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Varlonan Pantheon: Realms of the Gods

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Do you believe in Gods? Well, not everyone in the world of Varlonan does, and that is perfectly fine. Though they do exist, and if you get on the wrong side of them even if you are blissfully ignorant of their presence, you'll still feel their wrath. Perhaps you will simply think it an act of nature however, or a streak of bad luck... or even just coincidence. There are others who will not agree with you, because they know the strength and influence of the pantheon, and choose to attempt favor in their eyes.

What kind of favor? Well you see the pantheon has a deity of every flavor: some enjoy sacrifice, some encourage the strengthening of life, while others delight in a full blood war that brings misery and chaos. Each deity is different even if some appear to be on the 'same side' of things. To gain favor amidst them, you simply have to spread their word and desire in the world. A deity becomes stronger the more followers they have, because it means their word touches the living better. More devoted acts dedicated to a deity will most likely benefit you even more. I'm sure a God of Disease would thoroughly be pleased at the invention and spread of something new and not yet resisted by the living's immune system for example.

You do not have to worship the Gods however, because they will always be there in the background of the world, pulling the puppet strings of life to let the world flow on as it has for centuries prior. It will not hurt you to believe or pretend they do not exist, usually. You may even come face to face with a God and still believe them a mortal... though I assure you an attempt in battle with them may very well be the last thing you do in Varlonan.

Welcome to the realm of the pantheon. Venture further to expand your knowledge of the wiser or the powerful, to gain insight on the beings who claim to be the very ones to create the world and all within it.

Click below for to learn about the different gods of this game. They are NPC's and will only appear and be used by game staff for the use and guidance of a quest or event. There are three sets of Gods to choose from: the Varlonan Gods, the Human Era Gods, and the Mortal Rising Gods. The first is a list of NPC deities created to aid player's in their story creation, and for GM's to use as tools in quests and events to elevate certain type stories. The second group is the guide and rules to using non-Varlonan deities (Zeus for example) and how to refer to them in this game. The last group is the rules, guide, and listing of PC Gods, earned by any player who can reach the achievements to obtain that title. Yes, any player in this game if they so choose can rise to become a "God" in a sense. It has limits, and it doesn't come with any OOC rights or privileges, but it will give some extra status to a character within the game. That still doesn't mean others have to recognize your God however!

Varlonan Gods

Human Era Gods

Mortal Rising Gods