Psychic Skills

Telekinesis: You can move things with your mind. Things held for only 5 minutes and other actions cannot be done while trying to concentrate. 1 point: Move small objects under 5lbs at a slow velocity. d4 dmg from objects moved. 2 points: Move small objects under 10lbs at a decent velocity. 3 points: Move objects up to 20lbs, at a fast velocity. d5 dmg from objects moved. 4 points: Move objects or live creatures up to 50lbs at a decent velocity. d7 dmg from objects moved. d5 dmg to live creature/person thrown. 5 points: Move anything up to 100lbs at a fast velocity. d12 dmg from things thrown. d10 dmg to person/creatures thrown.

Telepathy: You are able to speak to others through the mind. You can read others thoughts if they are directed towards you.

Pyrokinetics: You can control and grow fire as long as you have a spark first. While fire is being manipulated, other actions cannot be taken. Fire does not hurt user, but will cause others d2 burn dmg if touched, and fire will go out only when the user stops controlling it.

Teleportation: You are able to travel through a type of 'portal', disappearing from one spot and reappearing in another within view. Cannot teleport to places unseen to the eyes.

*Transmutation: Changing one element into another. You must have one physical element with you in order to change it to another. Only small amounts can be used. 1 point: Manipulate digestible food and liquid. You can change any liquid to water. You can change any food to another food. 2 points: Manipulate the form of metal, silver, and bronze. +1 when creating items with these elements. d5 dmg towards items with these elements if attacking item. 3 points: Manipulate gold. You can take one piece of gold and make it into 20, once a week.

Projection: You can project a spirit version of yourself to a location within sight. You can hear and see through this projection, and be seen as the same form you are projecting from. You cannot touch, taste, feel or smell things. You cannot do any other actions while concentrating on this and disappear if concentration is broke.

*Phasing: You can move through solid material like a ghost. You can stay within a solid material for 2 rounds or 20 minutes before you have to re-solidify. Cannot be touched, have magic or items used on you, or do any actions other than hiding with this. Takes a full turn if hiding.

Shape-Shifting: Similar to changing one's physique, with this ability you can manipulate your body to change into an animal and gain that animal's abilities. The size limit is no smaller than a rat, and no bigger than a bear. It takes 1 turn to morph, and can only last 1 hour (or 3 turns).

1 point: Small Animal.
-Rodents (Rat, Porcupine, Prairie Dog):
If Rat: +1 trying to track something by smell.
If Porcupine: 5 dmg to someone's exposed flesh if they touch you.
If Prairie Dog: 1 full dodge *per quest* by burying into ground. 1 turn to resurface.
-Small Mammal (Hare, Skunk, Otter, Ferret):
If Hare, +1 towards escape situations.
If skunk, attack with strong perfumed odor that blinds someone for 2 turns.
If Otter, 1 full dodge *per quest* if in water.
If Ferret or Weasel, enemy loses a turn for distraction of a 'war dance'.
-Small Cat (Bob Cat, Lynx)/Mongoose (Meerkat):
+1 to feats that require DEX.
-Small Bird (Smallest: Hummingbird, Largest: Raven):
Flight. +10% dodge. d5 peck damage.

2 points: Medium Animal.
-Large Dog (Wolf, Hyena, Dingo): d10 bite attacks, -10% to enemy's attack due to intimidation.
-Large Cat (Panther, Tiger, Lion, Leopard, Jaguar, Cheetah): 2d5 claw attacks, +2 to DEX and VIG if with other Large Cats.
-Bird of Prey (Hawk, Eagle, Vulture, Falcon, Owl): Flight. +10% dodge in air, 2d5 claw attacks.
If Hawk, Falcon, or Eagle: Far-Sight, d10 bite damage.
If Owl, Night-Vision.
If Vulture, can safely feed on dead flesh for +1 INT rest of quest.
Water Animal *Only*: Expert Swimming. +10% dodge in water on surface, 1 full dodge under water *per quest*.
Reptile (Lizard, Snake, Turtle): Heat-resistance, 1/2 damage from burns.

3 points: Large Animals.
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