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Mystic Worlds
Character Sheet


Title: None
Nick: Dahkikis
Gender: Male
Age (HY): 22
Age (AY): 44
Height: 6'0"
Weight: Medium
Build: Toned
Flesh Tone: Bronzed
Flesh Type: Skin
Eyes: Blue - Cat Slit Pupils
Hair: Black
Wings: None
Alignment: Neutral

Race: Fera

Class: Alchemist

Sheet Type: Public
Other Physical Markings or Addition Description:

Human Form: Described Above
Fera Form:
His bronze skin turns deep, burn orange, loosing it's sheen. Short, but thick fur sprouts from his form, none longer than an inch. His head is void of hair, ears at the top sides of his head, and pointed upwards. No stripes cover his form save for three large ones on the top of his right hip. Each stripe is black and four inches thick and twelve inches long against his form. His muscles are a bit larger than in his human form, but only greatly defined, not bulging still. His tail is thick and busy as well.
Tiger form:
The full body length of this tiger is ten feet. He looks like he probably weighs around six hundred pounds. The large animal is orange furred on the top and sides of his body, black stripes laying all over him. On the undersides of his legs, torso, and feet, the fur fades into white. His feline eyes are a dark blue. He has stripes above his right hip, each one an inch wide, and only six inches long. Each one equidistant from the other.
Level: 4

EXP: 1360

Gold: 1635

SP: 0

CP: 4

LP/MP: 0

Battles: 0/0

Attributes (Stats)

Life Points (LP)

Magic Power (MP)






Physical Qualities

These are for comparison or unique instances between characters. "My character is faster than your character" for example... now you can prove it!
Quality Details: Chart.




Running: 5
Flying: 0
Swimming: 3
Smell: 5
Hearing: 4
Sight: 4
Intimidation: 2
Charisma: 5
Timidity: 3


Disabilities: None

Destiny: None

Death Transfer: No


(Coming Soon)
Status Points: 0
Titles: None


Evil: 0 Good: 0 Neutral: 0
Chaos: 0 Balanced: 0

Race Skills

Natural Weapons:
Tail, Claws

Extra Senses:
Night Vision (Sight): No penalty for seeing in natural darkness.

Detect Poison (Scent): You can taste it on your tongue just by smelling it.

Jumping (Running): You can land from high places on your feet without taking damage, and can leap double the distance the average person can.

Human Form (Pre-Shift), Fera Form (Half Shift), Tiger Form (True Shift)

Class Skills

Other Skills/Languages

Languages (2)

Human, Fera

Jobs (0)


Achievements (0)




Live Property
(NPC's, Pets, etc.)


(Jewels, Gems, Metals)

Blue Sapphire (Needs Appraisal)
'Vial of Essence' - When drank (spent) will increase vigor by +2.

Weapons and Armor



Triple Moon Carnival Goody Bag:
Triple Moon Candy (Consume for 10 LP)
Triple Moon Mirror (Reflects the moonlight and glows like a regular torch, but with mild white light.)
Triple Moon Chalice (Increases Status)
Triple Moon Dagger (d6 DMG, Melee, curved white blade like a cresent moon & a black metal handle)
Triple Moon Gloves (Protects skin against poisonous plants, 5 AB armor; white and wrist length, slightly less thick than leather.)

Other Items

Map of Tandora


Cold, calculating, manipulative to a degree. He's self serving, but not without a heart, and also extremely loyal to those who gain his trust and break through his layers.


Goldpaw Marsh


His parents were Keelara and Striger Nulement. (NPCs)


Having grown up in the Greenpaw Marsh, Dahkikis was used to the family life, and dealing with many people at once. Though he was born into a clan of ancient warrior Fera, he himself never took to it. He was always the 'runt' of the litter, having more agility and speed and intelligence than the raw strength and complete hunting prowess of his brothers and sisters. He developed more of his mind and acrobatics over the years, proving that those, along with those natural instincts that were still in him, kept him part of the clan.

Years went by, however, and it was realized at a younger age that he was not meant for that life, not meant to be born and bread a full warrior like the rest. He liked to tinker, create things, and had a fascination with magical creation as well. He knew he needed to leave, and though he was not one of the higher ranking siblings, he had been a good advisor, so he was not cast out of his clan completely, but instead expunged with what translates into human as "Life honored visitor", which essentially meant he was welcome back in their lands, but as an outsider, and no longer of the clan. This suited him just fine. It let him keep contact, and possibly allow him further trade and business opportunities down the road. Beyond that, there were still people he enjoyed from there. Despite not needing to live there to survive mentally, he *was* still part of the family.

In his travels, he did many jobs to keep himself supported, and finally found his way into an apprentice position in Tandora, working along side a master blacksmith. Not only that, but it was noticed that he had a bit of an aptitude for the magical side of things, and was referred to a more skilled alchemist who liked what she saw and decided to help him along.

So there is his journey into his new life, and perhaps the old forgotten gods that still resided within his spirit and teachings would somehow lead him on the path he needed to be on, wether he likes it or not.