alcohol: Consumed in shots, various hard liquors, sometimes toxic so drink with caution.

  • Cider: Alcoholic cider, tastes like a harsh apple wine.

  • Sake: Rice wine, strong and bitter alcohol.

  • Bloodwyne: Vampires created their own wine much like the elves, but were also able to figure out how to blend blood with wine for an exotic tasting wine unlike any other. It has a slight metallic twinge to it, and a powerful red wine after bite. Other races have come to enjoy the blend as well, including Drow and Demons. This drink is taboo for some vampires however who feel only the weak would resort to drinking it and find it an insult to their kind's strength.