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Mystic Worlds
Character Sheet

Marissa Everstone

Title: Lady
Nick: _Marissa_
Gender: Female
Age (HY): 23 yrs
Age (AY): 27 yrs
Height: 5'9"
Weight: Average
Build: Average
Flesh Tone: Pale
Flesh Type: Skin
Eyes: Blue & Silver Swirls
Hair: Black & Silver Streaks
Wings: None
Alignment: Balanced

Race: Blue Blood Vampire,
Human Before Embrace

Class: Mercenary

Sheet Type: Public
Other Physical Markings or Addition Description:
She has long, silky raven hair, flowing halfway down her back and soft like satin to the touch. Her eyes are a vibrant blue with silver swirls in them from Wolfmoon's essence within her. Pale skin makes her look aglow in the darkness, and her body is long and slender, often seen wearing extravegant dresses that fit to her form seductively... gifts of Wolfmoon. A ring on her finger tells others of her bonded commitment with a human like gesture between her and her bonded one.
Level: 3

EXP: ---

Gold: 0

SP: 4

CP: 2

Attributes (Stats)

Life Points (LP)

Magic Power (MP)






Physical Qualities

These are for comparison or unique instances between characters. "My character is faster than your character" for example... now you can prove it!
Quality Details: Chart.




Running: 3
Flying: 0
Swimming: 4
Smell: 3
Hearing: 3
Sight: 3
Intimidation: 4
Charisma: 4
Timidity: 1


Disabilities: None

Destiny: None

Death Transfer: No


(Coming Soon)
Status Points: 0
Titles: None


Evil: 0 Good: 0 Neutral: 0
Chaos: 0 Balanced: 2

Race Skills

Fangs 2d2 (2d8 DMG w/ VIG)

Claws 2d5 (2d11 DMG w/ VIG)

Solar Sensitivity:
Halved stats and -10 LP each battle round during a quest, if outside during the daytime.

Class Skills

Other Skills/Languages

Languages (4)

Human, Vampire, Namuh, Common Elven

Jobs (0)


Achievements (0)



Wolfmoon Manor:
Two story mansion, plus underground dungeon. Located in mountains outside of Tandora, secluded and difficult terrain to travel.

Live Property
(NPC's, Pets, etc.)

Vampiric Black Panther - Bonded to Marissa and Cheyenne Wolfmoon. Can locate them no matter where they are.

(Jewels, Gems, Metals)

Engagement Ring
Wedding Ring
Jeweled Collar
Royal Attire (+1 INF when worn)

Weapons and Armor

Bonded Short Sword (d# DMG, 100 DP, Gold Plated w/ Encrusted Jewels, Value Unknown)
Special Sword that can instantly kill Cheyenne Wolfmoon if pierced into his heart. It's twin is owned by Cheyenne Wolfmoon, which can similarly kill Marissa if pierced into her heart.)


Marissa when human was very sad and feared nothing. She welcomed death, and it arrived in the form of a hungry merciless vampire that forced her will to live back into her heart. After the embrace, she kept much of her human personality in the form of a mild temperament in most circumstances. Occasionally however, she's known to push a person's buttons (perhaps her old habit of inviting death to her) and draw them into conflict. Once the person is engaged, she'll tempt them either with charm or with pity to get close enough to her to trap in whatever her current desire is. The best word to fit Marissa is: unpredictable.


Silverlands (Outside of Tandora)

Marissa actually comes from a tiny village not far outside of the Blue Orb forest where she spent most of her time as a child. Her family comes from a line of hunters. Her brother at one time even hunted her down after Wolfmoon had captured her, in order to kill her and rid the family of it's "shame" but was unsuccessful, and his life spared only at Marissa's pleading of Wolfmoon to not kill him.


Cheyenne Wolfmoon (Sire)
Akyannah Wolfmoon (Adopted Daughter)
Prayer_onique (Fellow Childer of Wolfmoon)
Macryada (Prayer's mate)
Rhoswen (Prayer's daughter)


Marissa Everstone is half vampire, half succubus, turned by the man who captured her and eventually fell in love with her, Cheyenne Wolfmoon. When she was human, all she had longed for was death, and feared nothing she was confronted with... until him. Not only did he make her desire to live through with a rush of fear, desire and love, but he vowed that she belonged to him and that only he was allowed to end her life.

It was fate that one day, he lost himself in his evil and threatened to do as he promised. He regained himself only long enough to tell her to put his sword through his chest to stop him. He didn't want to kill her, but he couldn't stop on his own. With pressure from him, she did finally stop him... but luckily it only paralyzed him temporarily, long enough for him to regain himself, and for her to escape. The damage had been done though, and she found herself very weak. When he was mobile again, promises were made, and they vowed to be together forever... making it so that it would be harder for him to kill her if he lost himself again.

Thus, Marissa was embraced in a night of passion, and the ending of her life. The next morning she'd be a new creature... now belonging to him in more than one sense of the word. Ever since, they have been inseperable, occasionally taking in a slave or fellow kindred to their home.

Together they work towards big goals, and always remember that no matter what happens that they are in it together. Marissa knows in her heart that if he ever died... she'd follow him into the blackness of death after avenging him, for like the promise that her life belonged to him... she too felt that the only hand allowed to end his existence in this world should be her own, which would never be allowed to happen.