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Mystic Worlds
Character Sheet

Akyannah Marie Nadya Wolfmoon

Title: Princess
Nick: Yannah_
Gender: Female
Age (HY): 17
Age (AY): 22
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Medium
Build: Toned
Flesh Tone: Pale
Flesh Type: Skin
Eyes: Blue w/ Silver Traces
Hair: Black
Wings: None
Alignment: Evil

Race: Blue Blood Vampire
Sire: CheyenneWolfmoon
Turned Lvl 2, Prior Race: Human

Class: Hunter

Sheet Type: Public
Other Physical Markings or Addition Description:
Yannah has a now white mark upon her wrist showing the Evil eye. When she was human it used to protect her against the evils of the world by signalling her with a mild burning sensation. The white signifies the magic has been stripped from her body and no longer functions, so it just sits there on her skin. She also has light scars on her wrist right over where the evil eye rested from where her father marked her to keep a bond.
Level: 4

EXP: 1000

Gold: 0

SP: 31

CP: 4

LP/MP: 60

Battles: 0/0

Attributes (Stats)

Life Points (LP)

Magic Power (MP)






Physical Qualities

These are for comparison or unique instances between characters. "My character is faster than your character" for example... now you can prove it!
Quality Details: Chart.




Running: 3
Flying: 0
Swimming: 4
Smell: 3
Hearing: 3
Sight: 3
Intimidation: 5
Charisma: 5
Timidity: 1


Disabilities: The only thing that happened when she was 13, was a high magic user stripped the magics that protected her from non humans and he proceeded to torture her and attempted to split her personality into two seperate halves. A light side and a dark side, but the process failed and she escaped and went back home. Later on the small effect of how much he did get accomplished was only destroyed by Wolf's blood once he turned her so the light side in her was almost destroyed completely.

Destiny: None

Death Transfer: No


(Coming Soon)
Status Points: 0
Titles: None


Evil: 0 Good: 0 Neutral: 0
Chaos: 0 Balanced: 0

Race Skills

Natural Weapons:
Fangs 2d2 (2d7 or d15 w/ VIG)
Claws 2d5 (2d10 or d21 w/ VIG)

Extra Senses:

Sunlight Exposure - Halved Stats, -10 LP per round of battle/event.

Opportunity (Frozen; Human Skill)
1 extra SP point each level

Class Skills

Other Skills/Languages

Languages (4)

Human, Demon, Shapeshifter, Telepathy w/ Vampires

Jobs (0)


Achievements (0)



Wolfmoon Manor

Yannah's Tavern

Live Property
(NPC's, Pets, etc.)


(Jewels, Gems, Metals)


Weapons and Armor




Other Items



Akyannah is a very outgoing personality type. She is not afraid to speak to anyone. Her ideas of fun are enslaving poor innocents and playing with them as a toy until she grows bored with them. She is often times alluring and persuasive. She is popular to a point but she also enjoys spending time to herself. She has a habit of being one extreme or the other. She has moments of showing some sort of compassion, but usually it is for a reason. She is a wolf in sheeps clothing.




Father: Cheyenne Wolfmoon

Mother: Marissa Everstone


It all started with a little child waking up in an unknown place wondering what happened before all of this. The now orphan child was only 8 years old at the beginning, waking up with no knowledge of who, or where she was. An unknown symbol rested upon her wrist. The language people spoke were foreign to her, and from what she saw, not many children ran around. a whole new world, and she was terrified. It took her weeks to figure out some things about her past, because the moment she would start to remember..she would black out. Akyannah was a child to the gypsies. Her native tongue was Romani and her family was quite the large one. Her father was unknown since birth and her mother raised her. The magics she did was quite amazing and they specialized in curses, but her mother knew it all.

One day when Yannah was a young child, she took something from someone very important in her home town, hiding it in one of her special places that contained her treasures and out of anger the man went on a rampage. Her mother could sense the danger in it all and asked for Akyannah to sit by the fire. A few words were whispered and with one touch to her forehead Yannah wen't to sleep. Her mother performed some spells that would protect her daughter from harm, she did not want the same fate for her and figured the best way to keep her from danger would be to erase her memory of ever being in this town..of remembering the chaos that was about to ensue. She wanted her out.

Yannah lived in Tandora for years learning the english language by her first guardian Abigail. It was rough for both of them with the constant black outs and the constant behavior problems, but she trained herself to hold onto memories as they began to crack through the barriers of magic surrounding her mind. She learned things about herself and her family that way and now when people ask, she can tell them things.


Yannah was running through the forest and fell into the arms of a dangerous man known as Cheyenne Wolfmoon. At first she judged him constantly for being what he was, and her wrist burned from the evil he possessed. He managed to be unmoved by her barriers and unaffected by the complete pure blood she had for bloodsuckers that seemed to affect them greatly. This told her one thing, she was not protected from everyone.Over time, she became closer to him and thought of him as the first person in her life to be as a father figure so she gave him the cute nickname so to speak. "father". She moved into his manor having her own room, but over time she felt the pull of her destiny. She was always a child of light and had very high beliefs on staying faithful to the light. She prayed everyday at least twice and seemed to make people's lives better. She believes even the darkest evils can be broken through to and she has proved that on more than one occation. For a while she was the target of a demon along with a few other people for being in the way of their target Wulv. she had obtained friendship with this wolf and this bothered the demon. He now had to go through her, but she kept her faith high and now no longer worries about anyone boasting of how 'evil" they are. She fears nothing.

Age 13

Akyannah had come a long way from where she first started and felt herself at peace when she was able to help people with their prayers and she started doing some hobbies such as gardening. She began growing into a beautiful young teenager gaining traits that might have been quite bothersome. Her height had increased along with other bodily attributes and the moment all of that started happening she had many questions and often times got scared of what was happening. She would stare death in its face and mock it. She would pray for the evil doers as well hoping they would find the right path eventually in their twisted lives.


Much had been happening before the kidnapping happened. She was left alone in a place full of evil people and the place had a essence that drained the energy of those who were of light. When she thought things could not get worse, she was kidnapped and her magic was stripped from a quirky man who had many arcane powers. The marking on her hand of the evil eye went from black to complete white leaving no protection for her anymore and she was kidnapped. For two years she stayed as a prisoner to this man while he toyed with her playing his evil chaotic games. She had to commit murder to escape from his bounds and found herself lucky that he left for a long period of time. She traveled a long way to come back home and now that she has returned she longs to find her friends and her father figure to let everyone know she was alive. The complete light that surrounded her was now tainted and she plans on cleansing it with the help of her lighter friends.

The time passed and she reached the age of 17 living within her father's manor. She seemed to be alone for most of those times wondering where her father had run off to again and the passing events that happened made her even more depressed. She tried to seek out help with her problems she had gained from that arcanist and no one wanted to help her. they pushed her aside. She started to only rely on herself and believed in things on her own way. She began turning into a rebellious teenager. She had been sneaking out and getting drunk with random strangers, met a boy who she started sneaking out to see when she was grounded from getting into trouble from something else and all of these things led to her punishment for disobeying daddy wolfmoon. Her knight in shining armor wanted to speak with wolf about his love for Yannah and this made him realize his daughter was growing up fast. Before she was let go, he decided to finalize the punishment in her eyes by turning her. She now lives the nights by dealing with her hunger for blood and is now officially part of the twisted family she lived among for 9 years.

So she was dealing with all of much to figure out...Her father took the leadership of being more evil than he already was and this led her deeper into darkness. Her mother at the time had vanished and she was not sure what to feel on that subject. She was her best friend after a while and it formed a massive gap in her heart. She had gone on killing sprees...murdering...torturing...feeding...something to fill that gap and it never worked. It became hard to fight anymore with everything happening. there was no reason to fight since no matter what she did something would fall apart..No amount of praying and hoping would work. The blood that ran through ehr veins was more powerful than herself and sooner or later it would consume her.

The darkness finally took its place within her completely. She was resisting it with great strength, but that strength soon flickered out and her body dropped to the ground just outside of a church. This blackout seemed to last a bit longer than the others, and it did the most damage. The great light she had flickered out and when she awoke, The old Yannah was no longer there. The pretty gypsy girl who prayed every night was dead and gone and her mood darkened along with her eyes seeming to lack that sparkle it once had.