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History of the World

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Current Year: 312 M.E. (Magic Era)

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The "time" of this fantasy game is fictional, but if it had to be related to the real world, it would be similar to the late medieval or early renaissance periods (14th or 15th Centuries.) Not everything will be accurately related to this period however as we venture to have our own spins on what that era would be like. Characters may also have the opportunity for inventions that would seem like cultural mysteries and wonders in the real medieval age.

In this fantasy world, sometimes time goes quicker than normal and sometimes it is the opposite. It really depends on the story being told, but one thing that is clear to everyone is that you cannot jump into or refer to the future. Your mentions of time cannot go past the real world 15th Century, and could be refused or adjusted by the game staff if it is destructive enough.

Since we make up the time and setting here, you'll sometimes find one or two things that seem "out of place" by the game creator. These things will be explained on how they exist and why. As the game progresses, inventions by the players may even be accepted as long as it isn't anything too advanced (like a lightbulb) and will be up to the game staff to approve or disapprove.

If you are ever unsure you can either ask the staff, or just assume that if it wasn't available in medieval times, then it probably wont be allowed in Varlonan.

The physical structures, cultures, and "way of life" will differ depending on your race, what city or area you are in, your class, your status and more. A human city may have tall buildings made of brick or clay, while an elven city may be entirely made from trees. Reading up on the different sources of information through the site, asking questions, or watching others play are the best ways to learn how the game works. Almost anything is possible, as long as it sticks to a non-modern fantasy setting.


More developed descriptions of each location will be available soon. Enjoy our short ones for now.

Capital City: Tandora

Official Lands

(Game/NPC Run)

Player Owned Lands

How to Get Land: (Coming Soon)

Founding & Landscape

Dragon Talon Tavern

Thornless Rose Inn

Blue Orb Forest

Steel Glades

The Endless Plains


Castle Adhiambo



Aphotic Bay

Felt Helte

Obsidian Falls

The Forgotten

Reich der Heilen

Castle Aduor

Pantheon of Deities

These are the officially recognized NPC deities of Varlonan.