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Mystic Worlds - Maps

Warning: Large Images. Click on thumbnails to see the full map. For text that is hard to read on the map, hold CTRL and slowly roll your mouse wheel forward to zoom. Roll it backward to zoom back out.

World Maps

Full Map
This map shows most of the features of the other maps, but can be cluttered looking, which is why we provided the other individual maps.

Land Masses
This map shows the land masses such as continents and major bodies of water.

Terrain Map
This map shows the terrain and is essentially a blank map.

Player Owned
This map shows where some player owned items are.

Race Homelands
This map shows where various races claimed are their homelands, whether they currently reside there or not.

Cities & Landmarks
This map shows game run or NPC places which players are usually allowed to reference in stories without issue, and where most events will take place.

Inner-Land Maps

Tandora Structures
This map shows most of the features a small view of what the cities structures would look like. It does not represent the full city.

Tandora Map 1
This map shows the travel map and general layout of the city off the world map zoomed in slightly.

Thornless Rose Inn
This map shows the general layout of the 1st floor of the Inn. See the individual page here for more descriptive detail of the Inn.