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Mystic Worlds
Character Sheet

Octavian Bale

Title: None
Nick: Octavian_Bale
Gender: Male
Age (HY): Late 30's
Age (AY): 55
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 230lbs (Medium)
Build: Buff
Flesh Tone: Medium Complexion
Flesh Type: Skin
Eyes: Green - Red w/ Blood Lust
Hair: Dark
Wings: None
Alignment: Neutral

Race: Blue Blood Vampire
Sire: Mira
Turned Lvl 2, Prior Race: Human

Class: Mercenary

Sheet Type: Public
Other Physical Markings or Addition Description:
A diagonal scar runs along his back from his right shoulder blade down to his left kidney. He is rarely seen in anything other than an archaic suit of ornately crafted bronze armor.
Octavian's piercing, hypnotic green eyes, are a trait passed down from his Grandsire Rasputin, to his Sire Mira, and onto him during transition.
Level: 5

EXP: 2315

Gold: 1935

SP: 12

CP: 5

LP/MP: 0

Battles: 8/8

Attributes (Stats)

Life Points (LP)

Magic Power (MP)






Physical Qualities

These are for comparison or unique instances between characters. "My character is faster than your character" for example... now you can prove it!
Quality Details: Chart.




Running: 3
Flying: 0
Swimming: 4
Smell: 3
Hearing: 4
Sight: 4
Intimidation: 5
Charisma: 5
Timidity: 1


Disabilities: None

Destiny: None

Death Transfer: No


(Coming Soon)
Status Points: 0
Titles: None


Evil: 0 Good: 0 Neutral: 0
Chaos: 0 Balanced: 0

Race Skills

Natural Weapons:
Bite, Claws

Extra Senses:
Fear (Intimidation) - You can cause fear in an intended target merely by your presence if you wish it (and sometimes when you don't) due to your intimidating appearance/posture.

Locate the Living (Hearing) - You can detect a general location (at least direction) of where the living are by their heartbeat.

Night Vision (Sight) - No penalty for seeing in natural darkness.

Sunlight Exposure - Halved Stats, -10 LP per round of battle/event.

Opportunity (Frozen; Human Skill)
1 extra SP point each level

Class Skills

Other Skills/Languages

Languages (4)

Human, Demon, Namuh, Telepathy w/ Vampires

Jobs (0)


Achievements (0)




Live Property
(NPC's, Pets, etc.)


(Jewels, Gems, Metals)

Fancy Attire

Weapons and Armor



Triple Moon Pendant (+1 to APT rolls when worn)

Triple Moon Carnival Goody Bag:
Triple Moon Candy (Consume for 10 LP)
Triple Moon Mirror (Reflects the moonlight and glows like a regular torch, but with mild white light.)
Triple Moon Chalice (Increases Status)
Triple Moon Dagger (d6 DMG, Melee, curved white blade like a cresent moon & a black metal handle)
Triple Moon Gloves (Protects skin against poisonous plants, 5 AB armor; white and wrist length, slightly less thick than leather.)

Onyx Bull Gem - Protects the wearer against the sun, nullifying the damage (but not stat reductions) from the sun when on the user's person (such as in a pocket.) Acts similar to a 'cloak'.

Other Items



Proud, with a slight ego, asocial, revengeful, cold, lacks normal sense of humor and empathy (only sadistic humor). Aggressive if angered. Disdainful of most people (but he is selective). Articulate though reserved.




As a human child Octavian was an Orphan. Since being turned his Sire is the Vampire Elder Mira.


Once a 'Legionary Soldier' in service to a foreign Empire, Octavian was a renowned general and swordsmen, known as much as for his martial prowess as he was for his debauchery, on and off the field of battle. His eccentric ways, would lead him to eventually being expelled from the military and stripped of all prior rank and honors. The loss of his station sent Octavian spiraling into depression and self loathing. He would leave the Empire and begin wandering, sustaining himself as a mercenary sword for hire. It would be during these years of wandering and exile when he would take a contract that would change and irrevocably alter his life.

The contract for all intent and purposes was simple. Protect a caravan and it's passenger. The passenger that he was to protect would be the lady Mira. Unbeknown to him, his charge was an Elder vampire who had the ability and allure to enrapture men with a single look. The Caravan was attacked by a rival faction seeking Mira's life for past transgressions. The attackers were unlike anything Octavian had faced in all his days on the field of battle, but the old veteran would not allow himself to be defeated. In the heat of conflict he found himself and purpose again only to be struck from behind by one of the lecherous assailants.

A blade buried in his back and his blood pouring from the wound, Octavian would not relent as the attackers closed in on the caravan. He would hold the assailants at bay before blood loss drove him into unconsciousness. As darkness sought to overtake him, Octavian would notice the 'Lady' Mira step from her coach. He would awaken with Mira was standing over him. Each of the attackers were broken and strewn about. Octavian opened his eyes to the vision of an angel, terrible in her vengeance and beyond compare in her beauty. She posed one question, "Continue at my side for eternity as my champion and regain some of your former glory, or remain as you are, and let a cold thankless life and death be yours."

Octavian would accept her offer and from that night on, he would never grow older than what he was and would forever be cursed by the sun, but he again had a purpose and could find meaning and glory, even if he was now one of the living dead.