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Game Rules

Not following Mystic World's or Talkcity's rules will result in corrective actions including but not limited to: Warnings, Gags, Bans (Timed), Character Removal, or Lock Out (Permanent Ban). Please respect and follow our rules and enjoy the game for what it is, a game. Our rules are:

    Freeform VS Structure
    (What you should know):

  1. Items: If it isn't on your registered character sheet, you cannot mention or use it in official events (quests, battle, any dice roll situations, and also at GM Discretion.) Otherwise, you ARE allowed to mention (to an extent) having something you actually do not within story lines. If we find players to start abusing this however, the privilege will be taken away. We do not wish to hinder creative ability to have amazing stories, but fairness is called for in a structured system and must be followed.

  2. Structures: Within the Capital, Tandora, players are allowed to claim small residences of their choosing to aid in the development and placement of their character. Outside of Tandora, players will need to take the proper steps to aquiring land or buildings (found in the Market) and permission from the land owner where you wish to build any structures.

  3. NPCs: You are allowed to mention NPCs vaguely and generally within stories you create. Similar to items however, you cannot use these NPCs in any other fashion than story material. If you wish an NPC to be able to effect other player run characters, you'll need to take the steps to register those NPCs (found in Market) so that they will show on your sheet. Registering an official NPC has many benefits to the structured part of play, and is worth considering.If you are not sure if something will be allowed, always feel free to email, post, or ask the staff and we will let you know.

    The golden rule however is: If it isn't on your sheet, you can't use it in a structured way or event, period.

  4. Play Ettiquete
    (What to do and not do as a courtesy for everyone):

  5. Limit your OOC discussions. Some players find it distracting or rude when players use too much ((OOC)) in the room while others are playing. Brief statements (1-3) are generally okay such as welcomes, BRB's, BBL's, LOL's, or reactionary statements to IC actions. Do not carry on however! If you feel the need to discuss something (such as a question, or joking) further, you need to take it to PM. If you have to be reminded multiple times, your voice might be taken away temporarily for one last warning. If you STILL continue to be disruptive or get rude with the GM, you will recieve a 24-hour chatroom ban. If you are banned 3 times or more for this, the staff may consider docking of your character's exp.

  6. Do not get rude with the GMs. If you question an action by a GM, you can discuss it calmly with that GM in private message or you can email the management staff to look into the situation further. Excessive anger or rudeness toward staff in any situation may result in the loss of your character and a ban of that nick and any other you continue the harrassment under. While we understand that on occasion tempers might result in flare ups and heated words, multiple instances will show a lack of respect for the rules and a disruption to the atmosphere of the game, which we will not tolerate. Also, just because you may not like another player for personal reasons does not mean anything; things will be handled according to the rules in all situations. If something is outside of the rules, management staff will make the final decision on how to handle it.

  7. Please do not try to enforce rules yourself. Leave rule enforcement to the GM's because players do not like to be confronted (or often seen as harrassed) by other players about rules. During times that staff aren't present in the chatroom and people are breaking rules (like excessive OOC), use Talkcity's /ignore feature so you do not have to see their posts. If the rule broken is severe enough (like harrassment) then take a screenshot and email it to the game staff, where we will look into it and handle it, and ignore the player afterward. Never join in, as it may only get you in trouble as well.

  8. Take extended battles that to the #arena (tc-MysticArena). Dice can disrupt and distract others from the IC atmosphere of their stories, and can also flood the room (making it jump up the screen faster than normal) making it easy to miss posts. Brief storyline battles are okay, but have the same stipulations of forum battles (no dice, no perm death, no structure.) If a battle is intended to end up in a Death, a GM will need to be present, and the fight will need to be in the arena. If a GM is not available, the fight has to be postponed until a GM can witness (post in the Battle folder to request a GM and schedule a time for the match.) So no dice battles, or quick-draw battles within the main. Start it through storyline and then take it to the arena to do it officially. The only exception to this are assassination attempts, which WILL occur in the main chatroom and might pause the room's play temporarily.

  9. Quests will most of the time take place in the chatroom #adventures (tc-MysticQuests), but often starts within the main chatroom. A GM will announce that a quest will take place soon (generally a 10-20 minute warning) and then either:
    A. Start the quest in the main and move it to the quest room, OR
    B. Exit the main room and head straight to the quest room.
    While the quest is in the main, your characters can participate, but are not required to continue on to the quest room unless you choose to; however, brief participation at the beginning will not warrant exp or rewards, and the character's knowledge will only be to the extent of what was in the main chatroom.

  10. No OOC Harassment! We will not tolerate people bullying each other in an OOC fashion. Just don't do it. If you find you are the victim of harassment, gather what evidence you are able to (screenshots, names, times, etc.) and inform a staff member privately (such as email or PM.) Most incidences will result in questioning and warnings, but if it is severe enough or becomes repeated offenses, you could have your character(s) docked, or deleted and result in a ban. Harassers from other rooms (such as outside PM's), or those that come in under new names and continue to harass, will be reported to Talkcity's TOS for violating server policy, potentially resulting in a server ban. This is a game, meant for creative output, entertainment, and relaxation. Some play for an escape from their hectic lives, some for an outlet of creative talent, and others simply for the social experience. Let's keep it a fun atmosphere and keep the "drama" to our storylines shall we?

  11. Post sizes and lines. No flooding the chatroom with a flow of one-liners (which make the room scroll too quickly), or with posts that take up the entire screen (often resulting in booting the bot or another player.) If you, like many, get caught up in the play and tend to make larger-than-normal posts, please break them down into pieces with (c) for continue, and (e) for end after the post. This keeps the room at an easy to read flow for most. Generally between 3-6 lines on an un-maximized java screen is the perfect size. Character counters can be useful, as well as writing out your posts in a program like Notepad prior to putting it into the room (also handy for times you get disconnected so you don't lose the post, or if you want to transfer your in-room play to the forum later.) Exceptions to these are during battles or quests in #arena or #adventures where one-liners may be necessary for speed or summary, but larger posts should still be done in pieces.

  12. The Taverns & NPCs. Drinks and food in the capital's taverns OOCly are free. IC, you should mention paying or tipping in regards to food and beverage, but you wont actually lose gold from your sheet. Rooms are also free, and allowed as temporary residence for characters until they can acquire property of their own later on (OOCly NOT free, see the Market for information.) NPCs that are used by the game, such as tavern staff, are not subject to being killed, kidnapped, stolen from, battled, or in any other way interacted with other than to add a little addition to your own storyline, such as discussions and orders. Flirting with them, speaking for them (try to keep to their listed personalities from the site), and casual reference to them are perfectly fine. Just don't go overboard. They are in the game to improve the appearance and feel of the described atmospheres and locations... so beat up your fellow players IC, not our NPCs! The same goes for NPC owned establishments like the taverns... you break it, you very well might end up paying for it. Seriously. Characters that drastically, or often, damage property will have actions taken IC against them by the NPC authorities and can incur penalties from gold reduction, to being banned IC from the establishment or location, to the owner's even taking your characters hand as payment!

  13. In-Character Situations:

  14. Pregnancy and Marriage in our game is structured. You MUST follow the rules and guidelines for these instances or it will not be recognized in the game. Pregnancy and Marriage must have the OOC consent of all players involved or it will be nulled.

  15. Sensitive Material is something we ask that you use very limited, and only with adult characters and OOCly conscenting players. These are situations such as mentions of past-tense rape (absolutely no current-time or full rape scenes will be allowed in chat or the forum), miscarriage, adult molestation, gorey dismemberments of body parts, potty play (excrement use), and strong sexual scenes. Sexual scenarios should be kept to displays of affection and not pleasure in the main room.

  16. Stories that would include child-molestation, or child-rape are NOT allowed in our game, period. The age of "maturity" for each race has been listed on the race pages to adjust for their lifespan. They must be this age or older to enter into Sensitive Material stories.

  17. Slavery IS allowed in our game, but must have OOC player consent, and the slave "owner" OOCly must respect the "slave" player's wishes once they desire to no longer have their character be a slave. Battle-capture has different rules, as players must consent to the POSSIBILITY of capture before the battle and the enslavement has a limited amount of time.

    While a character is enslaved:
    (The following applies unless the slave's player gives permission)

    They cannot be made to kill themselves or battle others.
    They cannot be ordered to alter themselves permanently.
    They cannot be ordered to give up their possessions, with the exception of the Amazon rules.
    They cannot be forced to do acts against their 'character' as a person, such as sexual acts.

    They CAN be restrained, directed, or physically manipulated non-sexually, such as for humiliation.
    They must serve or do the wishes of the enslaver or they are allowed to be non-permanently damaged/hurt.

    Willing enslavement by the OOC player will last as long as the player allows it. Non-willing enslavement (such as in battle) will only last as long as the act states.
    Non-willing players of slaves are allowed to choose to not play their character during the period of enslavement. The slave will be considered restrained in an undisclosed place and unable to be interacted with during the player's absense.

    Other characters can make an attempt to free a slave that is seen in public areas as long as the character is willing to be rescued.

    They cannot be rescued against their will. Skills, battle, purchase, trade, and other actions may be used in the attempt to acquire the slave. The slave owner is able to counter these actions as necessary and reasonable, and if there is dispute it can be taken to a GM to make the decision on which person is successful.

  18. While "Out-of-Character":

  19. No excessively large signatures: We do not have a size limit, but if your signature takes too long to load or causes a reader to scroll their page just to get to the next thread, we may ask you to resize it. Also, we ask that you don't put music in your threads because people find it very annoying to be listening to their own music, and suddenly have some random background music start going.

  20. Please refrain from mentioning other games or chat rooms that don't belong to Mystic Worlds. What happens in other rooms it not our business, and vice versa. There will be the occasional acception, but generally we frown on mentions of other places.

  21. You must follow Talkcity's TOS. Our game is located and hosted on Talkcity's server, so the staff of the game as well as the players must agree to and follow Talkcity's TOS in order to stay there. We wont enforce their TOS, but they will.

  22. It is YOUR responsibility to keep track of things for your character. If you find that something is wrong, such as your sheet is missing something or an order didn't get filled right, or you face danger in a quest... it is all your resonsibility to bring it to out attention. We're human and bound to make mistakes. When joining quests or duels or other dangerous situations, it is up to you to decide if you want to take the risk. We wont hold your hand the whole time you play, so make sure you get comfortable with everything about your character so that you can make sure things stay right for you and them!

  23. Do not interrupt a Quest or Duel in the main room. If you have questions, concerns, or arguements, then you need to either take it privately with the GM, or wait until AFTER the event to speak. If you are found to consistantly be interrupting staff during events with outbursts, you might be docked exp and warned. We encourage everyone to ask questions, but please do it the right way! Thanks!

  24. Please follow the guidelines for posting. There are specific folders for specific type posts. We have a guide of which folder is for which type post. We have the right to move or remove posts without warning, so to keep yourself and us from getting confused, just make sure to put it in the right area from the start.

  25. Read updates often. We will be listing events, changes, new material and more often in the forum. So make sure you check into it OFTEN. On the main page of the web site you can find a list of the most recent discussions, but visiting the forum itself is your best bet for keeping updated.

  26. GOLDEN RULE TO ROLE PLAY: Seperate what your character does/knows, from what YOU as the human player knows. For example, you heard from a friend in PM that an assassination is going to be attempted against Character X. This doesn't mean your character knows anything about that assassination attempt, and therefore cannot have ANY knowledge about it. This includes reading storylines in the forum. Just because YOu read the story, doesn't mean your character knows anything about it! Keep your "OOC Knowledge" seperate from your "IC Knowledge". Your character will only know things that they personally have experienced or heard INSIDE the game. It is also good practice to remind yourself that IC relationships are also just that... IC. Just because a character in the game loves or marries your character, doesn't mean they have those feelings for you, the human, behind the character. The same goes for enemies in the game... someone might be VERY mean to your character, but that DOESNT mean they dislike you, the human, behind the character. This is one of the hardest rules for people to get used to, so be sure to practice it by reminding yourself frequently the difference between IC and OOC. Thanks!!

  27. While "In Character":

  28. Mentioning other games or modern items is not allowed. No remarks to anything outside Mystic Worlds setting (including modern day items, celebrities, songs, and references). This RPG consists of it's own "world", so your character did not come from an "unknown land" (meaning another RPG). Be creative and look through Varlonan's settings to find a homeland for your character.

  29. Character Control. No playing out another character's actions/reactions unless you have permission from that player to do so. This is deemed a form of "Power Playing" seen in the next rule and not tolerated.

  30. Power Playing/God Modding. No "auto-hits" (not allowing the other player to have their character react to your actions) or "power-dodging" (dodging or avoiding -every- action toward your character.) Offenders will have 1 warning, and if continued, will be gagged for 1 day.

  31. Be aware of the following. Rape, is a very real life situation for many. In fiction, it can be used to further a character's development, or cause them a personality handicap. It can sometimes be used to make someone more villainous too. We understand (on a very personal level) how sensitive this subject is. We have decided for the sake of character development and story, that rape can be mentioned in a character's history or storyline BRIEFLY (not too much detail or it may be denied) for story purpose. It will NOT be allowed to be played actively/present time in any story for any reason. No raping anyone, no being raped, no seeing rape in progress, no speaking of doing the act. We will allow it in history purposes only to describe a tragedy (or vile act) to help players who want a bit darker past for their character. Thank you for understanding, and those who do not abide by these guidelines will be warned once, and banned permanently if pushed after a warning.

  32. Sexual content should be limited in the public chatroom/forum. Consistent displays of affection, or further "development" of sexual acts should be taken to private (PM's, IM's, E-mail, etc.), but is in no way encouraged by Mystic Worlds or it's staff. Cybering is not allowed in Talkcity, and if it is insisted by the two consenting players, should be taken to a source outside of Talkcity. Be careful when venturing into sexual conversations, whether "in character" or not, because this material can be documented and used against you by malicious people; sexual harassment (not allowed and against the law), blackmail, decimation of character, and regret are all possible. We do not condone or encourage sexual acts or conversations. Cybering is not allowed in Talkcity, so we will not allow it in our chatrooms. Done where others cannot see is not in our jurisdiction and we don't care; though keep in mind that some players in Talkcity might be under 18, and sexual discussions or approaches with minors is illegal... so be careful and smart about who you interact with behind the scenes.

  33. No drug references with the exception of "herbs" (no other name/term than herbs please, especially new age references to things), tobacco (no filters, as these are new-age items. Instead use it chewed, or smoke it rolled or in pipes), and alcohol. Hallucinogenics in the form of magic or potions will be allowed to a degree. Keep all mentions of any of these materials in a fantasy-sense only.

  34. Eavesdropping. Characters will only be able to "over-hear" each other while in the same room at normal to louder tones, or within close proximity (through a door or window). Special skills with certain races will allow heightened senses, but there are limits with these as well. Be reasonable and realistic to proximity and volume.

  35. Royalty Status. When there is royalty around, people should respond accordingly with gestures of respect (shaking of hands, bowing, acknowledging) or distaste (sneers, spitting, etc.) Royalty should not to be ignored. People are only officially "royal" if they've obtained a title as such through "Status". If they are not officially royal, you do not have to recognize them as such. People work hard to get their titles, so please play along... you might actually find that it gets you a new enemy/ally in the game and add some fun!

  36. Crime. Theft, assassination attempts (unexpected/unwarranted attacks), murder, and similar crimes are not something done in the open or in front of others generally. When this happens in a "public" area within the chat room (tavern, busy city, etc) and a GM is present, other characters may do a "citizens arrest" if they are brave enough to try and detain the criminal, or the GM will have NPC "Knights" come in and arrest the offender. The person who committed the crime will be asked to roll by the GM, and more specific rules are described on the Class pages for more details.

  37. Jail. If arrested, you may play out being in jail in posts or the room, but you are not able to "escape", kill guards (unless you want to extend your stay), or get out early. People arrested for theft will be in jail 1 IRL days (IC, "over-night" in jail), attacking someone unexpectedly 2 IRL days (IC, "one week" in jail), and murder will be 5 IRL days (IC, "one month" in jail). In this time you cannot make new story lines "outside of jail", but previous ones in posts before the arrest may be continued in posts.

  38. Murder. Mass murder (5 people or more) in public places, or murder of NPC's or PC's that are under 14 (and someone finds out) will land you in Vezeni with a life sentence. You must pay 50k gold to be released, or be pardoned by the victim (since they usually revive). Sometimes trials may take place where the person is judged by unbiased peers. If your character DOES get a life sentence, they'll get the ability to try to break free once a RL month.

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