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Mystic Worlds
Character Sheet

Christopher Hugh Darling

Title: Captain
Nick: Chris_Darling
Gender: Male
Age (HY): 31
Age (AY): 31
Height: 6'3"
Weight: Medium
Build: Buff
Flesh Tone: Sun Kissed Tan
Flesh Type: Skin
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Wings: None
Alignment: Balanced

Race: ShapeShifter

Class: Pirate

Sheet Type: Public
Other Physical Markings or Addition Description:
A mystical Shaman claiming liniage to the ancient Symbion nation blessed Chris with a spell that grants him a Great White Shark form after Chris rescued his school of people from some pirates hellbent on slaughtering them all. He is fully aware while in this form and can shift at will.
He is able to partially shift and appear as a man with a sharks head, but cant breathe more than a couple rounds before having to shift back to breathe as a human.
The magics for his shifting ability lay within a permanent ink image of a Great White which covers his entire back. Before he shifts this image will glow a bit.
Level: 1

EXP: 50

Gold: 0

SP: 0

CP: 1

LP/MP: 0

Battles: 0/0 (Partook/Won)

Attributes (Stats)

Life Points (LP)

Magic Power (MP)






Physical Qualities

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Quality Details: Chart.




Running: 2
Flying: 0
Swimming: 4
Smell: 3
Hearing: 2
Sight: 2
Intimidation: 3
Charisma: 2
Timidity: 1


Disabilities: Cant Breathe fresh air while in Shark form, partial or full.

Destiny: None

Death Transfer: No


(Coming Soon)
Status Points: 0
Titles: None


Evil: 0 Good: 0 Neutral: 0
Chaos: 0 Balanced: 0

Race Skills

Natural Weapons
Bite, Tail

Class Skills

Other Skills/Languages

Languages (2)

Human, Sonar/Shark

Jobs (0)


Achievements (0)




Live Property
(NPC's, Pets, etc.)


(Jewels, Gems, Metals)


Weapons and Armor




Other Items



Loyal to a fault to family and friends.

Sees himself as a Mercenary of love. Big time flirt but very picky who he takes home. Gentleman when wooing a gal, and a beast to men who abuse women. Cares deeply for his younger siblings, and will die defending the family name.




Michael and Melissa Darling...
Siblings: Cait, Jason, and Alexi.
Extended Family: Cait's husband and kids.


Chris is the oldest of the Darling children born to Micheal and Missy Darling. Chris was but a child himself when his sister Cait was born but that didnt stop him from trying to eliminate his competition. Several times his parents had to rescue his younger siblings from some sort of contraption built not really for harm but more malice and dominating behavior.

When their mother fell ill and eventually passed Chris took to bottling his feelings up as he was always expected to look after his siblings while their father was working the docks. It was his job to feed, bathe and sometimes even be a part time father to them growing up. This eventually created a resentment towards Micheal and it wasn't long till Chris even refused to call him dad, or father.

In his early teens and even through out his mid teens it was him who tried to take most of the brunt of their fathers rage and strict behavior. Sparing Cait and their younger siblings as much pain and trouble as he could. Now taking on the role of teacher and segregate father Micheal went forth to insure their family legacy by seeking out rich and powerful husbands for his girls, and influential wives for his sons. Protesting and predicting Caits refusal Chris finally stood up full force to their father. Striking Micheal and instigating a father son brawl that ended up with Chris bloodied and Micheal leaving. His final words being that of hate. "Your no son of mine, When the rest of us are filthy rich, you can wallow with the swine and vermin!"

Cait vanished weeks later, and Chris tried to work and take care of the others but once they got old enough to venture out on their own Chris left them all he had and took a job as a bounty hunter. Bringing in criminals and pirates he sent every dime not spent to keep him alive home to his siblings.

It wasn't till he met his match fighting a group of pirates determined to kill a group of merfolk. A cannon blast at close range sent Chris flying overboard and into the deep blue. Rescued and somehow pitied the Merfolk worked their magics and saved Chris's life by instilling a mystical tattoo which enabled him to shape shift into a creature of the sea. The mighty Great White Shark. Presumed dead, he now travels the oceans looking people in need of his aide. No longer human, nor merfolk, Chris has deemed himself the sexiest shifter of all the seas.