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The Thornless Rose Inn

Located at the eastern end of the main road within the capital sits the Thornless Rose. Not quite as old as the tavern located at the western end of the road, this newer establishment claimed itself an Inn and was named the Thornless Rose for its ability to keep situations peaceful inside the establishment. When customers of the Dragon Talon complained about the quality and safety of the place, a woman got the idea to build a competitive tavern (something women aren't typically known for) that would draw customers of a more respectful status to her place. Myra Claire did just that, and petitioned the King for protection in exchange for higher taxes paid to him than the Dragon Talon gave. He agreed, and thus was the start of the Thornless Rose. Unlike the Dragon Talon, Myra's Inn was made to be comfortable and safe to travelers... though at a little higher price. Rooms here aren't free like the tavern and range from cost of 1 silver (shared common quarters) to 1 gold a night to stay in the more luxurious rooms. Those who have gone to this inn however claim it is worth the gold. Their luxury rooms are more comfortable and offer more service than the tavern, and the food and drink quality is incomparable.

Inside the first floor of the Inn is a warn and cozy atmosphere both day and night. There are few windows that look out onto the main street, but the place has openings from the ceiling that lets sun and moonlight shine in toward the center. Candles light it the rest of the time, keeping it at a comfortably warm temperature. The bar itself is small and there is plenty of table room and chairs for people to sit at, giving less reason to stay at the bar counter. The bartenders and waiters are always very friendly (probably because they know their preotected) and willing to aid the customers as much as possible. Fighting is prohibited on the property (safe haven), so it makes for a more relaxed feeling when inside. If a fight starts, the King's guards will escort those involved to the Bellerophon Arena down the street.

Since the second floor is attached to the back of the Inn, the rafter area inside the Inn is actually a popular place. Certain areas in the rafters are open enough for people to sit and stare out the ceiling openings, sometimes coming and going from them. The guards adjusted to make sure they could reach those in the rafters if they start to be disruptive, but usually it is just those who prefer to be more secluded who sit up here, minding their own business and watching those below. The rafters are often times quieter than the rest of the Inn.

(First floor view of the Thornless Rose)

Inn Features

Entrance Area (2): The double doors upon entrance are eight feet tall and wooden. They push open easily enough, though they can sometimes be a bit heavy so the guards stationed at the door will open them when appropriate. If you continued straight, you would enter the inner court and stables, where travelers stop first to have their horses tended, their boots cleaned, and a free clean drink of water from the well. However if you turn immediately to the left instead, you would be entering the tavern area. After first entering, your view will be able to take in the bar area to the right, the table area to the left, a tiny stage area in the back next to the fireplace, and the fireplace straight ahead. Hidden from view is the kitchen behind the bar, the rafters unless you look up, and the recreation area outside of the Inn.

Bar Area: The bar area has less seating and counter space than the Dragon Talon, and many of the wine barrels and liquor is easily seen behind the bartender, blocked off by a few barrels to deter the customers stumbling that way. It is the most well lit area downstairs leading many to sit at the bar to converse with strangers. Only the fireplace provides more light, but in a short circular area compared to the long bar.

Furniture: Round wooden oak tables, matching wooden chairs, three couches covered with red velvet lining near the fireplace, wooden stools at the bar, a bear pelt in front of the fireplace between the three couches, and a rectangular wooden stage.

Comforts: Large fireplace always well maintained; lit candles on walls, mantles and each table; flowers at every other table, incense burned both at the bar and the fireplace mantle.

Rafters: The rafters are located only in the tavern area because the upstairs rooms are actually part of an attached secondary building above the first floor quarters. They are high enough that the averagely tall person could jump and still not be able to reach them. The rafters reach all areas of the tavern and have access to ventilation windows where the room's smoke escapes. Since this area has an angular roof, the heat gathers and keeps the rafter area warmer than the rest of the Inn.

Tables: Along the whole left side of the inn is an arrangement of tables stretching from the front to the stage area. The stage area of tables is the most private when there is no entertainment taking place, with the tables towards the entrance and bar area are more crowded, lit up, and louder.

Room & Half Board

When room is purchased, breakfast and dinner are provided free of cost regardless of which type room you bought. Most of the common rooms are located on the first floor at the right of the Inn, but there are a few luxury rooms too. The cheapest sleeping area has only beds, crowded together in a single room with no privacy. It is most commonly used by traveling families with many children who cannot afford private rooms. The next cheapest are tiny rooms for singles, holding only a small bed and storage trunk. Next are the deluxe room rooms which are most often rented by couples and hold a larger bed able to hold two people, along with a trunk, desk, and chair.

Upstairs has no common rooms, only deluxe and luxury, with two long halls that connect each room. The hall walls hold covered torches that are kept lit at all times, leaving a faint smoke smell inside the halls even though the ceiling vents the majority out the top. A long dark red carpet is laid out up the stairs and down each hall to ease the noise of foot traffic. Each wooden door has a small central knocker the shape of a ring and ball, with a room number just above the knocker.

Inside the luxury bedrooms contains four post canopy beds, a private latrine, maid service, water basin & pitcher of clean water, a desk w/ chair and writing utensils (ink upon request), three small candles for enough light to read, write, or dress by in the evening, a long chest for personal belongings storage, wooden walls and floors for hygeine, clean linen, and floor animal pelts for warmth. Window and non-window rooms available. Each room has a latch lock that can be slid into place when inside, and a key lock for when outside the room. The walls are soundproof to provide for minimal downstairs background noise. These rooms can also come with very small fireplaces if requested.

Recreational Back Area

Only recently did the capital request that businesses connect to the underground river passages. This was in order to have friendlier access for water-only creatures like the merfolk or occasionally the water elves. Different businesses have different access points, some better than others. The Thornless Rose built a fountain area where these races could emerge, but is only really big enough for a few at a time. Guards in the back alert the waiters when a patron appears in the fountain so that they can be served the same as other customers. This has lead to a lot more visitors from distant areas that travel underwater only, and appreciation by the races is always expressed for the customization just for them.

Other than the basic looking water fountain in the center of a stoned area, there are also stone benches to sit on and foliage to appreciate. Trimmed greenery, flower bushes, and over-head tarps for shade make the recreation area peaceful to be in, and a place to get away from the inner noise of drunken rowdiness. Games are also played in this area ranging from darts, to friendly rapier spars. There is enough room for dancing as well, with bards in the stage area able to open a small hatch behind the stage on request so that the entertainment can be heard outside. At night the fountain and walls are lit up with torches to keep everything open and easy to see. The recreation area is only accessible through the inn itself, at the back door. Behind the gates of the recreation area however is the edge of the forest, with only the large trees in sight over the iron spiked fence.

Inn Staff

Myra Claire
Owner of the Thornless Rose.

Description: Human, 26 years old, soft brown hair and honey eyes, fair complexion, 5'8". Above average in the attractive range.
Personality: Her looks are deceiving because Myra is far from meek. Many a customer has lost their pinky, sliced off by her own dagger for not taking 'no' as an answer to their advances. She isn't very violent, but is quite skilled with protecting herself and her establishment, earning her the respect of many of the patrons for her lack of fear. Some could even call her downright lady-like since she holds her tongue and speaks eloquently to customers, calming even some of the most irate drunks late in the evenings. Her language range is wide and she can speak all humanoid languages, finding that since she didn't travel there was little need to learn the languages of races that might not desire visiting her business. Very few women are seen to work as hard as Myra, and with her connections to the King not many doubt she can do what she claims she can.
Level: NPC, Elite

Chad Bayard
Bartender; hired to run the bar and rent out rooms.

Description: Chad appears to be a young man of 26, with long dark hair and mysterious eyes. His attire leads one to believe he has rich tastes, and delights in materialistic desires. If this was true however, then why would he be working in a tavern? Not much is known about Chad Bayard: Where he came from, what his race is (though he appears human), or how he came to work in the Thornless Rose. All that's known is that he is fairly quiet, and immensely talented at his skill of bar tending, perhaps even unchallenged. It's said that men from across the world travel to Tandora City merely to taste one of Chad's bar creations.
Personality: He isn't a man of many words, but he will hold his own in a conversation when he needs to. First impressions of him have been said to be "cold", "distant", and "dangerous", but once you've had a discussion with him you can tell that he merely has little interest in getting to know others.
Level: NPC, Elite

King's Guard
Hired body guards of the Inn.

Description: Myra Claire made an offer with Tandora's King to pay a higher tax on her establishment if he would provide her with a few of his personal guard to protect the Inn. They are Elite status NPC's and cannot be beaten or killed in battle, but they can be dodged and often times allow culprits to escape to avoid confrontation for the business if the crime is small enough. No fighting is allowed inside the Thornless Rose, and the guard will physically escort people to the arena when necessary. They are dressed in the King's guard attire and are easily recognized by regular visitors to Tandora.
Personality: They range in personality (left up to players to describe when confronting them) but when on duty they hold very few conversations with the customers. They'll talk casually with each other and sit down for a drink on breaks, but try their best to ignore the customers until action is needed.
Level: NPC, Elite

Tends the customers orders at tables.

Description: Myra hires only the most skilled staff she can find, caring less for looks and more for personality and capability. Waiters whether male or female wear uniforms, are well spoken, and are quick to get orders with very few getting incorrect ones. Age range is between 18 and 60 HY, with the elder of the staff used to seat people when needed and clean tables while the younger staff tends to the jobs that require more speed and stamina. Most are of average appearance.
Personality: Since they are hired for their capability, their personalities range; however all of them treat the customers with respect and are polite when tending business.
Level: NPC, Weak (Harm to the staff comes with consequence in accordance to local law.)

Creates the inn's food in the kitchen.

Description: The cooks within the Thornless Rose are very talented. This is due in part to the fact they have to understand how to cook exotic food requests from the patrons. The cooks typically aren't seen, and for good reason: it is rumored they aren't very friendly on the eyes. Where Myra found these cooks is unknown, and occasionally a new waitress that sees one of the cooks for the first time has been said to faint.
Personality: Gruff, moody, and seclusive.
Level: NPC, Average (Harm to the staff comes with consequence in accordance to local law.)

Tend to guest's rooms with keeping things stocked, clean, and relaying orders downstairs.

Description: Typically female and human or elf, with a couple male back ups for personal requests of male staff. Occasionally one of the maids (male or female) will be above average in looks because Myra knows that a maid has the easiest work of the staff and can afford to have a little more looks over brains; however most often a maid will be quite average looking and are simply there to earn their pay like everyone else.
Personality: Their personalities vary depending on age. The younger maids are often friendly, giddy, and have youthful exuberance to them that often cheers up the guests. The older maids can sometimes be friendly and talkative, but are more often quieter and focused on the task at hand to get it done quickly.
Level: NPC, Weak (Harm to the staff comes with consequence in accordance to local law.)

Inn Dining

All meat is killed fresh each morning, with the remainder at the end of the day sent to the castle's cooks for their porridges. Fish is stored longer because when salted or smoked, it wont go bad as quickly. All meals in the Inn (except residents who receive free breakfast and dinner) cost 1 gold a plate (SL purpose only, no actual gold deducted from characters.) The food is served on wooden plates that have carvings indented to hold juices. Beverages are served in mugs, except for shots, and glasses for wine. Each plate of meat ordered will often come with a slice of buttered bread and some cooked vegetables. Exotic requests are served discreetly, often taken directly to a customer's room so that others cannot see the order. Only those who request the order privately receive it, so that the Inn can keep up its proper reputation. No evidence of such dishes is ever left behind, and when questions come up about it, Myra usually just turns to the King for support; always receiving it. Whether it's a common dish or an exotic one though, the food is never forgotten with how well it tastes for Inn dining. Nothing ever beats home cooking however! The menu has new additions all the time, so be sure to check back on occasion.

Regular Food
(Harvested/killed fresh each day)

  • Lamb: Served as a roasted leg, cut up in stew, or put in a pie.

  • Buffalo: Cuts of the meat only.

  • Fish: Cooked whole, or in soup. Often salted or smoked.

  • Poultry: Eggs or meat. Cooked whole, in parts, put in pie, or in soup.

  • Turkey Leg: A staple of a daily diet for most workers, large and hearty.

  • Boar: Most often available as strips of bacon, or cuts of pork steak.

  • Venison: Jerked, or put in pie.

  • Potatoes: Sliced, mashed, baked, or added in pies.

  • Vegetable Soup: Concoction of local seasonal vegetables in a spiced broth.

  • Fruit Blend: A mix of fruits offered as sugared, dried or whole. Many of the fruits are imported to the capital from other lands and not the normal types seen in Tandora. Fruit also available in a pie.

  • Bread: All varieties of soft, freshly made bread; including rarities such as elven, dwarven or fae breads.


  • Tea: All types available, brewed to perfection. Honey, milk, lemon, and sugar available for additives.

  • Coffee: Specially blended coffee in varied strengths offered. Milk and sugar available for additives.

  • Milk: Room temperature, or heated both offered. Honey, chocolate, mint and fresh strawberries available for additive.

  • Fruit Juice: Fruits of season crushed for fresh juice, orange juice given free with breakfast orders.

  • Spring Water (Free): Clean spring water available for free to all customers.


  • Ale: Varied brews.

  • Dwarven Ale: A special herb brew from the Dwarves. Stronger than other ales.

  • Wine: White, Pink, Red.

  • Elven Wine: Wine made from Elven berries. Smoother and sweeter than other wines.

  • Hard Alcohol: Consumed in shots, various hard liquors, sometimes toxic so drink with caution.

  • Cider: Alcoholic cider, tastes like a harsh apple wine.

Exotic Food

  • Fae Treats: Fried crunchy wings, Pixie-on-a-Stick (great for dipping in coffee), crushed fae in fruit mix (similar to apple sauce but much sweeter) and chocolate dipped whole Fae for the children.

  • Shifters Meat: Shapeshifters caught in their animal form and butchered like normal animals. Said to have more flavor due to the extra fat.

  • Ogre Tongue: Though not appealing sounding, the large muscular tongue is often meatier than a slab of buffalo, and a bit gamier.

  • Humanoid Heart or Liver: The heart or liver organs of various humanoid races, typically human or elven. Strong iron flavor due to the high blood content.

  • Mystery Soup: It's not certain what is in this. The very first bite is so powerful though that it wakes you up immediately, and with a single bowl people claim to be full all day. Some rumor it might be made from angels though...

  • Brain: No one admits if this is animal or humanoid brain, but regardless... it is served on request!

Exotic Drinks

  • Waiters on Tap: A couple of willing waiters sworn to secrecy offer themselves for a live feeding. A guard will keep watch, and only the wrist is allowed to be fed from so that the bite scar is hidden. No more than a few mouthfuls will be tolerated for the safety of the staff.

  • Unicorn Tears: A thimble full of unicorn tears. Tastes like a strong mix of sugar in spring water.

  • Quietus-Mist: The rumor of this drink is that some priests learned how to capture a Quietus and trap them within a jar that is then boiled over a volcano. When the screams cease, there is nothing left but a spoonful of heavy mist that floats on top of the spoon until swallowed. The taste cannot be compared to any other and is claimed to be a drink the Gods would favor.

Exotic Alcohol

  • Bloodwyne: Vampires created their own wine much like the elves, but were also able to figure out how to blend blood with wine for an exotic tasting wine unlike any other. It has a slight metallic twinge to it, and a powerful red wine after bite. Other races have come to enjoy the blend as well, including Drow and Demons. This drink is taboo for some vampires however who feel only the weak would resort to drinking it and find it an insult to their kind's strength.

  • Dragon's Breath: This is a hard alcohol mixed with an ale, the result of which causes it to steam up like smoke. Those not used to strong alcohol typically pass out from a single gulp of this alcohol. It doesn't have a particularly nice flavor to it, and is often drank for the power of it more than for leisure.

  • Namuh Blend: This drink is not very appetising to the eyes, just as the Namuh intended. If you can get past the grey color and slime-like texture... the flavor is nearly to die for, better than any ale or wine and a good contender against most hard liquors. It's hard to say exactly what type of an alcohol it can be compared to, but it gets the job done regardless.

  • Endless Fire: Brewed in the Endless Plains, this drink of the demons is definately not for the average consumer. The brew is kept boiling on a fire until served, and anyone without strong heat resistence like the demons that tries to drink it may very well melt away their tongue. It is like swallowing molten lava. To demons, dragons, and some other races however, it doesn't feel hot at all and tastes like a spicy ale.