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Folders and Their Purposes

"This is an OPEN storyline folder", meaning that anything posted in these folders has the chance to be seen, heard, or interacted with by other characters. Nothing posted in this folder is private... even in privately mentioned areas! Use "Closed SL" folders if you need actions or information to be reserved to only people you wish to know. Anyone can reply to storylines in OPEN folders, whether you choose to acknowledge them or not. Even if a character has not replied to a storyline in an OPEN folder, they can still be privy to the information as long as they give proper IC reasoning for knowing; rumors, hear-say, witnesses, spies, letters, and more. So post your stories in these folders with caution.

"Closed SL" aka Private Stories, these two folders are reserved for players that need a story to be private IC. Players that abuse information in these folders will be reprimanded. Only characters directly involved in the posts within these folders are privy to the actions and information within them. DO NOT reply to stories within these folders unless the creator of the post has given you permission. As far as your character is concerned, they know absolutely NOTHING about what you've read in Closed SLs. This is considered "Player Knowledge VS Character Knowledge." You must keep the two separate, especially about things your character has not seen or interacted in storyline wise.

Game Updates/Inquiries - This is where game staff will post updates, event notices, event results and similar situations. Players may also use this folder to ask the staff game questions.

[Tandora] Within The Capital - (OPEN Storylines) - What happens in the Capital of Tandora, stays there. Okay... not really, but no blame in hoping! This folder is for ANY storylines that happen within the capital city. This is to make interactions near or within the taverns easier to accomplish.

[World] Outside The Capital - (OPEN Storylines) - Any storylines that open away from the capital city should be posted here. HOWEVER, if your character does not have access to a non-public area (such as player owned land/property), your character cannot visit there. Quests, Maps, and Discoveries of areas will be listed on your Character Sheet for your convenience. If you HAVE access to an area however, this folder is where you'd want to do your storylines. See the "Setting" page for information on areas to travel in the game.

[Battle] Fights/War/Training - (CLOSED Storylines) - Battles within storylines should always be put in this folder with guidelines as to how to interact in the battle of that story. War has rules (see Battle pages) on how it is to be handled, but other battles can be posted. These posts are Closed unless specified otherwise. PLEASE put rules in the FIRST post, including who can join, what is allowed, and how these battles will determine a winner. If you aren't specific, players could get frustrated and stop interacting with your battle, which is no fun for anyone! No permanent deaths will be allowed in forum battles unless it is an official one run by a GM in which they'll warn people first. Characters may 'die' in forum battles, but will be considered to have been resurrected by some source (if not mentioned) and considered alive in all situations outside that forum battle and will not receive death punishments. Suicides are not considered battle, and have special stipulations (see 'Game Rules') of their own.

[Closed SL] Guilds/Groups - (CLOSED Storylines) - This folder is the best one to use for guilds, groups, establishments, or private dwellings (homes/ships, etc.) because they are BY INVITE ONLY posts. If you desire one to be open, please put (OPEN) in the title, or place it in an open folder. Otherwise, storylines in this folder will remain private and only have interactions with people the original poster specifies. Please list who is allowed to join your post within the first post so that it is clear to others, along with any stipulations or rules you have about interacting in that post.

[Closed SL] Stories by Invite - (CLOSED Storylines) - This folder is for all other CLOSED or BY INVITE ONLY type stories. It can be used for bios, journals, letters, secret meetings, planning, private events, or anything else you'd prefer people not be able to simply jump into. If you haven't already arranged it privately, please note who is allowed to interact in your storyline within the first post.

[Clergy] Births/Weddings/Death - (CLOSED Storylines) - Though weddings and funerals can sometimes be deemed public events, most are not. Births especially, should always remain private and with only the family. There are specific rules and guidelines regarding all three of these subjects, so please review them BEFORE posting in this folder. Births, weddings, and deaths (excluding suicides) WILL be nulled and removed if the rules haven't been followed prior to the posting. See your character's race page for birth guidelines. See the battle pages regarding death. And finally, see 'Game Rules' for information about marriage, divorce, or adoptions. This folder can, if desired, be used to perform healing actions or recoveries as well (for those who wish to explain their resurrection experiences, or are recovering from limb damage, etc.)

[Jobs] Harvests/Work/Crafting - (CLOSED Storylines) - Though this folder is deemed CLOSED, in some instances there will be times that a post is open. Occasionally a character will post with a request to hire someone for a job or to craft an item. This post would be open to applicable characters who would fit the roll. Other than these situations, posts in regards to harvesting and crafting are deemed private. Vampires who need to do their daily feeding (considered a harvest) would use this folder for that, so that in the event a GM needs to see that the action has been taken for the day, it will be easy for them to find.

[Market] Purchases/Sales - (CLOSED Storylines) - These posts can be IC or OOC, depending on the type of post needing to be made. Please do not do idle chatter in this folder however. Purchases from the market or other players, or sales, will need to be done in this folder to be official. The exception to this is if items are used/bought/sold during a quest or battle.

Free Form Storylines - (OPEN Storylines) - This folder is temporary and likely to be removed upon the game's opening. Posts will be moved to other appropriate folders.

{Character Sheet Adjustments} - If you need a sheet update (allowed once a month) such as your character picture, history, family, etc. then you need to request it here. Once it's done, a GM will respond to let you know.

|~Trophy Case~| Awards, & Tips - We nicknamed this folder the 'Trophy Case' because it has treasured information within it. Posts that have helpful tips on how to play or interact with the Talkcity system will be made here. Click the plus (+) sign on the right of the title to expand the folder and see old posts. Awards for players or their characters will also be put here for your viewing pleasure.

{~Out of Character Area~} - This is the ONLY folder (excluding game questions above) that you should be putting 'Out of Character' posts. Signature tests, voice requests, LOA's, funny stories or videos, and more can be put here. Absolutely NO flame (attack, drama, harassing) posts will be tolerated, period. Anyone attempting to harass another person or air their dirty laundry, will be reprimanded and the post removed immediately and without warning. The staff wont be doing this either. You've been warned! So please, also attempt to keep most OOC in posts and out of the chatrooms. A little OOC such as brb, wb, ty, and occasional slips in response to something funny will be tolerated, as long as it isn't disrupting the room too much. No idle chatter in the room while others are playing please. If someone enters the room during your OOC conversation, pause and wait to see if they are going to start playing. If they do, take your conversation to PM, IM, or another social media source. Thank you!