Physical Skills

Night-Vision: You are able to see in the dark as if it were day. No viewing penalty in darkness.

Heat-Vision: You are able to read heat-signatures through most materials.

*Far-Sight: You are able to see far away and have similar eyesight to that of a hawk.

*Advanced Scent: You can pick-up even trace amounts of scent, up to 3 days old.

Advanced Touch: You can feel the warmth of something up to 3 hours after the source is gone. Your fingers can feel texture, heat or cold, and other things that most others cannot.

Advanced Taste: Taste is very sensitive for you, and you can taste every incrediant seperately within food or drink, including trace amounts of poison.

*Advanced Hearing: Your hearing is sensitive when you need it to be, and you can pick up sounds from a mile away, no matter how faint. Within the same building, you can tune in on any sound.

*Change Physique: You can physically morph your body at will to whatever you want. All changes last for only 1 hour, before needing a recharge of 2 hours before being able to be used again. Cannot change physique beyond twice/half height, width or size of original size. 1 point: You can change your eye, and hair color. 2 points: You can change the above, as well as your skin tone and calcium (nails, teeth, bones). 3 points: You can change your body structure and muscles. 4 points: You can change your entire body including bones and organs, to shift into another form completely. 5 points: You can do things with your body most others have never imagined. You can even regrow lost limbs and use bone spikes as weapons. d12 damage from attack.

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